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  1. How can you get a weapon permit?
  2. By hitting yourself with a baseball bat, you propel yourself forwards. especially useful for slamming into people ( guaranteed short knockdown for both participants), or for dioane that REALLY need a speed boost. EDIT: can also be used to move over tables without having to climb. people you are pulling also get the speed boost, so get a partner, fling yourself into your foe, and let your partner finish him.
  3. Rare Drinks/ Drink ingredients: Bottles of Tunguska Badminka and Jian hard Cider Xenobio-exclusive: Cherry Jelly and Blue Cherry jelly Dangerous Reagents used for drinks that chemistry may refuse to give the Bartender: Sulphuric Acid, Radium, Ether, Meth, Plasma. Produce and other stuff needed for bottler recipes: Apples, Berries, Poison Berries, Sugar Cane, Ice Cream, Grapes, Flashes (?), Wheat, unrefined Ore, Grapes, Bananas, Cherries. Produce needed for Drinks: Blumpkin, Pumpkin, Chili, Liberty Cap, Cocoa, Eggs, Vanilla Coffee beans and Tea leaves. A Chemical Heater for making Applejack.
  4. Security: Tech shells, Slug speedloaders, Combat Knives, RnD Guns that are rarely used by sec (plasma pistol, decloner, Stun Revolver) Medical: Omnizine, Rezadone, Bluespace Beakers, Advanced first-aid kits. Engineering: RCDs, Adv. Magboots, Supermatter Crate, Stronger pod armor Cargo: Upgraded mining tools, MULEBots Service: Rare ingredients, such as Xenobio exclusive food. Research: Traitor toxin bottles and other rare Chemicals like grave dust, Frost Oil or Glycerol. Civilian: Cleaner bottles, Arcade Tickets, Toolbelts, Welding goggles. Command: Copies of High-Risk Items that The anatgs can steal command can buy as backups. Luxury Items like fountain pens and engraved Zippos.
  5. You can wash magboots together with a crayon in a washing machine to make them look like normal shoes. not sure if thats also true for CE Magboots.
  6. You can attach a Powercell to a flash if you use a screwdriver on the flash. This has no effect, and plasma-rigged cells dont explode.
  7. The Drinks Sbiten and Anti-Freeze both heat up your body, which can be quite dangerous to races with low body temperature.
  8. So THATS why the cameras didnt work. Too bad.
  9. You can hide items in linen bins.
  10. If you happen to be executed with poison, field executed or killed in any other way that may or may not actually kill you, you can use *collapse, then rest and *deathgasp to fake your death, or use *collpase and sleep to fake heavy crit.
  11. on the topic of quick executions: has anyone tested how many throwing stars you can fit into a pneumatic cannon?
  12. Correction: i tested this again with a 20 damage laser slug, and it did 5 times the damage. Apparently the normal slugs just dont do much more damage after killing the target.
  13. Its not insta-kill with all guns. I tested it with a humanized monkey and a slug, and the monkey took 240 + Internal organ damage, so laser guns and the likes (probably) only deal around 80 damage.
  14. Xenobio Golems are immune to electrical shocks Dionae can get random mutations from being shot with a floral somatoray.
  15. Shooting at people holding a grenade has a chance to set off the grenade instantly.
  16. This PR makes Dionae get stuck in hard crit forever when there is not enough light to outheal the hard crit brute damage. So they fixed a problem two races had and gave the problem to another race.
  17. More importantly, is just letting them die/be stuck in crit until they get dragged to robotics which has only two people capable of refilling IPC better than giving them a chance to be repaired by a random passerby?
  18. Lockers take very few damage from explosives. A Locker can survive a 90u black powder explosion on the tile they are standing on.
  19. I think one of the reasons why Sec isnt allowed to use traitor gear is that other traitors are supposed to get a chance to steal the gear from the evidence room.
  20. The best use of astral carpet ive ever seen was some of it in front of the bridge, with all kind of scattered stuff like cable, metal bits and such, and in the center a singulo toy. Freaked out when i first saw this.
  21. you can also mix chemicals IN people. shoot someone with a syring filled with 2 u blood, 2u synthflesh, 2 u SR and 9 u phlogiston/chlorine trifluoride. laugh as they get eaten by a carp.
  22. If you open a crate someone stands on, they fall over.
  23. thats the state of the game right now.