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  1. True. But considering you can add books under a pseudonym, it might be worth it to rewrite it and either remove the old copy or add "revised" to the end. Also, extra peeve: no rating system for library books. Would help to identify good books.
  2. People who slap some slab of text they copy-pasted from a random website onto a paper and think its library worthy. I'm tempted to spend a round or two as librarian just going through the half assed "books" in the library system and reformatting them to at least be legible.
  3. And the clouds parteth, and from forth harkens the voice. And it doth harks: "TWO!!!!" and from whenceforth cometh prosperity.
  4. We reached lucky number five, ladies and gentlemen.
  5. Perhaps, instead of playing MIDIs, the music bot works a bit like the disco ball machine thingy, and plays an audio file of several, predetermined clips (i.e. music?) Could even just be recorded versions of popular MIDIs, or even common lobby music.
  6. That's a necro and a half. But a worthy one. In any case, I am against nymphs having any greater right than the space koi, if that. At least until they evolve. Then they count as a non-crew humanoid. Which should be robusted like any other ***hat if they try anything more violent than a hug. Yes I main Kidan. Nom mom nymphs forever.
  7. I am largely in favor of kidan. Yeah, that no glasses thing really hurts, I will admit, but i find the lore, aesthetics, and quirks to be worth it. If you want an extra challenge as an antag, kidan are also great. Their brute resistance is good for brawls, the lack of eyewear means outside a welding helmet or implant a flash will take you down, and, as I discovered the other day, being the only of your species on station makes disguising yourself interesting, to say the least. Slime people seem to he stronger with their slipping blood and regen, but I reckon kidan make for a fun challenge. Plus, love their lore. I'm a sucker for good/interesting lore
  8. Hi, yeah, I'd like, uh, 1 large happy meal with a bottle o' coke. Extra salt, please.
  9. I have nothing unique to add, just the same as everyone else. IPCs, one dose = addicted, restrictive addictions, heavy downsides, honestly I'm not sure the addiction system adds anything positive to the game. As a whole, it seems to just detract from the experience.
  10. Cant help with security, but one thing I've wanted to do with antag (traitor specifically) is act like a super villain, with a big evil plan. Not just some moustache twirling buffoon, though, but like hostage kidnapping of command, playing by a certain theme (We have a super heroes and super villains page on the wiki for a reason), stuff like that.
  11. Would it be similar to the way the chaplain chooses their equipment?
  12. I'm going to be very Frank here. More Frank than I've been to anyone, and probably more than I ever will to a living person. I am scared of dying. I am terrified of the idea of growing old and my body slowly degrading and being trapped in a dying body until it finally gives out on me. I am not religious because of this fear of death making me question all I knew when I was young. Two days before turning 10, to be exact. I lost everything I had in a natural disaster, all gone overnight. I questioned why this could have happened, led one thing to another, and lost my faith and realised the truth of how little time I had to live. Now, 20 years old, and I'm still scared, fearing something that most people I've met in their 30s and 40s haven't even begun to think about yet. My viewpoint has evolved to this: if I had a chance to become immortal, or even just live longer, I would take it. Whatever it took, be it cryogenics, synthetic infusion, whatever was needed, minus hurting others, I would do. I struggle to understand how society can be so complacent about such looming and, quite honestly, horrific things. The only response I tend to get is just "dont think about it", which infuriates me to no end. I cannot stand ignorance, let alone willful ignorance. People are too concerned with lining their pockets or looking for a partner to focus on not losing all that they've worked towards. In a way, we've grown accustomed to looking the other way when death is brought up because no one wants to face the fact they're going to die and theres nothing they can do to stop it. We are discouraged from being open about it, which has likely led to many people freaking out when facing death. I think I went a bit off topic, but I hope my input was still helpful. But yeah, people dont give it enough thought.
  13. Truly, it's amazing how much people on the station can care. Even if it's in character, I've found myself getting genuinely emotionally invested in many shifts. And hearing that others put in more effort than I thought possible to save someone who didn't want to be saved fills me with a happiness I cannot fully describe. Good or bad, I think most long time players have that one round that sticks out to them. When someone did something unexpected that stuck with them long after the round is over. Rounds like that are why I love space station 13 so much, and Paradise in particular.
  14. May have found a follower of Nar'Sie at work once