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  1. Wow I didn't even know about that and that is merged from what it looks like? Well if it is, we still have the same problem from before which is frustrating and from what I can tell the chance to just instantly die from damage doesn't appear to be high enough since brain damage is very heavily weighted on the issue.
  2. Earlier today when we had terrors, I was trying to kill two monkeys so I can lay more eggs and they were still standing despite being below -75 (which USED to be the max amount of damage a monkey could take before death) and it took at least 2-5 seconds after I gotten them that low when they should of been dropped before that -75 mark and this applies to everyone else who has newcrit and people below -100 hp can still fight you which is frustrating since it took awhile for those monkeys earlier to even start going into shock when they probably should had earlier once they reached halfway into crit. The fact we now have to wait for shock and the heart to go into cardiac arrest just for them to die is simply horrible and the wrong direction to go in as it simply takes too long to for one to die. It also increases the workload of medbay in which it takes a good bit of time to stabilize someone from heart failure and shock which may involve multiple defibs and injections just to treat while we have another patient dying next to them and we can't get to them at the same time without risk of the first patient dying and going braindead which will either require a very swift surgery to defib or cloning. I agree with what EvadableMoxie said about force escalation. There is no proper escalation at all since you can't properly knock people out in para with simple brute force but instead you have to with chems or special items. I rarely see people stop a fist fight in fear of their own health, instead I see them simply go until one cannot go anymore and with newcrit they will both go until they are both dead or one is dead. I took a brief look at the revert post on github provided by the link from the OP and Alffd mentioned that he feels like we are focusing on the PvP aspect and not the PvE and RP aspect. Newcrit gets used the most from PvP and the only PvE is in what is now Lavaland and breaches and hardly anyone RPs when they are dying because they are too focused on trying to either get to medbay, they can't actually rp because they aren't conscious due to newcrit dropping them -400 and the doctors are too busy rushing to treat them since they can die at any moment and only have a 3 minute window to defib and if they can't do rush surgery for brain damage being treated within said window to defib and hopefully revive them.
  3. I would probably trade for stuff that is on the NC contraband list like, no slips and syndie soap. Probably the usual Insulated gloves for the greytide who knows how many will come flooding for those and some nice real ripe mining loot like stablized hivelord cores or maybe a double barrel shotgun yes you can find that in mining. Add in some vehicles like the bike from the arcade and a jani-cart for the ghetto greytide janitor.