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  1. Would it be abuse of evidence to send confiscated equipment to science (in the hands of a security officer) and have them deconstructed for research? i feel that OOC'ly there isn't much of a reason not too, and IC'ly we are THE research station in this sector. NT wants us to research so if we find a rare syndie tech item than wouldn't it make sense to research it? If that isn't allowed (For whatever reason there is) I think that things should be able to be cargo shipped to CC for them to process. I know as captain i once ordered syndie docs (Blue or Red) to be sent to cargo and shipped off once i found we had them. If we discover classified syndie info it makes a lot of sense to send it over to CC or even syndie gear could be sent for examination etc. (Bonus points for cargo too)
  2. Huh occasionally admins need to see someone that is doing a really good job of making the round fun for someone and give them some objectives and a uplink with only specific things. Like if a traitor is making the rest of the round fun for everyone else their obj's should be stripped and a new one like 1. Cause fear. Let them tremble before you. 2. Enjoy yourself 3. Don't die (or do). I think that if traitors (Good ones that RP and not just murderbone) could access all of the fun ineffective stuff in this situation they could cause a lot of chaos and just terror among the crew. No one would be extremely adversely affected but the crew would be scared of another panther ripping their chest out. (badly worded reply, i just woke up. I think the idea gets conveyed)
  3. So i was observing a round when i got a prompt asking if i wanted to play a sentient creature. Having no idea what that meant i decided to accept and suddenly i am a Space Koi. I breach an area that wouldn't cause very much damage, it got fixed quickly. After running around saying hello to everyone trying to RP as a koi, which i felt was a simple minded friendly kinda personality. Eventually A Blob gets announced and I'm chilling in front of the bridge saying that i would like to find it but i can't without maint access (Which i don't think there was anyway to get me said access). Conner Elder who was also just hanging out said that he would search with me. So we go off on a huge blob hunting spree and eventually find it (We started in the exact wrong direction, Sec had already killed it when we got there). Afterwards we just hung out and chilled. Its a lot to say so I've some screenshots here. The first few are in the beach gateway where we complentated life and such, soon afterwards cultists were about to summon their god and we ran back to hide. I had the idea of escaping into space with Conner, so we got him an eva suit and just left the station, me serving as a kind of jetpack dragging him along. While exploring space we found tcomms and boarded. Teleported back onto the station because we saw the shuttle was about to leave. Arrived at arrivals beacon, went to the pods and escaped! Very tender and emotional fun within a round. Oh and i was named Hobbes the Koi at the end. Hobbes out
  4. Clown bounded station radio. The clown starts with this, it works the same as a station bound but has no speaker and only a microphone with access to every comms. This way the clown can't hear the comms but they can hear him! Reverse mech DNA lock Putting a reverse DNA lock on a mech makes everyone but you able to get into it.
  5. Carmen Gold, the lewdest on the station. Has a special spot for slimes, especially blue or pink ones. (Added in) Honestly though, squishes ICly make my character freak out, because OOCly i just see them 'squish' and i think ITS THE MOST GOD DAMN ADORABLE THING I'VE EVER SEEN I JUST WANT TO HOLD ONE AND SQUISH IT
  6. Ahh thank you, Wonderful to know that these cool and sometimes weird items are still in the game and working.
  7. Ahh I wasn't sure on jumpsuit and i think you are mixing up powerfist and power gloves power fist looks like thanos weapon power gloves is electric wire attack weapon
  8. Just browsing the Wiki and looking in contraband there a quite a few items that I'm not sure are acquirable/aren't in the syndicate agent item list on the same wiki. Please respond with any information you have on them. Ambrosia Cruciatus- Apparently it's a man eating ambrosia plant, I'm pretty sure that for some reason you can't get it as botanist? Contortionist's Jumpsuit- Looks like an Atmos jumpsuit but allows you to crawl through vents, not sure if this is acquirable either Cane Shotgun- Probably a mime's item or NT rep (Although NT rep can't be antag) I would love to see this item. Feral Cat grenades- Uh what? What job would this be specific to ( i can think only cargo, they could 'order' exotic items) and why? how much would it cost and what would it do? Does the game have feral cats? Powerfist- Looks cool, i think Nukies can buy it but the wiki doesnt say its a nukie or syndie item and i haven't played nukie recently enough to know, also not 100% sure how it works. This last one is an item that you can get but I'm wondering why you would get it: Raw Tcrystal. I mean why would you grab one of these? do they do anything maybe like BS crystals? Seems like a weirdly useless class S contraband to me. That is all i was able to find that has no information on the wiki for and that i haven't been able to see in game. Again please comment if you know about any of the items! -Signing off as Carmen gold in text until i get a signature at the bottom of my messages
  9. Reverse-pick pockets gloves. Works almost like anti-drop implant but anything in your hand is permantly stuck there unless someone else takes it out of your hand or takes off the gloves. Anyone who removes the gloves automatically equips them. Combos with Reverse-insulated gloves through crafting them together. Don't hold a power cell though.
  10. Being able to use an emp as antag to force someone out of a mech would be a good strat, or even security being able to get a antag out of a mech without destroying it would be nice