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  1. Honestly, I've wanted to volunteer for such a position to help train officers, but since most rounds have either a) actual antags, b) limited security, or c) both, I haven't found the right opportunity to do so. So yeah, an opportunity to learn/help sec and atmos and other department I dont main? Hell yeah. I would love this idea.
  2. My initial thoughts when I read the title, and still think it'd be a cool variation on the idea, is for a changeling to revive from a dismembered limb instead of the body. Same basic idea, but instead of reviving at the body, they slowly regrow from a limb left lying somewhere, with a lot less chemicals and (maybe) DNA absorbed. Of course, there's still the issue with regrowing limbs, and i'd think the brain still needs to be intact to pull off the revival so cremating doesn't become useless, but it could be an interesting alternate way to do this. I'm mainly imagining a changeling cuttin
  3. Which means those who care will actually listen, and those who dont would have skimmed over anyway
  4. "Kung Flu". "Vaccinator's volley" "Way of the healing hand" "Surgeon's strike" "Fist Aid" "The art of Iswearifyoudragmypatientawayfrommeagainthattoolboxwillbeshovedsofarwherethesundontshineyoullneedacavitysurgeryjusttopullitout" "The hippocritic oath" (deliberately misspelled) Personally, I like the last one the most.
  5. I'll preface by saying I might be bias, but I dont think I've ever seen an officer get charged for doing anything, ever. In practice, I dont see any officer taking the consequences for shoving holy water down the wrong persons throat and giving them brain damage.
  6. I believe randomizing the name and general appearance is sufficient to making that negligible.
  7. Unbeelievable! I regret nothing
  8. Hold on: this station is dark, creepy, and there's no sign of anyone else. This kidan doesn't seem all that fazed about it. Are you sure you can trust them?
  9. True. But considering you can add books under a pseudonym, it might be worth it to rewrite it and either remove the old copy or add "revised" to the end. Also, extra peeve: no rating system for library books. Would help us librarian mains to separate good books from the chaff.
  10. People who slap some slab of text they copy-pasted from a random website onto a paper and think its library worthy. I'm tempted to spend a round or two as librarian just going through the half assed "books" in the library system and reformatting them to at least be legible.
  11. And the clouds parteth, and from forth harkens the voice. And it doth harks: "TWO!!!!" and from whenceforth cometh prosperity.
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