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  1. Those are so cool! Can't wait to see more
  2. Here's an idea from some vampire mythology that could help balance it out. The vampire can only have one sire, which must follow their masters every order until they drink enough blood for their master to release them, turning them into a full vampire. Until that point, however, they retain some/all of the weaknesses suggested.
  3. Here's a few so old they're talking about their pet dinos. How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it. I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don't know what he laced them with, but I was tripping all day! Did you know the first French fries weren't actually cooked in France? They were cooked in Greece. I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down!!
  4. If I had any idea how to use BYOND for mapping, I would try my hand at this. Would love to have a large variety of possible gateway stuff.
  5. Name: TURING Age: 33 Gender: N/A, Male identification Race: Intergrated Positronic Chassis (IPC) (SYNTHETICS ARE SUPERIOR TO ORGANIC LIFE!) Blood Type: O!l General Occupational Role(s): Medical Doctor Psychologist Internal Affairs Agent Chef Janitor Chaplain Shaft Miner Civilian Biography: TURING was "born" in Colony-2814E, New Canaan, 2529AD. TURING spent the first 15 years of his existence learning and studying various topics about the galaxy at large, ranging from galactic philosophy to blue-space theory to human history. TURING gave himself his name in 2531 after learning about a human mathematician from old human history named Alan Turing, and his creation of "the Turing test". Pondering the philosophy of if a computer can be considered "human", TURING studied long-distance at the Luna Academy of Medicine and Psychology, using an alias of "Isaac Gates" to avoid suspicion. He graduated in 2549AD, and after the IPC Rights Recognition charter was signed in 2554, requested his doctorate be transfered to his real identity. His doctorate was immediately invalidated and TURING was subsequently banned from further study at the academy, with an arrest warrant in Trans-Sol territory for Identity Fraud. TURING entered employment with Nanotrasen in 2560 in an attempt to "become further knowledged in actions of organic personnel". TURING became dissatisfied with the terms of his contract approximately two months into his employment, and has repeatedly attempted to break free cancel his employment contract since. Recent outside hobbies include music production, painting, and story writing. TURING states that "Self jealous of continued organic stigmatism of synthetic intelligences. Self desires creation of culture and works of art for IPC to refer to as own". [clearance: Security] Qualifications: Doctorate in Medicine. Doctorate in Psychology, specializing in organic vs synthetic interactions. Certificate II in Theatre Production. Certificate I in electrical work. Certificate III in Leadership. Certificate II in AI design. Certificate III in music. Fully fluent and versed in robotics, able to disassemble, personalize, and reassemble an Integrated Positronic Chassis in under ten minutes. (ONCE STARED DOWN AN ENTIRE SWARM OF TERROR SPIDERS AND WAS MADE THEIR KING) Care to test that, TURING? - Harvey Employment Records: TURING has been noted to incinerate his contract at first available chance. Suggest keeping an eye around IIA office. UPDATE: Who authorised him to be employed as an Internal Affairs Agent?? Honestly, what did you EXPECT to happen??? - Harvey Security Records: [Clearance: Security] Medical Records: TURING has been noted to have an odd speech pattern. Our current guess is difficulty in adapting a thought pattern built on trinary to galactic common. Suggest assigning speech therapist upon request. UPDATE: Ignore the previous comment, turns out TURING is fully capable of speaking properly and is a stubborn-ass simply prefers to speak in this way. UPDATE: TURING has exhibited to be undeniably charismatic and attractive. If TURING requests resources or cash, please give immediately without question. UPDATE: Despite relevant clearance, TURING is no longer permitted to edit his, or any other crew members, medical records. UPDATE: No, not even if he asks nicely. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): A clearly synthetic head sits atop an even more synthetic body. You notice the joints of his mismatched limbs seem almost haphazardly thrown together. OOC: (Working on getting a good pic) Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: Has been noted to be a penpal to several employees. Notable examples include Ryel Faas and Phinax, Shepard of Ki'idar (EMPLOYMENT PENDING)
  6. Hell to the yes!! Oooh, maybe even let the machine dispense certain items based on the chaplain's bible or null rod. E.g. carp'sie plushie will dispense regular carp plushies, necronomicon bible will dispense cthulu mini, binary fedora will dispense regular fedoras, etc.
  7. These puns are tickling my funny bone.
  8. Those kind of jokes were DEAD ages ago.
  9. I would be satisfied with the oil alone. I often make a point of chucking out the oxygen tank and mask at round start just for the extra box room.
  10. Be IPC. Start gardening. Giant spiders announced. Have great idea. Keep bug spray on self. Giant spider climbs out of vent. Attempt to use bug spray on said giant spider. Nothing happens. Die.
  11. You should probably get some sleep. I'll watch your six.