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  1. Honestly, some of these items either incentivise self antagging (revolver) or provide benefits that are only useful to antagonists without risk of bwoink (the wizards hat). For these to be maint loot, even as a mid round event, doesn't seem like it would promote much fun. Best case, a couple buddies get some minor buffs and don't do much. Worst case, security has to deal with empowered greytiders who grabbed as much cursed loot as they can to bodyswap the captain and eat the nad. As a concept, i like it, but i'm not sure it would be beneficial to the server.
  2. Bold to assume people don't like alcohol during times of hardship, or to celebrate being helped. Jokes aside, you make a good point about drinks, and I have to agree replacing it with medicines would be the way to go.
  3. Honestly, that's a brilliant idea. I'm surprised it hasn't been suggested before. It's also given me a possible extra idea, although this one might increase TC a bit to add it (and possibly be complex to code cleanly): Have the mirror allow you to peek around corners. Click on a tile next to your character, and the camera shifts there, allowing you to hide around a corner and look down a hall, for example.
  4. That's a great idea! I wonder if cargo can help regardless by ordering food crates, too. Science could probably help indirectly as well by upgrading stuff with the part replacer thing. This would probably require the amount of food made to be relatively high.
  5. atm, there is the option to flag books, but it's meant for explicit content like WgW, rather than just poor quality. I did ask a mentor about this ages ago, I forget who.
  6. While the concept is interesting, I certainly wouldn't want the Library, and by extent the Librarian, changed significantly to accommodate it. The Library itself, in my opinion, is more neglected than flawed. Adding a museum or display section to the library would be a nice addition, I believe, and I would at least personally enjoy solving some riddles and ciphers in my spare time on station, regardless of the reward. I've actually been working on an excel spreadsheet atm trying to document which books are good as-is, which just need a reformatting, and which should never see the light of day. Admittedly, i've given up listing bad books for a while and have started listing only books with potential, but I would be more than happy to share it at some point to help.
  7. This would also allow more races to perform CPR: IPCs just flat-out can't atm, and Vox and Plasmamen got stuff in the way. I support this idea.
  8. Now that I think about it, I can totally imagine wealthy members of NT and other groups wearing jewellery made with bluespace crystals. Full jewellery, too, like cabochon style and everything. If those suckers can remain intact after getting blasted out of a rock, they can handle a gentle hammer setting it into gold. It's both a security blanket (break in case of emergency) and a fashion statement (I use incredibly rare and valuable materials as decoration).
  9. Two alternate ideas instead of instant death via heart attack: - Writing a person's name in the book basically turns it into a librarian's voodoo doll. Instead of doing stuff to the doll, the librarian writes an action into the book for the effects e.g. "Baldie McGreytide began to feel hot under the collar" = Baldie's temperature rises, "Baldie says give the librarian all access" = librarian gets thrown in jail, "what did baldie see?" = look through victim's eyes. The book could be flammable, providing light burns to it's current target when burnt, and must be cleared with ethanol to set to another target. Could reflavor it to being closer to Inkheart than Deathnote. -Barnaby's Menagerie: reading the book, which takes a couple seconds, creates a "random" (read: from a pool of choices that can be changed and balanced by admins) mob or animal that is loyal to the librarian, with a cooldown between uses. They can either summon two simple mobs that respond to simple commands (Guard to stand still and guard area, point at person to focus them, attack to attack others, stop to stop attacking), or create a single mob controlled by a ghost. The mobs in the pool would range from monkeys and cows to panthers and stuff. Coding wise, I know the second idea could be a bit intensive to create, but I think either option would be more balanced than a direct anime port.
  10. 100% for this. It's kind of annoying having to ignore an area in need because you'd let in someone by accessing it (as rare as it is). I see nothing but benefits to adding this.
  11. Honestly, I've wanted to volunteer for such a position to help train officers, but since most rounds have either a) actual antags, b) limited security, or c) both, I haven't found the right opportunity to do so. So yeah, an opportunity to learn/help sec and atmos and other department I dont main? Hell yeah. I would love this idea.
  12. My initial thoughts when I read the title, and still think it'd be a cool variation on the idea, is for a changeling to revive from a dismembered limb instead of the body. Same basic idea, but instead of reviving at the body, they slowly regrow from a limb left lying somewhere, with a lot less chemicals and (maybe) DNA absorbed. Of course, there's still the issue with regrowing limbs, and i'd think the brain still needs to be intact to pull off the revival so cremating doesn't become useless, but it could be an interesting alternate way to do this. I'm mainly imagining a changeling cutting off an arm and hiding it in maint, then running off and "getting caught" and reviving right as they're about to destroy the body.
  13. Which means those who care will actually listen, and those who dont would have skimmed over anyway
  14. "Kung Flu". "Vaccinator's volley" "Way of the healing hand" "Surgeon's strike" "Fist Aid" "The art of Iswearifyoudragmypatientawayfrommeagainthattoolboxwillbeshovedsofarwherethesundontshineyoullneedacavitysurgeryjusttopullitout" "The hippocritic oath" (deliberately misspelled) Personally, I like the last one the most.
  15. I'll preface by saying I might be bias, but I dont think I've ever seen an officer get charged for doing anything, ever. In practice, I dont see any officer taking the consequences for shoving holy water down the wrong persons throat and giving them brain damage.
  16. I believe randomizing the name and general appearance is sufficient to making that negligible.
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