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  1. You forgot the part where they are supposed to gib slimes on arrival.
  2. It is a character I use as an avatar from when I used to do drawthreads on 4chan's /B/ board. That's where I learned to draw through random requests made by complete strangers.
  3. More random stuff, I'm always open for suggestions and things. I'm looking to get more into my art recently.
  4. This is a dump of some more random shit. There is more to come if it's wanted.
  5. I've been doing digital art over the course of the years, and it's been a while since I've practiced my "skills" or whatever you would call them. I generally don't think my artwork is anything worth writing home about but I do believe it's not horrible. I'll be posting an assortment of the things that I've made during my experience with drawing. Some can be digital and some can be analog. I'm basically interested in feedback regarding the drawings if anyone wants to critique them or give me tips they believe would be constructive I'm always open to anything as long as it's with good intention and respectful. I'll start by posting some thing that I've made for SS13 which is a very small portion of my catalogue. My first attempt at Korala as a Unathi. Korala in his natural state of madness. Random person I'd done a reference for. Korala's Whisky Bottle. Rain Raptor Korala and Rioz from when they were dating and he was a Unathi. The Nerd Hyena/vulp character. This is all I've got for SS13 as of now. I'm interested in doing more but I don't have the will or the ideas for doing so. If you want to see any non SS13 related art I can post it here if anyone cares for it.
  6. I get two simple implants almost every single round, and finding myself being in medbay for twenty to thirty minutes for a breathing tube implant and a medical hud implant is just disgusting. More people should learn BASIC surgery. I completely agree with this point not only for serious cases but this as well.