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  1. I'm for this. Had a vox arrested yesterday who offered to turn King's evidence. But legally speaking no matter what leverage they offered me, it is perma or execution. I prefer more flexibility for parole and just warn / punish anyone who abuses the system for metafriending. It should be up to security's reasonable discretion whether to parole someone - even if they're caught instead of turning themselves in. EDIT: - Making this specific to antags that are caught solves the issue of people turning themselves in prematurely
  2. Porting components require a certain amount of skills. I don't believe anyone's attempted porting it over. I personally don't mind having the rideable component. I've always dreamed of riding on a horse and running down traitors with my couched spear.
  3. This is a thread where we will maintain a list of the features we want, do not want, and may want here. This thread is read-only. Before tackling something listed on this list, you are highly recommended to discuss it with a maintainer or a head beforehand. Here's an explanation for each category: Yes: - These are general ideas likely to be supported by the maintainers and heads. Before tackling a project by pledging to it, seek a maintainers approval and promise to review the PR. - We will usually only accept a pledge to a major PR if we know you are likely to be capable of doing it - We may reject the final product due to various issues, including, but not limited to code quality. Maybe: - These are PRs that we are not too sure on. We might be unsure on its implementation, or there's some other obstacles behind implementing the PR. You must contact us before trying to do so - You run the risk of rejection if you don't. No: - These PRs are extremely likely to be rejected. Attempting them is ground for being rejected instantly. This list is NON-EXCLUSIVE. You should still ask someone before committing to an idea! This is a combined wish-list of each Head of Staff and Maintainer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ansari: Yes: Porting over tg's object damage system for (Feel free to separate them into different PRs): Machinery Locker & Crate - Allowing them to be shot / slashed / crushed Mecha Anything else -- Contact a Maint / Ansari. Assorted gun changes to make them sounds and look cooler (Feel free to separate PR). Please consult a maint before actually committing to a PR. Muzzle flash - create a brief, coloured (if appropriate for laser), lighting effect in front of the gun when fired - We might accept sprite if it is well-drawn (e.g. not the current Bay one) Make laser / energy projectile (Exempting toxbolt etc.) actually enlighten the surrounding - If performance is OK Tg on hit effect - Bullet hole, laser pointer effect on hit, etc. Refactor all hoodie to be under its own separate typepath. Removing NODROP flags from all of them - Making it in line with tg's current implementation. Make it so that customization option in character preferences appear alphabetized. Maybe: Nearly all components on tg - We support adding in components but implementation must be discussed. No: Moodlets from /tg/ Crazylemon: Yes: Extra space ruin templates Additional modular computers integrations Some sort of "uploading" procedure for R&D designs that allow them to be more easily proliferated through the station instead of via floppy disks Porting /tg/'s Material Silos Protolathe manufacturing queue Maybe: Moving more species features to organs (More difficult to do than it seems, contact Crazy) Fox McCloud: Yes: /tg/ Kitchen Research Points + Breaking up departmental lathes + Resource Silo “Economy” (non-persistent, for a singular round) Lavaland Goon Genetics Slime Breeding Unified Hardsuits + Expansions Nanites Commissary Mapped in Removing Universal Maintenance Access Death / Dying Rework (Contact Fox for more details) Big Maybe: Moodlets from /tg/ PurpleGenie56: Yes: More cosmetic items including mantles for the heads of staff. Some improvements to turfs to that non standard floor types like grass and carpet can have visible damage A change to Smoking pipes so that they can accept dried plants Some improvised weapons, specifically things from VG like the tomahawk which does less damage and might do well to make spears less prominent. Cocaine. (Contact PurpleGenie56's dealer for more info) A cleanup of redundant items in the code such as gloves/black/ce and gloves/black/hos which are the exact same in every way yet distinct items for some reason FreeStylaLT: Yes: Bay's turf decals (Just the functionality, I can do the actual swap of map assets myself) Bay's tile-set in general Multi-Z compatibility Two / Three - floored Station Map Remapping Engineering (Cyberiad) Moving T-Comms to Station (Cyberiad), not necessarily to Engineering, but close to it. Moving over to SM full-time. Adding a proper lobby and hallway to Engineering Maybe: Multiple Engine support (SM + Tesla / Sing) Remapping Arrivals (Cyberiad) Adding an automated transfer shuttle that brings new arrivals to the station. Connecting Incinerator maint with disposal / cargo maint, turning it into a main maint block like Chapel / Sci maint. Re-shuffling all the storage units in Arrivals It has 3 tool storage locations, for example, public tool storage would make most sense to be in Engineering hallway, not arrivals Adding more lounge / general relaxation areas in Arrivals, especially contextually sensible ones around relevant storage spaces: Aquarium / Pet store should have a little Aquarium display that looks better than a closet. Office supplies should have more tables / chairs to write on, etc. Maybe: Moving a job / creating a job and placing it in / to Arrivals, potentially. Being able to write in a specific language, and not being able to read languages you don't