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  1. Silent Soap: Creepy Maints Rumbler Prime: Stuttering Robotic Reporter Kahkihkah: Forever The HoP Hamza Dib: Station Nuked (Again)
  2. I wouldn’t say being a hardass makes you a great captain, but being properly professionally can. Hardasses can cause more trouble than they fix due to their stubborn insistence on staying a course of action, or inability to see a better way. Being flexible is important. Something I think you forgot to mention is that a Captain not only needs to know when go raise the alert, but also lower it. All too many shifts are spent almost entirely on red due to this. Once again I find the C and B tiers most fun. Bridge Captains are effective and can be fun to play.
  3. C-tier clown is best tier clown.
  4. It’s a pretty controversial topic. A lot of people don’t like change, or feel like removing them entirely isn’t the right way. Personally I’d be cool with a test of it, however I don’t mind testing a lot of stuff to see how it works. I am a bit iffy on the complete removal, mechs and all. Mechs should be able to keep theirs for riot suppression, as well as the fact that if someone is stomping around mech tasing people that’s something they can be handled better than officer doing it on foot. (I’ll be posting this bit on the PR, meant to yesterday)
  5. Something to keep in mind is the whole server hosting transfer thing. That’s been a lot of stress on a lot of people for various reasons, and has eaten up a lot of time. Personally, I don’t think voting in stuff would be a good idea for...well, Neca posted as I was typing. I do hope for more test merges soon, but at the moment the previously mentioned things are still an issue slowing it down.
  6. I think it'd be entertaining to see. Don't think it should be common, but seeing it happen now and then would be fun.
  7. This sounds like it’d be fun, though I can imagine the validhunting might get annoying. The option to choose starting equipment might be a good way to go, though a lot more involved.
  8. I think that's about as close as it'll get without me doing it myself (god forbid)! It feels like a Christmas miracle.
  9. I'd be a fan of some more stuff to mess with in Atmos! Currently the most exciting things are the TEG or Turbine, and plasma gas is boring. There is the SM, but good luck getting it done in one shift. Gimme some more fun stuff to play with, yessss.
  10. Those both work as well, I'm sure making sure the locks disappear after someone cryo's would be easier to do. EMPing could have a chance too, though the only way to do that normally would be with slime cores or an ion rifle (unless you manage to get that EMP 'nade). I do like the idea of the Exosuit Console being able to do this a lot, actually. Instead of making the item I've mentioned, just make it an option like on the Cyborg Console.
  11. Alrighty then! It could just be something you can use on the mech, without requiring maintenance protocols.
  12. So, have you ever found a mech that was DNA locked by some traitor, or someone who has cryo'd, or any other number of things, and now you can't get into it again? The only real way to deal with it, I think, is to break the mech down...a huge waste of resources. So my suggestion here is a Mech Lock Breaker, a device that functions somewhat similarly to the Pod Lock Breaker. It is an object that would spawn in the Robotics Lab, and when used on a mech that has had it's maintenance panel unlocked (with the proper ID), would allow the user to wipe all access, including DNA locks, from the mech after a period of time (10-15 seconds). This would allow Robotics to recover mechs, from the basic mining and combat mechs, to the rarer Phazons and service mechs without having to waste resources. Of course, this kind of maneuver would be blocked by any mobile mech, and would definitely not work in combat. As it stands, I'm not sure how the pod lock breaker works, though I can guess it is less involved than this. Please let me know what you think, and add any constructive comments you would like!
  13. IPCs still take damage from pressure and temperature, so having an emergency welding tool or wire would be valuable, giving them enough time to fix small damage and possibly not collapse...provided their limbs haven't been blown off. The spare mask/internals for plasmamen and vox feels fair, as if they lose their one tank in some situation, it's certainly an emergency! I can understand the reasoning to not giving drask the supercooled air for balance reasons, as it does heal fairly quickly. That certainly shouldn't be compared to the IPC's welding tool and wire however, since it's passive compared to IPC repair requiring active action from the player. On the subject of slimes, a teperone pen would be very helpful, but based on some arguments presented here, I'm not sure if it would fit in the emergency kit.