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  1. Preface. This is log two, but going off the presumption many logs at this point have been made, and this one has been chosen to stand out and be displayed. Special thanks to @PelvicSling for assisting with this and giving their own characters dialogue for this post. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Crown's eyes are heavy with fatigue, dimly staring at his diary as a candle flickers on his desk, casting his shadow across his bed with his wife, Glaine, that occasionally flickers. Propping his head up with his left hand, he stares blankly at the paper, mulling over his financial burden that's looking more and more unfeasible. Putting his hands in his face, he wipes away at his tired eyes, wiping them on his legs as he takes a slow, deep sigh. "Hey -- ah -- I'm going next time. They need doctors right? I can help. Not just the sick and wounded, but us as well." Glaine says as she puts her book down and looks over to Crown, staring at him waiting for a response. Looking over to her as he turned his body in the wooden chair, he stared back at her with red exhausted and concerned eyes. Quiet for a few moments, he thinks, before telling her quietly but firmly. "You cant work there. It's... it's not the kind of work environment you are suited for. People there... aren't like the people here. It's like they're... I don't even know how to begin describing it to you Glaine." His voice weakens, and he stares at her with pleading eyes for her to understand him, to believe him. Crown loved his children, but to allow his wife to work in the same place he does seems unfair. "You can't stop me. And you can't do this alone. Just look at you; look into a mirror. I can take care of you there too. Please. Let me help." A final sigh comes from him mentally, and he frowns as he turns back around in his chair. Propping his head back up with a hand, he picked up his pencil once again, and murmured quietly as he began to write. "I'll get you the paperwork to see if you qualify..." "I love you." Glaine says softly, with encouragement, as she picks her book back up and resumes reading. Crown went silent, and just began to write slowly and sloppily, only filling out a little bit just so he can say he did it. "It's settled then. I'd try to stop her but there's no stopping her when she's set her mind to something. It's not me to stop Glaine. I have to just accept she's going to be working alongside me now. I just wish life didn't have to be like this. Wish life could be simple. But it will be for my kids. It has to be. They deserve a life free of enslaved servitude to intergalactic corporations to survive." With just that short amount written into his diary, he finishes, and stands up to get in bed. Closing his eyes as he lays his head on his pillow, he gives a quick prayer to God, praying she isn't harmed while working there."
  2. ah that explains it. yeah i forget dying right after, still dont even remember.
  3. Then they should of done something about that huh. They weren't though, because that was me.
  4. "Your CE is dead" Uh huh. CE definitely dead. Literally walked pasted not a minute prior, looked at the situation, and left.
  5. I agree with this entire post, specifically "1) Disregarding Singulo/Tesla engine setup and pushing players to use SM seems to take more options away then open new ones." What's the purpose of this? Why do we want players to run the SM? This server isn't aurora where high roleplay is rewarded or sought after, so only a handful of players who are likely not even all on at the same time nor doing engineering, would take the time to properly maintain the SM. This is a light-medium RP server that focuses, what I perceive, to me mainly on either causing chaos or fixing the chaos, and role play comes sparingly with it. If you don't have engine up and running in under 5 minutes people began calling out engineering and using derogatory words without any regard for the fact people may be roleplaying starting the engine, or just teaching someone new. So we're going to punish engineers by making them either do a lot of unnecessary work making a safe and reliable engine that complements the server greatly, or highly encourage them to use an extremely dangerous and unstable engine that no one wants to baby sit. If we really want this change to have a more healthy impact, I think it should be the opposite. Have the particle accelerator set up, and then perhaps have them set up either tesla coils or w.e you need for singularity, within a 5-10 minute time spam. Then you can have the SM engine room but not set up, and needs to be, only for 'projects' or 'heavy roleplay' should the CE decide it's in his interest. But as of now focusing solely on the engine change, don't punish engineers please for setting up a tesla/singularity on a server like this. Engineering isn't fun because it's tedious, it's fun because you're fixing breaches, repairing broken airlocks/APCs, and making sure the air you breath is breathable. I doubt many engineers want to go through this hassle each and every shift start, nor do they want to baby sit a SM engine. tl;dr just make tesla easier to set up and SM more disassembled. make em have to order the SM shard and give an RP incentive to doing so. as of now theres really no gameplay incentive to do the SM.