know. Custom overlays for airlocks depending on security level. Feedback sounds: Turning lights on / off Walking on plasteel Drawing guns / weapon items from any slot / container Varied drinking / eating sounds More ambient sounds / noise / music Economy (Non-persistant, isolated to a round) Power Substations from Bay Necaladun [WIP]: Yes: Nerf X-Ray Yes, but unlikely to be possible: Skill system on a per-spawned-job basis which would affect how fast an action is done / if it can be done at all Maybe: Adding a default objective to most antags that consists of "Blending in" for a delayed amount (5-10 minutes). When the delay ends, they get their real objectives. Removing food vending machines from Cyberiad - or at least removing a large amount of them/increasing the prices. Adding a Cybernetics department job (Focused on implants and robotic organs, etc) May require remapping Science and a portion of Medbay Dog Borgs (No functional stomach thing) Big Maybe: Moodlets from /tg/ - huuuuugely depends on how they're done! No: Swapping security weapons for ballistics Generally adding more 20th/21st century weapons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Combined (Most Maints + Heads) No: Removal of PDA slot. Removal of any species. Removal / Reduction of IPC EMP weakness. As you can see, the list is quite extensive with some overlap. Keep in mind: If there is no overlap, that does not mean that one supports it and the other does not, it is usually quite the opposite, it is just that the primary items on the wish-list are ones that people are most familiar with. This is list NOT exclusive, you are still very much able to make and PR whatever you want -- this is to give you a sense of direction the Heads / Maints want the server to take.
  4. This is a thread for gathering suggestions / ideas / features that improve QOL of jobs, making it easier to play, smoother or reduce tedious, unnecessary repetition, etc. Try to keep it to mainly QOL thing, not any balance-related feature etc. Example includes: 1. Items having offset when placed on table (Yes, baycode don't have this) 2. Chemistry Dispenser able to remove reagent from them 3. Chemistry bag 4. Cloner automatically processing nearby biomass
  5. Almost forgot to post this: B Battle of Agincourt, 1415, Colorized. The french won by a steamroll An attempt by me in the next round to create a horse that would not roll over the English team.
  6. Context: Round end - On the shuttle (Zsi was opposite me)
  7. Realistically speaking, your weapon would only get stuck if you hit tough material or did a half-assed chop. Applicable to cutting a wooden buckler, but a person? No.
  8. Does anyone remember the day of lag and 10 minutes of processing every bomb happened when ZAS was here? No one remember..
  9. Praxis being honest I swear it was a mispell MedChem in a nutshell
  10. Perhaps something along the line of scoring 20 disarm punches (as an example) will lead to you being weakened for some 5 - 7 seconds, which is enough time to cuff / restrain / disposal you if you were prepared, but afterward, the victim get an adrenaline rush (Or some sort of things like that) and could escape without the penalty of stamina damage? Granted, if someone manage to disarm punch you for twenty time, I am quite sure you can manage to call for help
  11. I'm aware we're under a feature freeze, however, I'd like to suggest that a non lethal take down function be added to disarm / or disarm to be changed to stamina punch (Or a new stance?) As a medbay regular, I often end up fighting people more often than I do as a security officer. Usually, the reason is that they are messing with medbay, attacking medbay member or stole surgery tool (A capital crime in my eyes). However, with table stun being nerfed, grab being resistable from the ground, non-security, non-antag really lack a way to reliable, non-lethally keep someone down in a fight. And I believe there's a need for more options to non lethally brawl in game. Right now, the only way to keep someone down "non-lethally" in game is to crit them with welding tool or something similar in game (Which is going to raise some eyebrows as people could easily mistake it for murder attempt, and is not far away from one) , then restrain them afterward. I cannot restrain someone effectively as non-sec without powergaming by carrying a stunprod and cable cuffs / syringe gun loaded with meme all the time. I'd like the option to deal stamina damage to someone during a brawl, like for example, disarm being punch with only stamina damage. (If you have any better ideas, please post it in here) tl;dr Can't non-lethally restrain someone as non-sec without powergaming, plz add feature.
  12. It's been updated again! Trauma kit and cryoxadone are now much stronger! New recipes! New knowledge!
  13. I think brain damage part should be removed. I have never seen any case where immediate first aid for brain damage is required on the spot and the patient cannot be taken back to medbay for treatment.
  14. I think this might've been suggested before. But in the old surgery system, it is posssible to complete all surgeries you wanted in one bodypart with one opening, which make it easy to deal with people who come in with organ damage + bone fracture (maybe internal bleeding too), a really common combo. But with the new surgery system, you have to do the old combined organ repair surgery + bone repair surgery, and then open them up and do the bone repair surgery again to fix their bone and organs, this take 2x - 3x the time of the original method and make the new surgery system slower especially since bone fracture + internal organ damage is a common combo. I think it would be nice if organ manipulation surgery also repaired bone fracture since that will bring the new surgery time to be more in line with the old system.
