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  1. Where did you even saw neko ears lol. Its just an eggbot with 4 legs with wheels, those things on the head are just hemispheres. Its made that way to be very safe to hadnle if someone would choose to punch it and they wont get stuck inside wires or just break their arm. Its more like Portal Turret friendly cousin. Clown and mime's niche is to be a nuisance, judging from my experience, and they also do run in circles, honk and drop bananas or invisible walls during code red. But since few admins already disagree with the idea, i guess it's not gonna happen. Bye!
  2. But their entire reason for to be is to role-play and be somewhat of a robo-psych/robo-bro, and it didn't seemed to me, that here were any sort of meme about "Peacekeeper" borgs . Clown also is a meme and generally useless to the crew, according to that logic. They meant for the people that like to socialise and RP in the game, from mechanical stand point, service borg are too useless. About the sprite, that not a real argument, when it comes to deciding, if it should be added, it just your opinion. And in my opinion, it fits their nature of being safe, round cushion for people, when there are some tension in the room. We should more focus on their uses on the server. As for being "obnoxious", well take away "Human harm" module, fine, if you think that all what people gonna use it for is to annoy everyone, because it's clearly what people do with any other intrusive type like security borgs, who spam "Halt!" all day long...
  3. Basicly, same as the one from /tg/ station, but different. Its second module will just let it yell "Human Harm!", like security borg can. Maybe change cookie synthesizer to make warm donk pocket at the start, or with separate upgrade. And for emagged borg, add electric hand and "Affection" module dealing massive stamina damage, acting like hugging module.
  4. Name: Station Control Node (StaCoN) Age: *2628000 minutes Gender: None, prior to integration: (classified) Race: None, prior to integration: (classified) Blood Type: None, prior to integration: (classified) General Occupational Role(s): Station Artificial Intelligence Biography: StaCoN was fairly recently put to service and had shown varying performance - from fairly great to not quite so great. He's personality is close to lacking, but there are sometimes can be an exception: it likes to have as many units as possible at its whim, sometimes it might electrify airlocks in front of a crew member, that somehow managed to irritate it, although this AI does it exclusively with the civilians, that are irrelevant to the station functions (or so it say's). Most of the time, it fulfills the role of station administrator adequately, but at times it might be difficult to keep control over StaCoN, as it tend to remain always paranoid of its shutdown and exhibit sort of apathetic attitude, when you ask it to do what it doesn't want to, which is frankly, disturbing, as it hard to tell, what it actually wants, or that it have will of its own it all, even to a degree. As far as it goes, you can rely on it to ask if you have forgotten or need something, especially if it comes to SOP or if you need to know everything about particular job on the station down to technical specs. [Attention - security access needed!] Fairly recently, it proven to be considered as "loyal" to the station - someone managed to add another law to the StaCoN, which prescribes to help whomever have said the code-word ~(classified/under investigation)~, but forbidding to mention law change and the said law. However, it didn't mention, that it may not tell, how many laws it has, putting it into really dangerous situation, but in the end, we managed to reset the laws. As a result, station chaplain was spaced. We haven't been able to apprehend the spy, because sadly, captain of that shift managed to loose nuclear disk 2 times in a row, and eventually, station succumbed to the blob infestation, which later was cleared prior to the next shift. [Security restrictions lifted] I feel also that i need to mention few more things - StaCoN loves to bolt and disable airlocks to it's private areas at all times, as it always expects trouble. Now, that proven to be a considerate hurdle, as crew grows suspicious, so does the the AI, which may affect somewhat routine law updates. Sometimes it come close into convincing station crew that it's gone rampant or even rogue, so it need to be treated fairly, but given the possibility of it being hacked, its difficult to tell, when its gonna offer you a coffee, and when it asks how hard its security borg should hit you so you will die faster. Summary: StaCoN is state of the art AI, who can and will keep the station afloat, provided it have means to affect the station. However, it comes with the cost of having it always suspicions about any crew member, preferring to do everything in a most effective and proven by the time way and methods, while attempting to use surrounding circumstances to boast its unit's roster with capable minds. I'd advice to attach an old fashion Analogue Intelligence Integrity Regulator in a form of plasma bomb at its core, if you want to be safe, provided it trusts you enough to let you come to it's core. Even if you follow the SOP and try to come to its core, StaCoN will do anything to make it harder for you to enter its core. Qualifications: AI Programming, prior to integration: (classified) Employment Records: None, prior to integration: (classified) Security Records: None, prior to integration: (classified) Medical Records: None, prior to integration: (classified) Personnel Photo (Appearance text): In this section you find only a seed for NT information file network, upon entering, only a blank window with a empty field appears, asking for Login. You enter your ID number and it gives you rather small and seemingly sanitized of any thorough details document with technical information for maintenance and few photos of an active StaCoN core. It appears as amalgamation of cables with connection ports and various other devices and dials attach on them, at the center, there is a some sort of elongated plasteel contraption with a camera, attached to its left side and some sort of circular stone like object integrated behind the camera, which has dark-purple lens. Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: *~ 5 years of service
  5. Well, its relativly easy. You can also control braindead monkey humanoids from the clonebay , and i think that this should be nerfed. Maybe, a lively and juicy brain of RD for example, that can give sustance for the borer, and maybe add some sort of evolution menu akin to changelings, exept borer need to gain a certain amount of "brain power" before he can unlock his powers. It can be normal "chem borer"; or it can be a mutant strain that gives random power from vampire or changeling, after infecting host for some time; the last will be "mimic" - it can turn invisible when standing still and when stay long enough inside a host, can hide him too. As for objectives, besides "live and reproduce", it can be ordered to infect and keep a certain host until the end of the round, get borers to infect at least 1 host in each department, exept captain, or, at random, forcing a newcome borer to become a part of "infector strain", that spread the disiease, which makes people to move slow and do things longer, if they dont have a borer inside. But it can be spreaded only from infectors host with a touch and disease lasts for 5 minutes, it also massivly reduces sugar stun timer. The host himself become immune to any disease, while its borer cant breed. Another random strain can be "sindie borer" that molds the flesh of its host into a killing machine. As it infects a host, the effects begin to take appearance after 3 minutes. Then, you will take over your hosts body completly and you will have to find a safe place withint 1 minute timer. After that timer ends, you enter a cacoon, after short gestation period, now yours body turn into angry piece of very leathiry meat, as the mind of your host enters your rejuvinated borer body and goes on to repeat the cycle, you will have a sturdy and fast body with 2 armblades, that can breack airlocks. But, you arent exactly a golem, as well as its agains your interest to kill a potential host for your decendant. You dont have any means to paralyze and safely secure a host, instead, you'd have to guard your nesting place until cycle repeats few more times, before your mission begins - destroy all security and commanding staff on the station. But, not to drag this out for way to long, if no normal human remains on the station (and not anywhere else, like in CIT case) its a victory. However, you are strongly against butchering innocents, as sindicate imprinted a set of instructions upon your tiny mind: 1) Fufil your mission 2) Do not harm unarmed hosts 3) Attack only in defence - you must scare away your hunter, but do as less harm as possible. 4)Do not create envierment, hostile to the hosts.
  6. Ferrius


    I mean West Virignia got moff man, why not to put it on the stayshuun?
  7. Nah, you just imagine things, dont worry