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  1. Just give the AI core its shutter back, and hide the button in the CE office or something. There boom balanced!
  2. Thing is though, I actually don't disagree with any of that. Making detection harder would be great, preferable even, its how sec inevitably deals with antags that I was trying to get at. The only thing I object to is the wording of the law, that "enemies of the corporation" need to be killed, it pretty much exempts you from any sort of treatment other than being killed, the only purpose the law serves is that "if atag = kill them". That's what they should be doing obviously, but what I'm sick of is the practice of being chapel dragged with no word to anyone about what's going other than "LING OPEN", that's obviously inevitable since it could monkeyfy at ant given moment, but more often than not its the antag who ends up being skrekked over.
  3. Of course, they're a hostile alien and all. The enemy of the corporation law though makes it expected that any antag, not just aliums and vampyres, get taken out the round in the quickest way possible. Is it really that much to ask that being "found out" isn't a guaranteed round ender?
  4. Since right now as it is, being found out as antag is insta death. Either you cover up every single trace and never get caught, of you fight off everyone who comes at you, there's no middle ground. Good example of this would be a ling round I was just in, no there wasn't any "friendly antag" nonsense, but as soon as I was ran up to and had my blood taken it was straight off to the chapel, when I hadn't even committed a crime they could pin on me. I had seriously spent all shift wandering around the station, stealing IDs, planting evidence, doing my job, being commended for it, by all ways a "model crewman" or whatever, I had done nthing to imply I was hostile. That was all over in 30 seconds as a result of "HALT" *taze *blood sample "LING CONFIRMED TO THE CHAPEL!" *hssss. Even worse is when you have a traitor item and you get lethal injection'd, every, single, time. That's not the issue though, taking out antags is sec's job after all, and lings murdered somebody to get on the station, but when the only damn thing they ever do is murderize them right away just because they were an antag and not because of what they actually did IG? Half the time they don't even get the cap's permission, or anyone's if its a borg. It really, really sucks when you try to make a round interesting and being valid hunted is your only reward, ever. Telvayne's idea from an other thread, removing the "enemy of the corporation" law, would be a nice way of removing justification for such behaviour, whilst not forcing everyone to re enact "the thing" every other round, whilst letting players retain their admin given right of being meta bastards That way maybe, just maybe, we'll have a bit more antag interaction other than "lol u ded and no one will find the body" "PEW PEW!" and "THE CREMATORIUM SPRINGS TO LIFE!" TL;DR: for fuck's sake guys you can do much more to a ling/vampire/traitor than cremate them you know. And no I don't want a return to the dark, dark days of Vampires and the like being protected under space law, that was a horrid time.
  5. But what if they're multi-dual class? or if it was a racial ability?
  6. To "fix" the gamemode, just give the Vox backpacks and some more toys to play around with. So many Traider rounds go bad because the vox don't have anywhere to put their god damn ammo, and all they have to "trade" with is a bunch of trash and a handful of precious traitor items. Killing them on sight though, before they have any chance to interact is pretty dickish if not powergaming. Unless they're a wizard, damn space terrorists...
  7. The wall slam of doom needs to die. But possibly make r-walls firepoof, but not normal ones? got to have some way of getting around firelocks.
  8. As CMO, it is your duty to drain the chem machines to fill your hypospray with chloral hydrate, it is your responsibility to go around giving small pricks to anyone and everyone, it is your burden to telebaton them straight to the brig!
  9. The thing with myths, is they're immaterial.. wouldn't be a myth if he was stood at the front door would he? Let me put it like this, I don't think there should be anything named after somebody unless they're God level, even then, probably not, its a bad precedent Not because its not deserved, but because IMO its the equivalent of renaming mt Everest after your dinnerlady.
  10. Yes please. Just maybe not the extra access, the last thing we need are more geared up super cops with the powers of yellow gloves, Null rods, and slime grenades combined.
  11. In all seriousness though, I think the importance of certain players in game is very much overstated. They're good players, pretty decent at immursion too, and errybody loves them in OOC. And that's great, but their impact on the community as a whole isn't that big. Folks like Cuban Pete are mythical for doing things crashing the server with a game mechanic, Alice types are around all the time. I've only been playing SS13 for a year, and on this server alone I can name a half dozen young, female authority figures, with authority issues, who have an extensive backstory and classified security records, with plenty snowflakey (not necessarily in a bad way ) stuff thrown in, who've played for a while, made a bit of impact, gotten known, then promptly faded into the ether for whatever reason. Memetic characters like Alice are fun to have around, but they're not legends, really grinds my gears when the hero worship stage sets in :twisted:, Not in game either, OOC you get declarations of actual IRL love. Its just weird.
  12. First we have special drinks, next there will be a statue... And before you know it, we're the Peirsonist People's Alicepublic of Cyberaid.