  15. Just checked again. Cryo greatly slow IB or outright stop them. Most blood loss in cryo would be caused by the patient's temperature not lowering fast enough. It is actually a useful device to stop someone from bleeding to death while you get an IV drip (Like, when they come in at 70% or lower blood)
  16. Thanks for all the inputs everyone. I have updated the guide and did some experiments regarding the Crazylemon's statement. These are the results: Styptic Powder stops IB. Only a sleeper could maintain such a high dosage without making the chemists go mad, though. (They metabolize at 4 per tick instead of 0.4 per tick) Styptic Powder may or may not mend IB. But if it does, it takes way too much time to be bothered with. (I kept injecting SP into a monkey for 2 minutes straight) Cryotube does not halt IB at all. Stuffed a wolpin into cryo at 97.5% blood with IB, came out at 85%. I am almost certain standing still or lying down with a bone fractures does not hurt your organs. If it does, it is very, very slow and does not matter. Dragging someone with bone fracture is equal to walking with bone fractures. It'll damage your organs and possibly kill you. The following has been changed: - Credit list added - Mitocholide added to the application and the chemistry section. (It is not that difficult considering we will make cryoxadone and synthflesh anyway) - Added damage threshold for broken bones - Fixed the limb reattachment surgery - Added note about advacned body scanner and how you can obtain limbs from robotics - Added note about Epinephrine & Medical cyborg. - Added bone gel to the dethrall surgery. I am not sure why it wasn't in wiki. Bone gel is always included in any head/chest surgery that involves saw + retractor. - Experimentally confirmed that cryotube extinguish fire. Added.
  17. I'll check on that. Haven't been a service borg in ages.
  18. Ansari's Guide to Medical This guide will cover being a Medical Doctor & Chemist. Why? The other part of medbay are utterly redundant for saving people if you're competent. Tell me if you disagree with what I write or have anything to add or a mistake to correct. This is meant as an advanced guide to supplement what you would get from reading the Wiki: https://nsscyberiad.net/wiki/index.php/Guide_to_Medical Basic Medical Trivia Vox breath Voxxygen, do not remove their tanks. Plasmaman will be set on fire if you remove their suit. Do not attempt to remove their suit and defib them, use strange reagent instead. Strange reagent will gib people if combined burn and brute damage is above 150. Vox, slime people, IPCs, Plasmaman are not capable of being revivedd by cloning There are numerous basic stuffs you should know that will help you a lot with your medical work. - Alt + Click open up a tab that shows all the item in a tile in a tab. You can select them or drag their sprite or interact with them in the tab. (Very useful if you got a massive stack, see surgery) - Ctrl + Click pull a person / object - Middle Mouse Button points at something. - When someone have bone fractures in their head or upper body, pulling them (Or moving themselves) results in the bones damaging their internal organs. Grab them instead or move them on a rollerbed. - Despite popular stigma, cryotube is a very effective way to treat most superficial wounds (Anything that don't involve robotic limbs, internal injuries, internal bleeding, bone fractures, and lodged bullets etc.). Do NOT rely on auto-eject. - Brute damage on robotic parts (and IPC) are fixed by welder, Burn damage by cable coil. Use help intent to avoid damaging the person you want to repair. - Don't rely on robotics for anything but robotic limb (And you only do so because you have no choice). Acquire dead limbs from morgue and be prepared to repair IPC yourself at time. Sometime medical can do a better job of it. - :h For your department channel, :m for medical - Robotic damage on IPC won't show if it is on their upper or lower body. Ask them where they feel damaged or check it by using welding tool / cable with help intent. Setting Up These are the stuffs you should do right away at round start. [*]Setting up Cryo: Put the two beaker of cryoxadone in the cryotube. Set freezer temperature to lowest. Turn it on. Turn auto-eject on if it is off. But do not rely on it. [*]Steal Buckets: Head to the Garden and the Fishing Vendor (They're both east of arrivals). Take the three buckets. Deliver them to chemists (Better if you're the chemists!). They need the buckets. [*]Make Biomass: Take 15u each of cryox from the starting beaker in cryogenics, then put it in a seperate beaker taken from the locker nearby. Insert it into an IV drip set to taking blood, and then put a monkey / dead corpse (There shouldn't be dead body this early in the shift, right?) next to it, preferably on a bed so it doesn't run away. Put the IV drip + monkey