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  1. Yeah there's already a lot of restrictions against traitors using explosives without being hijack. This is probably for the best.
  2. what about monkey gamemode in paradise? lmao I'll never understand why anyone thought mutiny would be a fun gamemode. it's defunct status aside, it usually just boiled down to loyalists thinking, 'hm i wonder how hard we can grief the station before everyone lynches us' also, revs except the headrevs are monkeys with jungle fever when?
  3. The last time I saw someone bring it up was way back when Vox were still spaceproof so I feel like that probably affected a lot of opinions at the time. I never really thought dwarfism was particularly strong mechanically, but at the time people probably didn't really see a good reason to give Vox more boons than they already had and I agreed. Now that the spaceproof Vox is a thing of the past, dwarfism is a totally reasonable thing to give Vox. There's not a lot of particularly powerful ways to use dwarf since it's pretty much limited to just being able to walk on tables so for the most part
  4. I'd like to think not dying to EMPs was the sort of 'buff' Vox got when their spaceproofing got removed, but if you want to keep in line with lore without getting too out of hand, maybe something like Vox start with dwarfism could suffice.
  5. Assuming the initial issue brought up at the start of this thread is that cultists are getting deconverted in an unfair manner because they hadn't really done anything cult-worthy and security just did so on a whim, I feel like a SoP clarification will not change anything in a significant fashion. It is not really a server rule to break SoP and is even permissible ICly given an appropriate context to do so. Additionally, it is not even against space law to violate SoP, at least in a direct sense, so this change would completely rely on either the Captain or HoS desires to pursue the infraction
  6. Well even so, an attempt alone is not enough to qualify a perma prisoner for execution. Unless you're suggesting that any attempt at all should constitute an execution, because I can definitely see that getting abused hardcore. I genuinely don't mean this in an aggressive or pointed fashion, but I was wondering if you'd mind to expand on the idea of greytiding that you see happen? Because, unfortunately, there are people within security/command that desperately want to execute antags at any opportunity because the possibility of them escaping is just too much for them to handle so if t
  7. Having to cut your gloves/shoes to wear them if you were a certain species.
  8. Yeah I agree with Mars. I think some flavor implants that add no real like... mechanical advantage could be nice, for sure.
  9. i want roundstart emp implants please
  10. B-But muh bureaucracy. I like the idea of the ticket machine and the sort of 'take-and-wait' policy they bring. It gives the HoP more time to give out more useless paperwork talk with whoever's at the desk instead of feeling rushed constantly.
  11. I think that the hoops necessary to go through justify the reward. Genetics is a bit cheekier in terms of hoops to go through since it can vary from round to round, but despite that fact we don't really see security outfitted with xray as commonplace. First off, I'm not sure you can say that that PR had 'popular support from the community'. A server player poll would probably be a more indicative statistic to pull from. Second, I don't think xray is overused so much as thermals are underused. Thermals definitely get the shorter end of the stick. While it's easier to get to the research
  12. Rather than re-work genetics entirely, a simpler solution could be to make it only possible to achieve certain block values with component upgrades. This would remove the 'muh rng' complaint because it requires a functioning RnD and also curb any early discovery of 'unfair' powers. Example being: Micro: <= B Nano: <= C Pico: <= D Femto: <= F If you really care about 'balancing' xray, implement the above and move xray to the Major Powers group rather than Intermediate Powers. Though, if I'm going to be honest, XRay/Hulk/TK are really the only things gen
  13. But also different to cult, thralls are more easily identified. For a cult, you have to catch the cultist in the literal act of doing something cult OR have cult paraphernalia on them. In the cult situation, the situation is entirely reactive in terms of the crew. That meaning, the crew has to REACT to the cult. With thralls, the crew can be PROACTIVE, since thralls can be more easily identified by their 'strange features'. Security simply has to examine people they walk by, or tase, cuff, and unmask people who are hiding their faces. Additionally, it's very textbook to make sure that the medb
  14. I'd argue it's the only thing they'd care about. From just about every lawset, pretty much any type of antag works against that. Crewsimov? They're pretty much the only people on the station that cause crew harm. Corporate? They're pretty much the only people on the station that'll sabotage the ship, steal/damage valuable equipment, or cause crew to have to be replaced. The other lawsets are fairly obvious in terms of their relationship with antags (usually). So this is debatable because like I previously mentioned, every department gets upgrades. The thing about AEGs, though, is that
  15. Debatable whether or not AI can really be 'validhunters' in the traditional sense. I don't see any problem with the AI giving security assistance as long as they remain within their lawset (eg, not shocking doors if crewsimov). There's plenty of ways around AI no matter what antag you are. As an antag, you just have to decide if you're going to naturally outsmart the AI or if you're going to get the appropriate abilities/equipment to get around them. So the holy water one is weird and I don't like it but I don't generally see a lot of Wardens/HoS request a tank unless there's some at l
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