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  1. I’ll take those potatoes off your hands and make some hash browns, also seems you’re back to a zero potato diet
  2. There seems to be a lot more mentors around the forums than you anticipated. Best of luck back at 0
  3. Mentors have a verb to allow us to check total player playtime and a verb to check on how many days it’s been since they first connected. I personally will check both of these to check on new/inexperienced players to see how they’re doing and if they might need assistance but wouldn’t otherwise mhelp questions from either not wanting to ask or not knowing how to (this also assumes I’m observing and not taking part in the round) Regardless of who breaks the rules either being a new fresh face or an old grizzled player breaking the rules still gets you the same punishment. It’s also not going to stop a player from salting over dieing to a validhunter or greytider death to a new player as those that want to salt about things will. in terms of having something in their flavor text I can see that being both a bad thing and a good thing. The good being that a nice player that has grasped some concepts might try to help that new player that they see having issues or they might point them towards asking mentors for help and assistance. and now the bad things I can see happening, experienced players taking advantage of newer players because they might not have enough mechanical knowledge or even general knowledge on things. I see this ranging from simple “bullying” like shoving/tabling them constantly to convincing them that the item they have is worse than the one the experienced player has and they should trade for it. I could also see this extending to “that person isn’t experienced enough to do x job so I’m just going to push them out of the way and make them leave so I can do x job in peace without them bothering me”, even jobs as simple as cargo tech or xenobio might end up with some less than nice people giving the new players flak for just being new and not knowing their job fully creating the type of environment that no one would want to be around
  4. let's think of it this way to make it simple, if that person has breached space law and it's a low level crime and still under green, you can always ask them to come to the brig for questioning or tell them they're wanted to come with you to the brig. If they don't start running or call their holopara out to attack you then you can safely assume at that moment they're more than willing to comply and shouldn't be treated the same as a syndicate holopara. If that person breaks a major space law, let's say for example they are sabotaging parts of the station via cutting electrical wires in maintance and try to get their holopara to attack others especially officers it's best to assume that person will make every attempt to stay alive and free from custody and will be extremely difficult to contain, if even possible. In that event that this happens and they need to be killed in order to stop the attacks from the holopara during the attempted arrest of the person responsible for the crimes then it's best to have them cloned or revived if possible due to the nature that when the host dies the holopara also dies but unlike when the host is revived the holopara is still dead. If it gets to the point the holopara master is using the holopara to actively kill or attempt to kill another member of the crew feel free to count them as EoC and uncontainable on the spot as they will do everything in their power at that point to prevent being taken into custody with their holopara. i'm also assume that in each of the two last situations the player with the holopara is an antag and isn't just being a dick to others, cause if they're just out to self-antag it's best to ahelp that. also off topic comment since it was brought up if you take a look at Abuse of Confiscated Equipment under the notes section is this line: Evidence is not to be used for anything but evidence with the exception of the Syndicate Encryption Key. Anything used in a crime is considered evidence, this includes everything from tools, to guns, to emags. this leads people like myself to interpret it to mean tools in general like mulitools, welders, screwdrivers etc if they were the way they broke into an area of the station they shouldn't be in or if they used said tools to smash their way in or cut walls down to let themselves into an area
  5. So this is a matter mostly of how the "Holoparasite" is gotten and what kind of mindset/job/role the person who actually gets the holopara is in at the time. If it's an actual Holoparasite then you can be sure that holopara is going to be used to commit crimes and kill crew. If it's a scarab swarm instead then you can't be 100% sure what miner's intentions are, they could be a antag out to kill people with their free holopara or they're actually there to either assist the miner directly or generally be a net positive for the other members of the crew especially if it's a support para If it's a guardian holopara, the same as the scarab swarm. In this case of Space Law context matters A LOT, you're only going to find true holoparasites on syndicate agents and as such are treated as EoCs under space law are not containable and have to be neutralized. It's not the same for scarab swarm hosts or tarot card hosts. Those hosts are not always going to be evil or have ill will towards anyone on the station nor be under the employ of the syndicate so you can't just go around assuming that everyone with those two types of holoparas are in the same boat as syndicate agents with true holoparas that are intended to assist the agent with completing their objective for the detriment of the crew and NT.