next to the cloner pod and it will automatically process all the synthmeat produced for a total of 1500 biomass, enough for 10 clones. [*]Equip yourself: Grab a health HUD scanner and medical belt. Put on sterile mask (To not vomit with corpses) and latex gloves (For surgery). There's a total of four lockers I know of in medical with those gears. Two is in the equipment room, one in each operating theatre. The following is the gears I carry personally, do what you like. Equipment I carry personally: Worn:: Jumpsuit White Shoes Labcoat (Two useful storage slots) MedHUD Radio Sterile Mask 1x Penlight 1x Pill Bottle in Suit Storage - Loaded with 7x Styptic + 7x Silver Sulfiadazine OR 4x Saline-Glucose + 10x Synthflesh In pockets 1x Upgraded Health Analyzer 1x Flashlight In medical belt: 3x Trauma Kit 2x Burn kit 2x Splint In backpack’s box 1x Screwdriver 1x Welding Tool (If you feel like it, carry spare fuel in a glass) 2x Cable Coil 1x Crowbar (For robotic repair, robotics have a thing for not doing their job and taking one century to fix IPC) 1x Multitool (Robotic repair / limb removal) Backpack: 1x Fire extinguisher 1x Handheld crew monitor 1x Station-bounced radio 1x Pill Bottle - Loaded with Pentetic Acid + Perflurodecalin Patch in equal number If you are CMO, you can ditch away your advanced kit to free up space for your own specific gears. Labcoat storage: 2x Spaceaccilin syringe Medical Chemical & Application Essential for every doctors to know. Appropriate dose for those pills will be detailed in chemistry section Epinephrine: Stabilize a person by healing 10 point of oxygen loss if it is above 35. Found in sleeper and medi-vendors. Use in whatever form they were provided in. Styptic Powder: Heal brute damage when applied and metabolized. Use in patch. Metabolize extremely quickly. Heals 34 brute damage per 20. Silver Sufiadazine: Same as Styptic Powder, except it heals burn damage. Heals 34 burn damage per 20. Synthflesh: Heals both brute and burn damage on touch. (Not sure if it heals when metabolized. Please tell me if you know) Use in patch. Heals 30 damage per 20. Calomel: Purges chemical faster than pentetic acid, deals massive damage when your health is above 20. In almost all case pentetic acid is better. Don’t bother with this chemical. Charcoal: Purges chemicals and heal toxin damage. Use in pill. Pentetic Acid: Purges chemicals and heal toxin damage way quicker than charcoal. Use in pill. Causes minor brute and burn damage. A pain in the ass to use on people with 100% robotic limbs, but better than charcoal in almost all situation. Heals 37.5 Toxin + 100 reagents per 5. Salbutamol: Heals suffocation damage. Useful when your chemists haven't made perflurodecalin. Use in pill form. Heals 150 Oxy damage per 10. Perflurodecalin: Heals suffocation damage extremely quickly, also shut the person up. Use in patch form. There's no reason to not make this over Salbutamol. There’s an addiction chance if ingested now, so it should be used in a patch form, which is half as efficient in delivering reagents into the body. Heals 312.5 Oxy damage per 5 unit PATCH. Cryoxadone: Heals all kind of damage, including cloning damage rapidly while the person have low body temperature. Use in bottle form. Can be mixed with blood (1u cryoxadone to 5u blood) for synthmeat. 3 synthmeat = 150 biomass = 1 clone. Put in a beaker set to taking blood and attach to a monkey / dead corpse to produce synthmeat for cloning. Mannitol: Heal brain damage. Use in pill form. Does not cure stupidity. Iron: Help a person regain their blood quicker. Use in pill form. Good for people at 85 - 90% blood. Sugar: Used to screw around with cortical borer by making them dormant as long as it is in the target’s system. Use in pill form Mutadone: Used to remove all genetic mutations. Use in pill form, or in solution loaded into syringe (I'm looking at you, genetics). Work at extremely low volume. Atropine: A chemical that help someone recovers when they're dead and not quite dead (-25 - -99 damage) by healing them and capping oxyloss. Use in pill form. Precursor to Oculine Oculine: Cures blindness and eye damage. Use in pill form. Salline-Glucose Solution: Restores blood and heal brute and burn damage slowly and efficiently. Use in pill form. Useful as precedent to Oculine. Heals 33 brute and burn per ten. Mitocholide: Heals internal organ damage slowly. Useful if someone took minor lung damage from being exposed to hostile atmosphere but don't need surgery. Use in pill form. Heals 10 internal organ damage of all sort. Antihol: A chemical you waste dispenser energy on to save wasted people with. Use in pill form. Cures being drunk. Also a precursor for the useful Degreaser. Strange Reagent: Brings people back to life. DO NOT USE on anyone with more than 150 in combined brute and burn damage, you will gib them. Works on ingestion no matter the