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  1. Hey this sounds fun. Hopefully I can contribute something when I have the time. ___________________________________________ "TRANSMISSION! THIRD WORLD WAR, THIRD ROUND! A DECADE OF THE WEAPON OF SOUND ABOVE GROUND! NO SHELTER IF YOU'RE LOOKIN FOR SHADE! I LICK SHOTS AT THE BRUTAL CHARADE! AS THE POLLS CLOSE LIKE A CASKET, ON TRUTH DEVOURED, SILENT PLAY IN THE SHADOW OF POWER!" "As silent as a morgue" almost never applied to the Cyberaid's Medical Department Coroner's office, at least when Coroner Draudy was on duty. Ashlyn barely noticed the jolt of the meteor impact with the station or the accompanying alarms, way too engrossed in rapidly tapping away at various objects on her desk with her drumsticks to the beats of Rage Against the Machine's hit Guerrilla Radio as it blasted on her holoaudio dock. Not that she was too concerned when the alert display lit up to share the news of the meteor impact. She wasn't an engineer, so the better thing to do was to relax and wait for the detective to show up to look at the body currently sitting in the slab across from her office. "A SPECTACLE, MONOPOLIZED! THE CAMERA'S EYES ON CHOICE DISGUISED! WAS IT CAST FOR THE MASSES WHO BURN AND TOIL? OR THE VULTURES WHO THIRST FOR BLOOD AND OIL? YES A SPECTACLE, MONOPOLIZED! THEY HOLD THE REINS, STOLE YOUR EYES!" Ashlyn hadn't seen a body in the state the morgue's latest guest was currently in, in a very long time. She knew the detective was going to have a hell of a bad time this shift, and deep down she hoped this was going to be the only victim. This meteor strike business could be all someone needs to become a serial murderer, and with the station's cloner broken, no one was immortal anymore... "OR THE FISTAGONS, THE BULLETS AND BOMBS, WHO STUFF THE BANKS, WHO STAFF THE PARTY RANKS? MORE FOR GORE, OR THE SON OF A DRUG LORD? NONE OF THE ABOVE!" "FUCK IT! CUT THE CORD!" Ashlyn shouted in sync with Zack de La Rocha as she slammed a drumstick off her holder full of pens, barely noticing them flying all over the place as she continued drumming away... "LIGHTS OUT! GUERRILLA RADIO! TURN THAT SHIT UP!" "LIGHTS OUT! GUERRILLA RADIO! TURN THAT SHIT UP!" "LIGHTS OUT! GUERRILLA RADIO! TURN THAT SHIT UP!" "LIGHTS OUT! GUERRILLA RADIO!..."
  2. Already replied to this thread, but I've recently discovered a love of Robotics. It's science but fun and easy to figure out.
  3. Now call me crazy, but there's probably a reason for this! Most players don't play racists because they don't want to be racists. Like dude, no one wants to recreate the Rodney King Riots or the collapse of Yugoslavia except for some real messed up people that I would prefer banned from the server. There are ways to spice up the game and make things fun and interesting but the Rwandan genocide is not one of them. If you want to RP differently, maybe PLAY one of those other races you don't usually play. Or just think up a different character, or do LITERALLY ANYTHING EXCEPT BECOME A MURDER-BONING RACIST PSYCHOPATH.
  4. Bartender, coroner, engineer and Cargo Tech/QM. I love the characters I made up for each of them. I love it when people actually have a character themselves when I play bartender, and aren't just a "GIVE ME BOTTLE OF WHISKEY" greytider. I love making up random things that happened at a fake nightclub and seeing how extreme I can get with it. When I play coroner I just like being sassy to people and making fun of those medical tv shows "I hate those shows that make the medical field all sexy. No one ever wants to bang the coroner!" or sitting in my office and entertaining the dead with my renditions of whatever I'm listening to and not stopping when people come in to drop off corpses. I love being a parody of all the losers on CM who act like weirdo space communists because they want to say comrade and drink vodka all the time. And if I can do that while setting up Solars I play engie. And it's just fun being a Space Texan in Cargo. I'll never understand people who just greytide all the time and don't even have the decency of a gimmick.
  5. Name: Molly O'Edison Age: 25 Gender: Female Race: Human Blood Type: O- General Occupational Role(s): Bartender Biography: Born on July 21st, 2537 on the Colony of Space Boston. Came from a long line of "Irish" bartenders. Began working in family establishements from the age of 10. Started mixing drinks at 15. At the age of 18, she began working at the Mirror Mirror Nightclub on Neo Rio di Janerio, where her skills were noticed by Picardo Del Ambossa, a wealthy music producer looking to start his own nightclub. Del Abossa's club was located on New New York City Colony, and until it's recent closure was known as the infamous Studio 67. Famed for it's celebrity guests, elite crowd and restrictive entry standards, the Five story mega dance club was a modern Sodom and Gommorah, a place of sin, debauchery and drug abuse, but also extreme creativity. The Topaz Album was recorded after one hell of a bender at the club, The Script for "From Sol to Humanity" was pitched by Stleag Hullkan to Mazzzzzzzztaor over a pile of megacocaine in the VIP lounge, and all four members of the Thraggs met after they woke up naked in the same bathroom stall on the club's second floor. Chances are, if you enjoyed any kind of art or media from 2555 - 2561, chances are it was born in a strange haze one night at Studio 67. Molly was in the center of it all, shortly becoming Head Mixologist after making Traaak'Clekfear the quote "GREATEST FACESLAMMER EVER." New Years Eve 2556, Valentines Day 2558, The Blood Bank Bash, The 48 Hour Ultra-Meth Rave, The Candy Poppers Disco Party, these are some of the many events she tended bar at, wowing celebs, dancers and ravers alike with her incredible mixing moves and skills. She's got stories galore about the Studio, and is currently working on a book of the stories she finds most interesting or crazy. Want to know what any celebrity's favorite drink is? What are the most extreme designer drugs she's seen consumed? The wildest drinks she's made? The weirdest things she's seen? Head on over to the Bar and ask her for a drink and you'll probably get a story thrown in for free. Just be kind and don't crawl over the damn counter. After the Club's Forced Closure, Molly was hired on by NT to provide morale boosting to their most low morale stations. Qualifications: Master Mixologist and Middling DJ Employment Records: 2547 - 2555 - O'Edisons of Space Boston 2555 - Mirror Mirror of Neo Rio di Janerio 2555 - 2561 Studio 67, New New York City Colony 2562 - Present - Nanotransen Morale and Service Department. Security Records: None. Medical Records: Huldiger's Syndrome meaning her liver has a higher resistance than usual to degration from alcohol abuse. Personnel Photo: Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: