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  1. If you want to see how much of an issue giving security more access would be, try playing a few shifts as a security borg and compare the difference, catching criminals in restricted areas becomes trivial
  2. It’s been a month now and 44 people are in favour(this is adding the supporters and people willing to test) which is well over half, perhaps we can get a testmerge for a few rounds and grab feedback on this?
  3. I’m personally under the impression that no one should survive past -100 health, that’s 200 combined damage of any type, crit occurring at 0 health as it does now, this is what it used to be and makes sense as all the weapons in the game were balanced around this. This keeps the changes of new crit while still not turning people into tanks. While this can make fights more interesting people can accommodate for this by using stuns along with their murder weapons and it can also be underwhelming in situations like executions where it’s unlikely the person you’re executing will be able to fight back
  4. Allow me to clarify, when I said denying players the ability I meant by allowing them to view there own notes, both admins and players have to juggle the game and the conversation and finding a way to record the discussion during all this is pretty cumbersome having this all handled in game would be more convenient and wouldn’t require as much maintainence for the players I guess that wasn’t clear And my comment about saying that it’s not much to discuss notes with the players was more directed to the admins who said they did not want more work dealing with people and their notes, I was not implying admins don’t currently do this voluntarily I was simply saying that it’s worth the work to ensure players aren’t evaluated wrong - again I’m not implying admins evaluate anything wrong I’m simply saying that notes should be a correct indicators which I assume they are but again everyone makes mistakes and there are LOTS of notes.
  5. The thing about appealing your notes currently though, is that you need to know they’re there. If I wanted to appeal the notes I have I can’t even remember them off the top of my head and I’m currently not even sure how many I have
  6. The rules are enforced differently by each admin and they all have different ideas on what is and isn't okay, having notes that reflect that give you an insight generally on what is acceptable for admins in general, i'm not going into detail or going to provide any examples on how much admin opinions can vary, but the point still stands. Of course extreme situations are all going to be responded to the same way but context is important for a lot of these things and notes would simply be added context for the players
  7. Henk's point is, the whole point of having your own record of your own notes is for your own benefit, You can use it to reflect on your own behaviour and avoid making the same mistakes you've made prior and if you do manage to make the same mistakes then an admin can bring that up fairly and can even double down on the fact that they are now aware of their notes. The concerns about people screaming about hidden notes is strange in my opinion, If you warned them you should give them a note as well and if you give them a hidden note after warning them that just goes against the whole point of the note and warning, and you can still apply hidden notes for usage in cases of RDMing or tiding or just suspicious players, they'll have no clue as long as you don't bwoink or tell them. I'm not sure how the player would be aware a hidden note would be written on them unless the admin themself came out and told them directly. If you really worry about people requesting their hidden notes to be revealed then you can simply make a rule about prior notes being unrequestable. I see this as a win for everyone, admins can continue to make hidden notes and players can now keep track of the things they've been warned for or have gotten in trouble for and improve their character. Sure it might cause drama short term but it'll improve the server environment long term and for the players that actually care about the server and want to be a net positive they certainly will take their notes into account and take admin feedback very seriously and act upon it and their notes will just be a tool to help them. Denying players the ability to record admin feedback and improve upon it feels counter intuitive when the one of the points of appealing on the forum is ensuring the players learned from their mistakes before returning to the server, allowing players to see their notes helps support that exact same view. You will help them learn from their mistake by giving them a record of it, and to the point of worrying people will try to appeal their notes. I see nothing wrong with this, why would you want players to correct their incorrect notes if the appeal had merit? Admins are humans as well and sometimes things on the surface aren't as they appear. And if it doesn't have merit then there was no harm in clarifying why to the player. I understand adminning is a volunteer job and that you use up your own time to do it but I personally don't think it's a lot to hear someone out if they truly believe that a note given to them was unreasonable then I feel like they should be heard out as notes have weight on the actions of admins. We all just want to play a silly wacky space simulator with a community of close-knit friends, Nobody wants to worry about a note they had from a long time ago that they might not even remember biting themselves in the back when they make a mistake. Giving players a record of their notes allows them a little bit of breathing room when they know what they've done wrong and evaluated themselves.
  8. I'd like it to work kinda like HUDglasses where you can view comment log, but I guess in this case it'd be viewing advanced medical information of the person you're examining.
  9. I'd like to add an item that works like a HUD upgrade that allows you to get a more detailed insight on examine when it comes to health status, mainly just which limbs are damaged for starters and possibly how much damage. Not as detailed as an upgraded health analyzer but enough information to help quick treatment and patching of someone using a trauma kit or other items. CMO would get this round start and science could research it around the same time if not the exact same time as they unlock the IMS Thoughts and Ideas?
  10. Going to use this topic to gather feedback on a concept I had in mind. Idea: Rework bleeding to happen on limbs instead of over the whole body, each limb that bleeds increases your bleed rate. Slight bleeding in general will be much less lethal but severe bleeding will be much more lethal much quicker. You will be able to use wirecutters to cut up clothing into makeshift rags that you can use to patch yourself which will reduce or stop bleeding depending on how bad the bleeding is and whether or not the wound is still damaged. Dismembered limbs will bleed a lot more but burn damage can be used to cauterize bleeding limbs at the cost of obviously causing damage. Please share thoughts and concerns
  11. Best solution would be to datumize antags starting with traitor and then check the user of the uplink for the antag datum, wouldn’t be the easiest and would be a HUGE refactor but would be the best for future antag role handling as well
  12. Works for all races, not just IPCs
  13. Woah, those are some really good suggestions, especially the first two. This would really help raising the competence of security in general
  14. This is pretty neat, well structured even though some ideas I don’t agree with(god would yellow cell laser guns be op) but! I’ve made a PR for constructable rechargers and put up another one for laser effects. Hopefully these two help with some of the issues you’re having with laser guns if they’re merged