volume as long as it is above 1. Use in pill form. Can be dissolved in a beaker and splashed onto a simplemob to revive it, including Runtime, Goliath, Spiders etc. Omnizine: Heals everything. Found in the CMO's hypospray and the body of someone who ate warm donk pocket (but not the pocket itself), use a mech-mounted syringe gun to get a lot of them. Precedent to strange reagent. Use in pill form. Can be obtained by having fully upgraded sleeper and dialysis. Kidnap an IPC / monkey for this. There’s an addiction chance now. Avoid using it by ingestion. (Injection and patch are still OK but inefficnet) Spaceaccilin: Heals infection. Very rare because of limited starting supply and limited space fungus onboard the station. What kind of people will go into tunnel with spooky scary skeletons to collect shrooms? Use in pill form. A medi-borg could provide limitless supply of them. It is also possible to farm any chemicals they make through dialysis, although you usually don't need that much spaceaccilin. The efficiency on this chemical has been greatly improved, 15u is usually enough to fix full body infection. (Check in an advanced body scanner to be sure) Liquid Solder: It's like Mannitol, but for IPC. Useful when they somehow get brain damage from combat. Degreaser: Something that is never stocked and only used once in a blue moon. They are useful only when an IPC breath in dangerous chemicals. In that case, the IPC has to be revived and fed Degreaser to have the acid removed, else they cannot be revived AT ALL. Holy Water: Remove cultist and vampire thrall status. Set vampires on fire. Cause confusion and stammering, but NO BRAIN DAMAGE. (Author may or may not have ingested it for science) Meth: Makes you really fast and able to recover from stun quickly. Is illegal under space law and will cause brain damage. Also have a chance of addiction when ingested. (But not injected, patched etc.) Cryotube & You Cryotubes are amazing tool for medbay. Unfortunately they have a bad reputation because of doctors leaving patients in there thinking it will solve everything. The truth is, cryotube is a quick, very med efficient way of healing superficial damage, and is useful for delaying death until you can get the proper medications to save them. They multiplies the amount of reagent by 10, and croyxadone itself is an extremely powerful med (heals 12 burn and brute per tick!). They are a great way to save on meds while in medbay. Cryotube can extinguish the fire on a corpse / burning person. If someone drag in a burning body / person, put it in cryo to extinguish the flame instead of running for a fire extinguisher! To prevent neglecting a patient by accident, make sure they are always set to auto-eject. These are examples of things / sitaution that cannot be fixed by cryo alone and how to fix them: - Bone fractures: If the subject only have bone fractures, stabilize them with cryo then surgery away. - Infected limbs / organs: It disappears on your scanner after you fix the wound, but they're still infected. Fix it by surgery - Robotic limbs: The no.1 cause of people being left in cryocell forever. If a person have robotic limbs and they're damaged, eject them after they stop healing (Meaning there's still remaining unhealable damage). You have to fix it by welder and coil. - Internal Bleeding: PANICS, SCREAMS IN MEDICAL CHAT! This is a very bad condition. However, Cryo can halt internal bleeding. If someone come in with heavy damage and a blood level that's very low and/or you don't trust your surgeon to fix IB quick enough, you can put them in cryo to heal the damage and stop the bleeding, then you can give them an IV drip to stabilize them before sending them to surgery (Or the other way round). Perflurodecalin are very useful for this type of situation. Turn off auto-eject if you are stabilizing the patient while waiting for surgery to open up. - Mutations / [X] is radiating with glow. I haven't seen someone attempt to cure mutations through cryo yet. But unless your cryo is loaded with mutadone (very unlikely), it doesn't solve the problem. - Brain damage: If your chemist / fellow doctor loaded it with a cryomix (Cryoxadone + Mannitol), then this won't be a problem. But most of the time, you have to feed them mannitol pill manually. - Loads of deadly chemicals: Feed them pentetic acid (Not together with charcoal as that will purge eachother) then throw them into cryo. It purges the cryoxadone too, but it will still help stabilize the patient as he is healed and the chemicals purged. - Lodged bullets / glass shard / spear: Remove by surgery Bringing people back to life. The art of cloning, defibbing, and stuffing strange stuffs down peoples' throat Before we talk about bringing people back to life, please be noted that no chemicals will be metabolized in a dead body. Only on-touch chemical work on a dead body. However, you