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  1. This is a great thread! I took a trip down to the memory lane and found some themes that might fit for an antagonist/megafauna: All Megafauna theme: Great build up, sense of desperation, when will the monster DIE? The best part starts at around 2:05. Bubblegum/Ashdrake on the station: I remember this song from a film called Chicken Little. THE SKY IS FALLING!! Relaxed antag who's not really focused on getting greentext: I just want to live a happy shabby life. An Antag who has a moral crisis whether they should do their objectives or not: If I get greentext, am I a loser? Antag with hijack objective and the time has come to execute their flawless plan: Just according to keikaku. "Keikaku" means "plan". Antags with the same stealing objective: I wish I was this good at fighting. In a video game. An hour into the shift, when a non-antag trying so hard to defend the station, only to suddenly become the antag themselves: Just like Ash from Alien! Vampire (with guns): Glare... The Antag that I aspire to be: WAY PAST COOL. Antag life is just a ride: Another ride? Oh alright then. These are the themes that I think it fits well when playing an antag! I have some other music in my mind that does not fit the theme of this thread, but I would like to share it with you guys anyway: Non-antag (schoolgirl) accused of validhunting: I swear I was at the wrong place at the wrong time! Finally, when I read declined appeals in the Unban Request: We fly so ever close to the flame.
  2. ? Hannon le! Glad you all have *SPOOKY* plans for Halloween. ? I like to thank everyone who has participated in this little post for sharing your experience, ranging from recounting stories from the past to future expectations for this Halloween and more. I sincerely hope all of you will enjoy Halloween this year, and bonus points to you if this Halloween has exceeded your expectation ?. I also hope for people who do not celebrate Halloween to enjoy their day as well. If things do not turn out well, do not worry, because there is always next day! One should try to enjoy and, if possible, enrich their lives everyday, right? Happy Halloween! See you in Paradise~
  3. Hehehe That is some spooky decoration! I know it's not 7 days left to Halloween, but....... SEVEN DAYS...... ?
  4. The only horsemen I know is The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. For some reason, this triggered a memory that I had when my classmates and I dared each other to disconfirm a ghost lurking in an abandoned building. For context, there was a rumour that in that very abandoned building, there was a muder most foul. The abandoned building is literally across the road from my school. I did not know how it got started but everyone including me believed there were strange noises coming from that building. According to one of my classmate, she heard a sudden piercing scream followed by some metallic bang, other heard cackling, and some say they saw an image of a person zipping across a window, and we were at. We then started to think there is something wrong in that abandoned building, and this is the conclusion we came to: My classmate then decided to do some investigation and found out apparently there was a murder which happened between an unhappy couple. Some wife decided to cut up her husband for supposedly cheating on her with another woman, and put his body parts into a pressure cooker and just threw the cooked meat away. However, the wife was caught by the police but she commited suicide. We attribute all the scary things was caused by the dead wife, who was apparently still vengeful. At some point, during our breaktime, we had a lengthy discussion whether the story or ghost was real. Eventually, we decided that visiting the abandoned building would help us verify that ghost did not exist (another flawless idea). It was after school so the sun was down, and ? Oh my god. We were so scared, we did not know if something was going to come at us from the shadows. Some of my classmate left before entering the building, and said it was a waste of time, and I would have done it too but I was curious. The lighting was very dark when we sneak into the building, there was no space inside and we were crammed together. We could have made some space for ourselves had we just advanced forward, but no one dared to climb the stairs. Someone who was brave enough volunteered and began climbing the stairs, and we followed him, slowly, ever so quietly to try and avoid the ghost's attention, and no one talked. The suspense kept growing, footsteps so light, and we kept looking around in the dark without a torchlight (because we were so prepared that we forgot to bring one). Then, the student who was leading made a gasping noise, then bolted downstairs, the second person in line screamed and pushed me away, and I saw it. A face on a wall poking out, like a demon! A scream caused another scream, eventually all of us started to scream and ran as fast as we can back to the entrance of the abandoned building. We shoved each other as if we were trying to race towards the exit first. We were out of breath, decided to go home, and let sleeping dog lie because we had enough of the spooky paranormal phenomena. Do you want to know what I saw? (WARNING:- VERY SCARY, SFW, SEE AT YOUR OWN RISK, DO NOT SHARE THIS): Has anyone got a good ghost story they have experienced during their lifetime?
  5. Gloves will do the trick! ? Or is it not just using your hand to scoop its content out...? ? I did not know it was common for parents to drink while they stroll with their kids, but I guess parents must have some sort of fun too?. I am glad that my fondness of Halloween is making you ready to enjoy your holiday!
  6. I think it would be a good idea to go out with your friends in the middle of a week! Of course, if you are going to be busy next day then maybe invite your friends over to your home (or meet them online) to celebrate Halloween by watching scary movies and/or playing scary games together. Perhaps try out this boardgame called 'Eldritch Horror' made by Fantasy Flight Games, it is based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Being with family is the most important thing, and any time is a good time to be with them. I never saw 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)', so I will now add it to my to-watch list. Also, WOW ? You are amazing for your commitment in dressing up the part! Did you have fun in that costume? What were the reactions from other people? ? S P O O K Y ? I never tried carving a Jack O' Laterns. Is it usually difficult? How many Jack O' Laterns will you be making ? ?
  7. Staying indoor can be fun too in October! Have you played the board game called 'Betrayal At House On The Hill'? If you want some idea what the board game is about, it is like the film 'Cabin In The Woods (2012)', a lot of dark omen items for survivers to trigger the haunting event. Worth a try! That is a good point, I guess one can never really choose one favourite film in a genre, as it would imply one cannot love two things equally in the same genre, which is not true! Annihilation is one of my favourite horror film because I enjoy thriller and mystery, and I also find Cabin In The Woods (2012) to be my favourite horror film because it makes fun of horror cliches. ?? ? "seven days..." "NOOOOOO"
  8. ? Who does not want free candy from a nice neighbour? I will definitely watch The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), thanks for recommending it to me! Also, have you seen this horror film called Annihilation (2018) from Netflix? That is my favourite horror fim, what is your favourite horror film? What is your trick for your neighbours if they refuse treat? A fake syringe ? ? ??? I hope everyone will enjoy Halloween this year, especially the joys of fear and horrors around the corner, and probably will go smoothly for everyone ?!
  9. Aww... What about Christmas? Are you looking forward for Christmas instead ^^ ? HeheThat's a good idea ?? using your kid as a mule, nice tip when I reach parenthood. I do not frequently watch movies so I will add a to-do list to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, since I never saw the title before, I hope the film adds more atmosphere before Halloween ?. Are you prepared to hand out candies to other children as well? ?_? What have they done to derseve your wrath ? ?
  10. Oh boy it's going to be Halloween soon! One of my favourite Holidays. I sure hope you guys love Halloween too! If not, that's ok no biggie. I look forward to trick or treating my neighbours and grabbing a handful of candy from them, because I love delicious (heart-attack inducing) candies. I think I will just be wearing my Devils Horns and tricking people with my Devils Fork. Do you guys look forward to Halloween as well? What costume are you going to wear on Halloween?
  11. New bio-hazard mechanic: When your character sneeze, the surface tiles around your character become ultra lubricated.
  12. Hi, I'm Bread1. Nice to meet you all at Paradise. Hope you all have a great day!