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  1. Adding ligths and/or cameras in maints for no reason is migth counted as metagame and while this can be excused as "upgrading", i'd rather not get in trouble, since i'm aiming to apply for mentors when and if applications open. I'm not exactly fond of putting floor tiles in maintenance either, while on one part it migth look fancy, it makes things harder for anyone that has to repair something, because the T-ray scanner only updates so fast. Drones cannot pick up all items and cannot drag anything that is bigger than tiny is size (or was it small? I'm not sure, just remember they can't drag sheets of materials around.). They do not have plasteel, a Rapid Construction Device, or station blueprints. While they can't construct components or circuit boards by themselves, they CAN interact with Autolathes, R&D consoles and all their linked devices(hence why some migth have seen a drone beep and patiently wait on top of a table while they were doing research). They obviously have all the tools as the engineering borgs, minus the RCD, however, drones have something that borgs don't have. Drones come equipped with a Rapid Pipe Dispenser, or RPD. I tend to leave upgrading to the science team. Not because it takes too much time to drag components around, i do it all the time. The reason for that is, upgrading requires andvanced components. Advanced components need rare materials to be constructed. I don't want to be the reason runs out of materials. In fact, when constructing stuff, i don't use advanced advanced components. Instead, i use whatever can be constructed using only metal and glass. Anything that needs materials like uranium, gold and all that, i avoid. Repairing the old bar could be a great idea. That is, unless it's apc is missing a power cell. If you try to put a power cell into an apc using the magnetic gripper, the cell will vanish. The bug has been fixed, but has still not been patched in yet.
  2. Building aquariums sounds nice. I'll add that to my list of stuff to do. I don't know what room you're talking about. I'm assuming it's some room in maintenance i never really noticed containing paramedic gear? If you meant the actual Paramedic prep room, i don't think i can do that. I could make a bar in the center of escape after i've removed all the bushes'n things.Fancy wooden flooring as well. Drones can't push walls, unfortunately. *buzz Since drones don't have the station blueprints, you can't make new rooms, the only way you can expand is with an unnecessary amount of floor tiles. Also there's an incredibly annoying bug that makes the power cells get eaten by the magnetic gripper if you try to put it in the apc. So thanks for the ideas! Time to refurnish escape and make the chef happy!
  3. What it says on the tin. As some might know (some might not know, but i guess now you do) I'm a player that mostly plays maintenance drone. What i mostly do, apart from the usual repairing of OH GOD I MEANT TO OPEN THE VALVE toxins accidents or the occasional "Meaty ores are on course with collision of the station." meteor shower, when i am not needed anywhere, I'm not being a hat, and the station is fine and dandy, i like to do upgrades for departments, mostly at round start. Here are some examples: Sleepers in Operating Rooms Extra cloning pod in cloning Cyborg charger in the brig Replace walls under the cyborg charger of robotics with a double tile airlock (Without forgetting to set Robotics access so robotists won't be A N G E R Y at me) Hack the hydroponics vendor Connect hydroponics irrigation system between trays Hack the bartender dispensers and vendor Make an Autolathe in Engineering Make the Circuit imprinter, Protolathe, and R&D Console in Robotics Make an Autolathe in the lower Robotics desk Delete space And that's mostly what i do. However, i want to do more, but i don't have anything that really comes to mind. What do you want from a drone in your department? Put your idea here and I'll think about it next time i play drone at round start. Note:Drones do not have plasteel and can't drag any items bigger than tiny in size.
  4. This is one of the few hidden gems between SS13 videos. Loved it. Can i get a copy of the photo of the dead captain?
  5. That is it for sure. Plus, you can take all the time you want to make something. Non one is gonna ask to hurry up when you build something as a drone, they'll just cheer on you when you make a second cloning pod in cloning. Also, you don't need to worry about fucking up. If you don't know something you can just ask in the drone radio and most likely me or Onyxarias (another fellow drone main <3) will gladly help you. (Sorry for the late response)
  6. Yeah, drone job as an actual hobby isn't for everyone. To me the fact that you have to carry 2 items at once is the best thing. What can i say, i like being an ant. When people steal what i'm pulling with me(rarely happens though, probabily because they do want the sleeper, extra pod, or chem dispenser) i just scream and go back to get another one.
  7. Some people think that if a game is exclusive to Epic Games store then it means Epic Games already paid the devs for all the copies that will get pirated. I agree, however pirating is still, and will be, always illegal, don't do it, kids. Outer wilds was a great game, but at this point i'm not even going to bother to buy it on steam when it comes out. If you go as an exclusive on Epic Games you are saying "I do not give a crap if anyone buys the game or not, just give me the money and i'll stay in your special store.", so you lose the respect from the ones that have played your early access version back in 2017. You don't deserve my money and i don't want to play your game.
  8. Either you take better components, deconstruct the machine and reconstruct it with the better stuff, or you use one of those bluespace-fast construction thinghies. ORs do not have sleepers however, so i just make them from scratch. I always patiently wait for research to be done first. If tou see a drone waiting on a table inside R&D, you now know why. Definitely. While i see some other drones from time to time, i've never seen another drone main so far. Looks like i'm the only one enjoying doing all the hard work. I do it for a reason though. I like that feeling when i know i made someone's round a bit better. I always start from medbay because i know it's one stressful job to do(hell, i used to play doctor and medborgs). I also do it for the love. Here's THE best phrase i've ever seen. Random engineer:"Who completed the dna vault?" AI:"The drone did." I would like to add that SOMETIMES i dont play drone. Mosly because it's too late in the round(i won't join after 1:30), or because the station is just utterly fucked(station got maxcapped in multiple places? Yep, not fixing that.) In short, be gentle with drones. Also for god sake dont emag them. It's 3 mimutes of "what the fuck do i do" and 10 minutes to respawn.
  9. Am i really the only one who mains drone? Am sad.
  10. I always play drone, bombs or not. I like to be the beloved metal ball that comes out of a vent and fixes everything. If there isn't anything to fix i make a department happy by upgrading their things. Expecially medbay. Surgeons really do love having upgraded sleepers inside their OR. Also, pro tip on how to be gentle with a drone. If it's building something you dont want built, pick it up and put it outside the door. Most of them will get the hint.
  11. So i've maining drone for a long time now. Upgrading stuff, building sleepers in Operating rooms, second cloners, hacking botany and bar machines, fix the occasional plasma fire and see people cheer at the industrious metal ball. I've been wondering something though. How many drone mains are out there? Wow, it's a long time i haven't logged into the forums.
  12. Call phantasmic and make him post lewd
  13. I've never played as a service borg before, but i did notice that some bartenders that leave either for cryo or for tatoring. So you have to select each bottle? Jeesh, that's actually frustrating, counting the fact that inv items move when you remove one, it's actually my worst nigthmare. Bartenders can use the booze dispenser, why don't borgs have their own already?