can make a dead body swallow chemicals so the chemicals start working right after they are revived, preventing them from dying right away again. If you have the time, fix internal bleeding in the dead body before reviving by defib or strange reagent, lest they die again right away (And check their blood level). Cloning: Dump dead body / alive person (Also called prescanning) in scanner, scan. Go to records, press clone. Repeat. Do not work on people who suicided or was husked by a changeling, unless the scanner is upgraded. Mental Interface Failure : Player's ghost is not in the body, try a few more time before morguing them. Unable to locate valid genetic data: Slime person / Vox / Other uncloneable species / Husked by lingding Subject's brain is not responding to scanning stimuli: Already cloned / Suicide Defibbing: Only work on corpse with less than 180 brute + burn damage that have died less than 3 minutes ago (Your health scanner and status tab tell you the time of death and current time respectively). You might be able to patch a corpse up with on touch chemical (like Styptic Powder, Synthflesh and Silver Sulfiadazine) and trauma kit (Very useful and efficient!). However, it seems that patching someone up and then defibbing them is not always reliable, they fail to revive sometime. Strange reagent works most of the time with the patch-and-revive method, though. Severe tissue damage will show up if the damage is above 180. Heart tissue damage beyond point of no return for defib will be the message if the subject died over 3 minutes ago. Strange Reagent: Feed a pill to them and they'll be revived. They'll be gibbed if the damage is above 150 Brute + Burn total. Use trauma kit and touch chemicals to fix it. Surgery Alt-clicking is very useful here. You can minimize the hassle of clicking a tool's sprite precisely by putting all tool on one table and selecting them through the tab. - High damage on a limb might make your surgery fail for no raisin. 30 is the damage threshold for a limb breaking. If the brute damage is not fixed, it will keep breaking whenever you fix it. If your limb have internal bleeding, it’ll take constant brute damage despite being given medicine. The damage disappears once IB is fixed. - Mysteriously, broken bones can cause an IPC / slime person to get brute damage on a limb that disappears when it is fixed. - If your surgery don't work for some reason, someone is pulling the patient, or the patient got detabled. Re-table them to be sure. Before you perform surgery, ensure you have latex/nitrile gloves on, wash your hands (Else you have nasty infection that take precious spaceaccilin to solve). Anesthetics are optional, they do not have any in-game effect. Skip them on slime person, IPC, vox and plasmaman. For immersion reason, use anesthetics / some ether from a sleeper if you are doing a major surgery that's not internal bleeding or alien embryo (Skip the ####ing anesthetic if it is an alien embryo). For the sake of simplicity (And ease of memorization), all surgery procedures are detailed by the sequences of tool you should use. With the new surgery change, it is impossible to do multiple surgeries at the same time on the same body part. All surgery must be separated from eachother. However, surgeries are much faster now (Multi-surgery is a less useful exploit / mechanism, as a result). If you forget about what to do next, check the operating computer. All surgery must be started by aiming at the body part with a scalpel then selecting the type of surgery you wish to perform. They can be halted abruptly by holding cautery in an inactive hand with a scalpel in your active hand. (Useful if you done the wrong surgery) This list assumed you started the surgery with scalpel already. Someone lost their limbs in an explosion and robotics is being bad? You could attach the limbs they lost back to them as long as it is not septic (It will say "the decay has set in"). Alternatively, you could acquire a dead body from the morgue, cut off their limbs (how long they've died doesn't really matter) and then attach it to the person, even if their races don't fit. Yes, you can attach a skeletonized ant man's arm to a human and it will work perfectly. Normal surgeries: Internal Bleeding(Always do this first if available unless there’s an alien embryo): Scalpel-Hemostat-Retractor-Vein-Cautery Bone repair: Scalpel-Hemostat-Retractor-Gel-Set-Gel-Cautery Amputation: Circular Saw (Subject might take brute damage after) Organ Manipulation (Addition, Removal, Repair. Bolded part is for head/chest only): Scalpel-Hemostat-Retractor-Circular Saw-Retractor--Manipulate organ(Hemostat to remove, Trauma kit [Organic] / Nanopaste [Robotics] to repair, Hold organ in hand and click to add)-Gel-Setter-Gel-Cautery This process also removes alien embryo, and abductor organ (fleshy mass). This surgery is also useful for