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  1. I fail to see this as anything but a none-issue. Holoparas are illegal, Scarabs etc arent. If a traitor is sufficiently armed by anything, be it a weapon, or a holopara, they're KoS, purely because it's the only way to stop them without significant loss of life. There's no magical "this person is kos!" switch for a normal tator, and if you consider someone kos because of armaments but manage to capture them then that's fine too. As far as I know if a holopara user falls into crit the holopara dies. They can still live from that. In all my hours of playing I've never once had a problem with someone using a scarab as a traitor nor this idea that someone should be treated as a traitor just for having one; you shouldn't have any difficulties with this. The only problem I ever saw with one was a scarab using the stealth mode to grief AI turrets, which was ahelped. Officers are there to protect, not so much to punish. It's good to keep that in mind and help the station stay productive rather then seek out ways to brig people that clearly aren't traitors.
  2. Alright so, First I was very against the new medical system. I disliked it because it doesn't seem to have the goal of making medical more fun in mind, and punishes those who want to play it. I think it's a great system. But I did not think it's a system that belongs in paradise. It takes too long to fix people, for a server that has this large of a population, leading to unrevivables and excessive cloning. I also feel like from an RP standpoint, cloning should absolutely be a last-resort as it would have major psychological problems for a lot of characters, and in other servers it carried a price tag - People who were cloned had to pay a fee. This was in keeping with the fact that cloning is supposedly expensive. An issue I have with paradise is that cloning is supposedly expensive, but is not expensive in any way for those on the server or in the game. It costs nothing except biomass and power. My first suggestion would be, keep the medical system but with changes - We want it to feel fun and rewarding to be able to get people back on their feet without having to become a clone. The new medical system precludes that, but Strengths and issues of the new system. Point one. Chemistry. Strength : It makes Chemist feel like it actually has a job. Chems are actually needed, and very important - Theyre also very very important for the paramedic. Problem 1 : Chemists are never rewarded for actually doing their job. Nobody notices, nobody karmas, nobody realizes that their meds saved them, and worst of all : Chemists get hated on and slandered if there are no chems, but nobody ever rewards them if the chems are great. This causes the issue that chemists almost always sit there playing Walter White. You also get a situation where one chemist is working their ass off to help people to the very vest of their ability, but there's a 2nd chemist sitting there making meth and taking 30 minutes to do so, to zero detriment. This makes the working chemist feel unhappy and soured, honestly. Problem 2 : There's often not a very good chemist around, because those that are good at it do not want to play it for aforementioned reasons. This creates a vacuum where everyone must struggle to fulfill requirements either without the chems necessary or they just break in and do it themselves, leaving any decent chemist wandering why chemistry even exists because every doctor can just make the chems they specifically need or like to use. Chemists should be important. But it needs to feel rewarding. In some ways this makes it feel as though doctors should just have access to chemistry themselves, the paramedic as well. Perhaps chemistry should be reworked to reflect this fact instead of fighting against that. Perhaps Chemist or something similar should just be an alternate MD title for those that want to focus on it, but all doctors can still get in and do what needs to be done. It would also reduce on the amount of people picking chemist thinking "Oh man, I'm gonna make some meth it's so cool, that's why a chemist exists, right?" Point 2. Paramedic. Strength : The new system makes paramedic feel important. Valued. It makes you feel good to do your job right, turn up 30 seconds after someone dies and revive them there on the spot with the chems required before taking them back in a stable condition able to get the surgery they need! They get to communicate with heads of staff when people go die in suspicious circumstances, and they get the equipment they need to save people from dangerous atmos or space issues. This is all great, and feels rewarding. Problem 1 : The portable defib should be a paramedic item, first and foremost. Therefore it'd be proposed as a good idea to rework it as such. Problem 2 : They are exceptionally reliant on a competent chemist, this could be mitigated by giving them something like the borg hypospray and would in fact greatly boost the efficacy of the more inexperienced player using the role. It wouldn't make them stronger - it would only mean they don't have to waste all their time preparing for the role, or causing grief and stress for the chemists by havign to break in themselves if the chemists are not giving them what they need. Give it chems that cannot be used to heal except in a critical state, so they do not get too overpowered at self healing. Like a hypospray that can switch between Epi and Atropine that slowly refills. You only need a small amount of it, and you only need enough to stabilize. It should provide enough of a boost to allow them to stabilize a lot of people without running out or becoming a cure-all shaman healer. Epi is readily available in emergency injectors or by putting it in a med hypospray so would not be an overpowered buff (but it takes up bag spaces and it's already inventory management extreme in this role), but the med hypospray filters out atropine because of it's possibility to harm. If it only existed for the paramed it'd also blow their cover if it was used in a harmful way, or maybe it has to be emagged before it can deliver atropine to someone who is not in crit! Problem 3 : The new system completely and utterly relies on the presence of a decent paramedic. Now this is a tricky one. In fact, I would say it not only relies on a decent paramedic . . . It relies on the presence of an absolutely stellar one who is able to instantly be on scene, even during a massive trauma emergency, and get as many people as livably stable as possible. Retrieving them to a safe area, getting them alive, AND making sure they get to medbay is a difficult task when there's only one paramedic, two ends of a station, and a bomb just went off and 12 people are dead, what with the high population paradise can have. It's very unlikely you'd have someone that dedicated there in most shifts. This is an extremely difficult problem to fix without reducing what makes the paramedic feel good - doing a great job against extreme adversity. I would propose that there would simply be more tools for them(Such as the aforementioned hypo), and more then one paramedic... but then it becomes too difficult to kill people as an antag when you've got more then one fussy person staring at sensors and calling for help, or even worse, when they start pushing the boundaries of validhunting or just outright get in the way of antags and don't act like they are worried about the possibility of getting hurt from doing this... which more then one paramedic would reduce... It's possible that they could be reduced in strength but replaced with more, I'm not sure. It's a very difficult balance issue at this point. I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions on how to fix this issue other then to hope that people start to recognize paramedic could be a fun and rewarding role and to get experienced at it, thus mitigating the issue caused by not having a good one. These are the main issues I've personally come to know with the system thus far. Besides the whole "Should avoid cloning because of roleplay" issue that making people so hard to resuscitate is providing. To conclude, after playing it for a bit I found it rewarding and came to feel like I did actually prefer this system to the old one, but that it has some bumps along the way. To me it feels more "realistic" and rewards paramedic play, which on a selfish level made me enjoy it because it felt like people actually took you seriously and cared about what you were doing for them. It just needs to be causing less reliance on cloning, not more. And that it should cause some sort of issue for those that have to be cloned along the terms of a monetary setback of somekind or like if they can't pay enough they get poorly cloned or something. It's an idea to think about.