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  1. Obviously J'eff isn't in that picture, because you'd never successfully get kitty ears on him.
  2. Asrair's looking weird these days. But if he is happier this way, I'll gladly support him.
  3. Greys are about 1,50m in size, and Ellie seems to be about the same size as J'eff there, so yes, she's tiny.
  4. I'm pretty sure you've had your mug privileges revoked already.
  5. No mentions of the words "Duck", "Goose", or "Evil". This is clearly fake, and not canon. Dayana cannot be described without the word evil, and she cannot go for 5 seconds without obsessing over waterfowl.
  6. @CapnKitty There, I can use art too, how do you like that?
  7. Oh yeah, good job joining into a private server, naming your character "J'eff", and nyaing, that could have been *anyone*.
  8. That is easily the fakest thing I have ever seen. How do I hide posts again...
  9. It was a normal day like every other, poor little Deja (@PastequeSauvage) walked into atmos, trying to build a TEG. But unfortunately, this time, she took her duck obsession (which she is famous for by the way, I declare it canon) a little too far, and she and her Vox friend started summoning more rubber ducks than they could handle. They did all they could to appease the growing horde of rubber ducks. They learned that they're a bit like piranhas when a mouse stepped too close to the quacking mass. They even built an altar to sacrifice geese. But the other members of engineering weren't so pious. They walked all over the rubber ducks, earning their wrath, getting some nasty bite marks in the process. They even called in security. Before long, both security and civilians came from far and wide to witness the enraged horde of rubber ducks, which had turned into a ravenous swarm by now, nearly critting several people, breaking a Ripley and nearly a Durand too. Whatever deity was enraged at this sacrilege sent in a massive Duck shooting death bolts around the room, before deciding that the station wasn't wort the trouble. And all was at peace. Why did people keep walking in that blender of a room anyway?
  10. Yes, of course you have to DRAW it, since it never actually happened, and thus you need to forge evidence. I see how it is.
  11. Where is the part where she gets the catgirl slapped out of her?