adding in implant. As a sidenote, HUD implant must be done by targeting the EYES, not the head. Robotic Limb Attachment: Hold limb in hand – Target body part Limb Attachment (Applies to severed limbs (including robotic one), IPC limb and head): Hold limb in hand – Target body part - Hemostat Facial Repair(Target head): Scalpel – Retractor - Hemostat - Retractor – Cautery Autopsy / External Infection: Scalpel – Cautery (Infection)/Autopsy Scanner(Autopsy) Cleanse Contaminations/Shadowling Dethrall (Aim at head): Scalpel – Hemostat – Retractor – Saw – Retractor – Flashlight/Penlight/Flash – Retractor – Gel – Cauttery Embedded Object Removal (e.g. Bullet / Glass shard, and for some reason, borer): Scalpel – Hemostat – Retractor - Saw – Retractor – Empty hand – Retractor – Bone Gel Implant Removal: Scalpel – Hemostat – Retractor – Saw – Retractor – Hemostat – Retractor – Gel – Cautery Debraining decapitated head (Target head): Scalpel – Retractor – Hemostat Synthetic Surgeries: Start those surgery with screwdriver Robotic Repair (Use when you repair IPC and get this: “The damage is far too severe to patch over externally): Screwdriver-Crowbar- (Apply Cable coil for burn and Welding Tool for brute, multiple time if necessary until fully fixed.)– Crowbar (Remember to wear welding goggles if you are not immune to eyes damage!) Shadowling Dethrall (Cleanse Contaminants, Upper body): Screwdriver – Crowbar – Flash/Penlight/Flashlight – Crowbar Implant Removal: Screwdriver – Crowbar – Hemostat – Crowbar Limb amputation: Screwdriver – Multitool Organ Manipulation: Screwdriver – Crowbar – (Multitool to remove, repair with nanopaste, or transplant ogans) - Crowbar Chemistry Chemistry is about finding the most efficient way to click buttons to make your chemicals. Remember, steal the buckets from garden and fishing tank. This guide assumes you have a bucket (They hold 120 unit instead of 100). Listed are the recommended amount, dosage per pill / patch / bottle, quickest recipe I know of and methods to produce each chemicals. They are listed in the order I personally stock them, you may prefer another order. Open your pill bottle closet so other doctors can get a pill bottle to use. Fact: You can heat up your chemicals much quicker by setting it to 1000k instead of the target temperature. This way it increases in increment of 15k. Neat Trick: If you put a container on a table (Glass table on chemistry), when they are ejected from the ChemMaster, they'll always end up on top of the stack of item and in the same spot they were on in the table. Very useful if you don't want to alt-click the ChemMaster / spend ages looking for a tiny bit of the bucket sticking out of the 100 patches on it. Note on organizing the medical fridge: To organize a medical fridge so that drugs show up in the order you want, produce them in the exact same ChemMaster in the order you want. Your pill bottle will take the drugs according to the order they were made, so the production order should be the same as the fridge order. Fridge memorize the order of the drugs, so once you put it in there, it will /never/ change its order, even if you empty them out and put it back in in a different order. (Dear coder: Would be nice if you can drag and drop drug type and organize them that way) Main Chemicals: Mannitol: 30 Hydro, 30 Sugar, 30 Water. Make it into 9 pills of 10. Stock 18 pills. Acetone: 40 Welding Fuel, 10 Carbon, 10 Hydrogen, 30 Oxygen. Make 90u in beaker. This is the only chem you need to seperately make to complete this list. Mutadone: 10 Chlorine, 10 Plasma, 10 Radium, 30 Acetone, 30 Bromine. (You can use starting Acetone). Make into 40 pills of 2.25. Stock 40 pills. Perflurodecalin: 10 Welding Fuel, 10 Carbon, 40 Hydrogen, 30 Fluorine. Heat. Make it into 18 patches of 5. Stock 36 patches. Pentetic Acid: 30 Ethanol, 30 Oxygen, 30 Silver – 90 Formaldehyde. Heat. Put in seperate large beaker / bottle. 10 Welding Fuel, 10 Carbon, 40 Hydrogen, 10 Nitrogen, 30 Oxygen – 90 Cyanide. Heat. Put in seperate large beaker / Bottle 60 Hydrogen, 20 Nitrogen – 60 Ammonia. Put in seperate large beaker / bottle Pour 20 of all of the above into a bucket. Add 20 Welding Fuel, 20 Chlorine, 20 Sodium. Make into 24 pills of 5. Stock 72 pills Saline-Glucose Solution: 40 Water, 10 Sodium, 10 Chlorine, 30 Sugar. Make into 9 pills of 10. Stock 27 pills. Unless you are in a hurry to get brute / burn med, I now recommend you skip silver sulfadiazine and just make styptic powder to make Synthflesh. They are more effective, space-efficient and verastile. Silver Sulfadiazine: 30 Hydrogen, 10 Nitrogen, 20 Silver, 20 Sulfur, 20 Oxygen, 20 Chlorine. 