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  1. What a nice scene to end the round, just before the server restart. Also those monsters in the escape shuttle, haha ? I hid in the locker
  2. Lyn Gun Dealership and Co, of which I was CEO. We rebuilt the vacant office into a gun store and hoarded A SHIT TON of guns. Happy 4th of July everyone.
  3. Wryn clown and a really confused IAA Diona.
  4. Whew lad, had to return and salt about how slow my PC is loading 150 mods, only to find the server being 0/100. Ah well, kudos to you for making this happen, too bad it didn't become more popular.
  5. Alright, so, I searched the forums and found some quite old posts mentioning WarThunder. What I'm wondering is if there are still tankers/pilots among you. If so, I think playing together might be fun. My accounts are as follows: Steam (bl0kyss) : Germans: Tanks up to Tiger II E (6.3BR). Planes up to BF109-E4 (not sure about the BR, somewhere around 3.7 or 4.0) (Actually I'm not even sure about the plane, but its in that general area). Russians: T34-STZ, KV1, currently researching the T34-85 (I don't like playing the low/mid tier russians because bloop my vodka bottle doesn't even pen armor. Brits: Comet-I being my most recent tank, I enjoy playing the Sherman Firefly and Achilles, also got the Churchill VII. Gaijin (another account, registered separate from steam for whatever reason, name is Amerikansky_Spy): 'Muricans: M18 Hellcat, M4A1 (76) for tanks, P47d and P47n for planes. Alright, now that I've given out my stats, I would like you to add me, organize some tank/plane battles but I would also like a discussion here about the current meta, updates, nerfs, buffs, whatever you find interesting or annoying about the current meta, community. I personally think WarThunder is one of the harder and better games, as it requires some skill to survive both tanks and planes. Its not just a pew pew pew ha hhah ahahaha got ya sucker, it actually requires aiming and thinking. Also, a note, I mostly (99% of the time) play Realistic Battles only, in which I utilize both tanks and planes, depending on the situation. But I'm open to Simulator as well. NEVER Arcade.
  6. I was David, and I admit that round was fucking hilarious. Buzzing around the station on the secway, popping some nukies.
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