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  1. As I has played T-Comm Agent and as Bioweapons Scientists previously and accidentally blew myself up like two or three times already whenever I was trying to create explosive grenades for the Traitors to use, here are my cents as one of the syndicate personnel you should looking into while revising; 1) As bioweapons scientists whenever I decided to roll out as one, I have a bad habit of blowing myself up and possibility blowing up my following scientists along with the chemistry area. So to gross over my complains about whole destructionness of my attempt at creating bombs, I actually would be appreciative to see notes on a table about creating explosives without blowing yourself or the chemistry lab up into smoke. Or creating toxic smoke bombs, that's a petard I wouldn't want to backfire. My usual experience as a scientist tends to be awful and I'd imagine blowing up the lab is also awful for other people I worked with who decided to play as a Scientist. 2) On top of being a bioweapons scientist, I actually would be also appreciative of being able to teleport syringes that are loaded up on deadly chemicals or anaesthesia to help our agents to put their intended victim to sleep. So a solution for scientists would be to implement a area inside the Syndicate Base that would teleport grenade-sized explosives or syringes. My experience as a scientist tends to be tad confusing if I want to directly supply a Traitor. 3) As a T-Comm Agent, and moving away from being a scientist, there seems to be not much to do beside monitoring the comm chatters. Suckiness of the fact is that should the game feature Traitors and the cost of getting the syndicate comm does put a small dent into the crystal budget, you can't really make contact to them without getting a PDA from somewhere in order to start communicate with them. So as a solution to the problem, or at least for me that is, is to have Traitor players who are spawned when offer of T-Comm for the ghosts to spawn as should be given free, if modified, syndicate encryption key so that they can communicate with the T-Comm Agent so that as one I or someone else who decided to be a T-Comm Agent would be able to help and provide intelligence to the operatives on Security Officers' locations and either or not there are people in the room the Traitors are outside of and want to hack the door or e-mag into. 4) On top of the base having its own shuttle, well..... the controls I think should be locked and only unlocked upon T-Comm Agent's fax to Syndicate about utilizing it to infiltrate Cybranid in order to accomplish a goal or two the T-Comm Agent want to accomplish physically. As Admins, if they were to stray from accomplishing their stated goals according to their fax and you are feeling some sort of cringe then as a counter to Agent not accomplishing their goal and doing f alls then there should be a internal macrobomb that could be remotely activated or activated by the agent themselves should they ended up getting captured by Security or one of the crew with stunprod and cable coils restrain. Alright, those 4 are all I could think of giving to the Team Syndicates and furthering what they can do as a support network for Traitors.
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