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  1. Made forum account just to vote. There are other ways to make death impactful without hamstringing our already always-busy medbay, like increasing cloning timers and minor changes to chemistry, restricting the amount of omni they get at start of shift from the CMO-hypo, etc. I feel that these changes were made through theorycrafting. The reason medbay works (as well as it does, when it does work well) is because people who play it know what they're doing. Not because their tools are too strong. Now medbay is as annoying to play as it is to be stuck in as a patient. This didn't make death or injury more impactful in a healthy way, it just made the unfun parts of medbay more tedious, and puts unwanted pressure on chemists, a job which has all of its TG-shortcuts gutted from it/never implemented. Also there's lights above the chem machines that seem specifically designed to splash your chemicals on by accident - that's the PR we actually need. Not something to make playing a non-surgeon medbay staffperson into a dumpster fire the second it gets busy.