  13. It either descends into team death match, or the heads on whichever side get killed off really early. It enables and encourages security to embrace their inner shittyness, every head to join with their inner comdom, and everyone else to indulge in their passion for greytide. Rev is the terribad gamemode every other terribad gamemode gets terribadly compared too. Its just a maelstrom of assholeness.
  14. You have mid tier things too, last round I played, a budding comdom was trying to have half of research fired because one of them built and (shock, horror!) used a chem dispenser in R&D to help cure a virus outbreak... without explicit authorisation! The RD kinda was in the right (SoP and all) but it was very arguable, so he was told to go cry to IA about it. "not doing what you ought to be doing" should be under SoP really, but there should be something more than there currently is in space law to discourage bad behaviour, that isn't just "your head decided they don't like you, hand over your ID".
  15. I can't be the only one who instantly customizes all their PDA settings at round start?
  16. Really? I keep remembering times when putting on a bandaid took me out of crit, doesn't any effect on pain levels does it?
  17. Nope, due to changes, bruise packs do absolutely nothing, they're completely useless.
  18. But that's mega complicated and not one button press away! Main thing is the armour though, being whacked a few times with a toolbox makes you useless now.
  19. They're no longer uber OP death masheens, and that's good. But they have the exact same durability as squishy squashy meatsacks, that's not so good. Nor can they examine anything, so no seeing who's SSD/setting sec records/looking at wounds. They needed nerfing, but when most any sort of damage they take results in component uselessness and they're limited utility wise, combined with the speed debuff they always had anyway... I don't play as cyborgs that often, but aside from inbuilt space proofness/difficulty to stun, now they're inferior in most ways to playing a "normal" character. Giving them maybe 30% more health and letting them examine things again would be great.
  20. 99% of the time I see "abuse of radio" come up, is when its tacked onto an existing sentence just so officer secuirtrash can silence the crying brigee. If you're hunted down and detained specifically because of "misusing comms", you really must have done something because typically nobody cares.
  21. Yeah, Cults hardly ever use more than one or two of their powers. I think I've seen the teleport rune use twice in the year and a bit I've playing, the wall rune used once, and the summon ghosts rune about three times. The experience level (kek) of most cultists is typically very low, you occasionally get someone who knows what they're doing who'll go off and research words/build a cult base, but 90% of the time? The Cult is just played as another form of greytide. I definitely think the Null rod should have more anti-cult use, its what its for after all (other than being mega robust), if it doesn't de-convert that means all its good for is cracking skulls and destroying runes. Like I said its not really a balance idea, would having the null rod work outside the chapel (maybe 1/3 chance to deconvert per head whack?), and holy water inside be balanced though, Considering the robustness of the average cult?
  22. Currently, to show a cultist the light you need to either whack them about with the null rod, or force feed them some holy water. Typically once the AI spots a rune in engineering once the cult is discovered the chaplain is deputized and anyone who gets caught is rapidly brought back into the NT fold, often checkpoints get set up and random folks get a holy watering. Considering how difficult it is for the cultists to recruit new members (typically having to stun and drag them onto a rune), they're very easily de-antagged, even easier than de-converting revs since unlike loyalty implants holy water isn't at all hard to mass produce. Maybe make de-converting cultists a little bit more complicated, so sec has to do more than just bring the chaplain over to bless their watertank? Requiring Cultists to be located in the chapel to be de-converted makes a lot more sense if they're being "purged of sin" IMO. Kinda like how vampires can't step in there, Nar'sie is also an eldritch abomination no? Cultists are loyalty implant immune, presumably because of Nar'sie's power, it'd kinda makes more sense if they were de-convertable in the one place in the station where he'd presumably have none. Of course that'd just mean that once the Cult reaches critical mass it'd be pretty impossible to de-convert anyone, maybe have the null rod work outside the chapel bur require it to take a few whacks to the head? Most of the Cult rounds I've played in usually see the cult either be super secret and summon Nar'sie when no one expects it, have the cult act like revs and complete wreck the station, or sec catches them all in the first half hour, its not really a "balance" idea so much as it is a "makes more sense" one, would it work better though?
  23. I think it effects how badly an acid spray will ruin your day?
  24. Pro tip: surprisingly few people have their PDA lights on, smash a few lights or disable an APC and you can cloak whole areas in darkness. Darkness is your best friend... just grab some optical meson scanners, spread a little shadow, and wait in your web for some flies to come by. Just pray to space Jesus there aren't any NPC monsters nearby, because those assholes navigate by the scent of fear alone.
  25. Some sort of "abuse of position" law specifically against comdom heads would be a nice addition, I can't think of any decent wording myself though. Because there really should be something to discourage evil RDs stealing all of robotic's metal.
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