10 Spare Ammonia. Refill 30 ammonia by adding 30 Hydrogen, 10 Nitrogen, then repeat the rest of the recipe w/o Ammonia twice. Make into 5 patches of 20 x 3. Stock 30 Patches Styptic Powder: 20 Aluminium, 40 Oxygen, 40 Hydrogen, 20 Sulfur into 80 Powder and 20 Spare sulphuric acid. Make into 4 patches of 20, repeat with 20 oxygen, 20 hydrogen, 20 aluminium. Stock 30 patches. Spare can be saved up for Synthflesh later. Synthflesh: 40 Styptic, 40 Carbon, 40 Blood. (To get blood quickly, either syringe it non-stop from a monkey, or hook a bucket to an IV drip and hook the IV drip to a monkey on intake mode). While waiting for medbay to get you the monkey, make styptic powder and make into 40u pill, make 40u carbon pill. Pour 40u of blood from monkey into a bucket, then dissolve the carbon and styptic to produce 120u of synthflesh. Make into 6 patches of 20, stock 36. Cryoxadone: 30 Acetone, 10 Water, 50 Plasma, 10 Nitrogen, 10 Chlorine, 10 Radium. Make/Stock 8 bottles. Atropine: 20 SuA, 20 Diethy, 20 Phen, 20 Ace, 20 Ethanol (All ingredients can be found in chemical closet). Use as precursor for Oculine. Stock the surplus after making Oculine. Oculine: 30 Atropine, 30 Spaceaccillin, 30 Saline-Glucose. Make into 18 pills of 5. Stock 24. Mitocholide: 30 Plasma, 30 Cryoxadone, 30 Synthflesh. Make into 12 pills of 10. Stock 24. Due to how relatively difficult it is to make, it is better used in a cryomix (Cryo make chemicals 10 time as efficient). Synthmeat: 5u Blood to 1u Cryoxadone. Strange Reagent:: 10u Omnizine, 10u Mercury, 10u Water, 10u Wine, 10u Radium, 10u Chlorine, 10u Plasma . Make into pills of 1 (Minimum amount needed for it to work). 60 should be more than enough. Omnizine can be found by taking it from the CMO's hypospray, or dialysying someone who ate warm donk pocket. Antihol:: Mix Ethanol with Charcoal in toxin first aid kit or medivendor. There's almost always spare. Precursor chemicals: Phenol: 10 Welding Fuel, 10 Carbon, 10 Hydrogen, 30 Chlorine, 30 Water Diethylamine: 30 Hydrogen, 10 Nitrogen, 30 Ethanol. Heat Sulphuric Acid: 30 Sulfur, 30 Hydrogen, 30 Oxygen Situational Chemicals: Potassium Iodide: 60 Potassium + 60 Iodide - For radiation damage only For virologist: Diphenhydramine: 30u Carbon, 10u Hydrogen, 10u Welding Fuel, 20u Diethylamine, 20u Ethanol, 20u Bromine (Yields 80 + 10 leftover oil) Unstable Mutagen: 30u Chlorine,30u Radium ,30u Plasma Lipolicide: Just take a sip from the weight loss shake. (One sip is enough, more will cause excessive toxin damage) Teporone: 30 silicon, 30 plasma, 30 acetone IPC Chemicals: Liquid Solder: 30u Ethanol, 30u Copper, 30u Silver, Heat. Make into bottle, apply by dropper or glass. Degreaser: 30u Ethanol + 30u of Charcoal (From syringe or toxin kit or medivend) + 30u of Chlorine into 90u of Sterilizine. 30u of Sterilizine + 10u Hydro + 10u Carb + 10u Welding Fuel (Yields 60u of Degreaser). No need to stock ahead unless you are an IPC / really love them. They seldomly get used. However, you may be the only one able to save the IPC when they do need to be used (Especially degreaser, most people have no idea how to deal with an IPC with acid in their body!) Absolute Essentials for Medical Purpose: Atrazine / Plant-B-Gone / Diona-B-Gone: 30u Chlorine, 30u Hydro, 30u Nitrogen into 90u of Atrazine. Methamphetamine: (In bucket), 60u Hydrogen, 20u Nitrogen, 60u Ethanol. Heat into 120u of Diethylamine. 30u Diethylamine, 30u Sugar, 30u Oil, 30u Hydrogen into 120u of Ephedrine. 30u Ephedrine, 30u Iodine, 30u Phosphorous, 30u Hydrogen. Heat into 120u of Meth (Wear gas mask while next to it!) Chemical Statistics per 10: Silver Sulfadiazine heals 17 burn. (Rounded) Styptic Powder heals 17 brute. (Rounded) Synthflesh heals 15 brute and 15 burn. Saline-Glucose heals 33 brute and 33 burn. Slowly, and on average. Charcoal heals 37.5 toxin per 10, and purges 25 reagents of all type. Pentetic Acid heals 75 toxin (average), 175 radiation, purges 100 reagents, and causes 8.25 Brute & Burn damage (average). Salbutamol heals 150 Oxygen damage. Perflurodecalin heals 1250 Oxygen damage, 16.5 Brute & Burn (average) (Halved in patch!) Advanced Trauma Kit and Burn Kit heals 25 (!) damage per application. (Not a chem, I know) Other medical facts: - Sleepers help people recover from addiction quickly. 1 minute will usually do. It is also the only way to recover from them. - Holy water does not cause brain damage, just stammering and confusion.. - Limbs can become septic (It will say the decay has set in) and kill a person with toxin damage if it is attached to them. However, freshly removed limbs from corpse (No matter how fresh or not the corpse is) will be counted as fresh, even if the corpse is a rotting skeleton. Credits to: NTSAM & Tauka for informing me about service borg Crazylemon for lots of advices Fethas for the surgery guide All my IC and OOC buddies in Medbay and such for helping me with science That botanist whose lower body got cut off by me by accident.
  19. I used to get called "Miss" all the time in Medbay back when my char had a pink crew cut.
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