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  1. Don't attempt to do this. Because as i found it, creating over 120 stable mutagen clones, creates terrible lag for a bit.
  2. The only reason the clown is tied to that chair is because he tried to feed me toilet water from his Jolly Jug.
  3. I was an traitor that round and was unable to become president (That was my objective), so I attempted to kidnap Sep (Who was captain at the time) for some good ol fashion "Meet my demands or i kill person blah blah" a security guard caught me, i had to kill the security guard, i eventually broke back onto bridge after evading sec, i proceeded to murder Grand Admiral Bush, die, get cloned for trial, Krow saved my ass by slipping sec, got into a few more fights, died again and got cremated. Heck. I WANTED TO WORK WITH YOU GUYS BUT I DIED AND AAAAA.
  4. I used to love Telescience, now I'll rarely use it with the exception of memes, let me rant about it for a moment. Ive used it to prank, save bodies, warp to different Z levels, antagonist, ect. so i feel like i can talk about this. I'll list pros and cons, this wont be a complete list because I'll probably forget stuff, and im bias against telescience. And for simplicity I'll only talk about the normal telepad and telepad control console setup you'd usually see, i'll include a little thing about quantum pads at the end though. Pros 1. You can use it to save bodies This is the strongest positive argument for telescience and it makes sense, by rescuing a body you're potentially saving a life, in turn saving someones entire round, not to mention sparing the poor medical staff from venturing into maintenance for dead bodies. I've seen this listed as a bad thing because you can "mess with antag rounds" and to that i have a counter argument turn their suit sensors off 2. You can have harmless fun with it You can mess around with it! Teleport monkeys to your friends, send the captain food, warp the clown into deep space, and just generally mess around. Cons 1. You can warp most items with it Some people might disagree and that's fine, but if i can warp items to myself i can warp antagonist items or items from different Z levels and the Z level telescience steal makes mechanics sad because someone stole the loot before they could get a chance, yes no-tele flags can prevent this to an extent, but there are plenty of items in space and on station, and with enough time and knowledge you can get coordinates for literally anything, even mundane items, and thats just warping items TO yourself lets not forget that you can warp items away from yourself as well, this includes bombs, and I've heard of a malfunctioning AI round get ended that way and one where a nukie nuke was stolen (Yea no-tele flags can be used to stop the nuke one, i know but I'm listing examples shush) you get the idea. 2. You can have harmful fun with it I've warped a lube bomb to bridge before, not gonna lie it was funny, captain was pissed but it was green alert and in the end it didnt fuck with the round too much, now imagine if i sent over hostile xenobio mobs. Telescience is a power thats easy to abuse and if someone tells you that they've "Never abused telescience uwu" they're probably lying, because its easy to abuse, I've done it, and most of telescience nerds i know have done it as well, and a bored person with telescience WILL most of the time fuck around with it and sometimes the outcomes of this fuckery can really damage rounds, like they could lube bomb like i did but on red or gamma alert and instead of bridge its security or in the halls. 3. You can warp anyone willingly or unwillingly (Last i used it that was the case at least) You can warp people willingly or unwillingly, you can space someone or as Pennwick stated above, steal a crew member that isn't moving much like a captain, chemist, HOP, QM or a cargo tech, you can easily set it up so that the telescience pad is set in a box, and warp someone to that and then space them with it and thats only scratching the surface of what you can do with the power to warp ANYONE who you're able to either get the coords to (Via a crew monitor or GPS) or whoever you're able to get your hands on. Quick notes on Quantum Pads I fuckin love these things, they're awesome as heck please keep them, I'm sure it can be abused, anything can, but I've never in my life seen these things used in a way to negatively impact someones round meaningfully. Generic other stuff i am putting at the end because heck I don't like telescience, its fun sure, but its usually just fun for me or whoever is doing it with me, sure the person i might prank has a laugh but sometimes not, should it be removed? dunno im not a coder/admeme/maintainer or whatever, I'm a random player ranting, I think it at least needs a nerf, no-tele flags are a step in the right direction though. I have a lot of memories with this type of science so the thought of it being removed is a little sad, but in the end its still broken and the fact that any scientist can make it is stupid. OH and don't say its hard to learn, I learnt it in like 10 minutes (granted it was from a very robust player who was excellent at explain it and demonstrating it) it was by no means hard to learn, and you can literally make or get a custom telescience calculator that does all the math for you, breaking whatever immersion and fairness that was there with to make it even quicker and easier (also is using such a program rule breaking?). Also i have 100% forgotten stuff, i always do aaaaaaaa! Anyway, this is just my opinion (In other words please don't yell at me i will cry) Any sorry for writing a long ass post, i tend to do this so though so weh AND I RARELY PROOF READ SO IF THERE ARE SPELLING MISTAKES OR FUCKED SENTENCES I AM SORRY .
  5. It’s aight, no welding fuel for scichem at the start. BUT if you head up to maints above scichem, there is welding fuel just chillin so grab that.