  6. more kin are always welcome. vulps united
  7. (OOC; All information is viewable for security and command personnel and can be used for IC purposes. Medical personnel may only use age, gender, race, blood type, and medical information for IC purposes.) All information is verified to N.T. standards. Closer inspection into past may yield more accurate results. As of now, current crew record is deemed appropriate enough for work contract renewal. Name: Crown Ramkar (Unverified. Galactic record of last name empty. Likely new name.) Age: 26 (Verified) Gender: Male (Verified) Race: Vulpkanin (Verified) Blood Type: A+ (Verified) Biography: 'I don't have to tell you anything about my past to work here right? I won't then.' (Individual deemed a non-factor in potential criminality or danger to N.T.) Qualifications: 'Self taught repairman and taught by my father and his co-workers.' (Unverified) Employment Records: Non-N.T. Work Portfolio (Verified) 2 years bartending 1 year janitorial maintenance 1 year maintenance technician N.T. Work History (Verified) 6 months as bartending 6 months as janitorial maintenance 6 months as maintenance techician 9 months as head of personnel 6 months as chief of engineer Security Records: N.T. Security records (Verified) 2 counts of Aggravated Assault against a human civilian. Turned self in. 1 count of Assault against a human civilian. Peacefully went in and cooperated with security. Non N.T. Security records (Verified) Aggravated assault in work environment against human in self defense case. (Local government dismissed charges likely due to vulpkanin hierarchy and specist tendencies.) Additional security notes: Has proven to be a physically aggressive individual when presented with a physical altercation to non security personnel, and has had minor infractions over 'accidentally' assaulting individuals while performing maintenance duty's. Further incidents have rapidly decreased since spoken to by N.T. command personnel when work contract is mentioned. Behavioral problems have been deemed appropriate since. Medical Records: Nothing of interest. Deemed fit for work both physically and mentally. No special medical needs. (Verified) Personnel Photo Crown Ramkar is a 5'8, wolf like vulpkanin with short black fur and hair. Red fur covers his frontal body which is covered by clothing.
  8. First, a short preface. This is my first time posting something like this on the forums. I understand this isn't a typical format for stories of NSS Cyberiad, but I think it follows the rules. This will focus less on a specific story, and more of a set-up for future stories. I felt it necessary to give some insight into who Crown is as a person, as future logs will make more sense. Additionally, this is from Crowns point of view. His view may be objectively wrong, memory's may be inaccurate, and his own personal biases come in to play. Please consider this. Enjoy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On an undisclosed, green farming planet where local politics have minimal galactic impact and troubles, Crown Ramkar writes in a paperback diary in canilunzt tongue. Rain falls heavily on the farm house, soaking the fields and nourishing the soil. Wearing warm pajamas as he sits at his desk in his room, the vulpkanin glances over momentarily to his wife who is reading, a small grin forming on him before he looks back to the blank page. Taking a moment to rub his forehead with his fingers, he grips his pen, and begins to write. "Log one. I disagree that this is necessary for my health. The pen doesn't feel right in my hand, and I'm tired." He stops, taking a small deep breath in before exhaling in a soft sigh. "Perhaps she has a point. Expressing my thoughts may help. But I'm only talking to myself, what good does that do? Even if I re-read this, I already know what I'm feeling. Maybe it's for when I'm older. Regardless, let me get this over with. Money's running out and I am going to have to go back to work. I wish staying here was enough, but it isn't. We both know that. It isn't enough to raise my kids with a farmers salary, and crime makes me sick to my stomach. It's necessary to get involved in the galactic corporations that plague my life." He puts his right hand to his face, leaning over the desk slightly as he pushes his fingers against his forehead, sighing softly as he thinks over the past work experiences of the NSS Cyberiad. Momentarily considering stopping, he feels a spark of life fill him as he thinks of losing it at work once more, and the punishments that would come from it. Grasping his pen once more, he resumes. "I need to do it. For my wife, my children, for our future. Without family, I'm nothing. What greater joy can a man than watching his offspring grow up into shining examples of society? What role model would they have if not for me and my wife? I need to be the man I want my boys to be, as my love does for our daughters. If only the people I worked with felt the same way. The station is a viral plague on all our lives. Something about it makes people into animals. Command, medical, security, even visitors coming by for a drink or job inquiries. I'm unsure if this is typical for the galaxy I live in, a local thing, or an N.T. thing, but it turns me into a different person. Or, it can. Yeah, it can. "To enforce my own morals on these filthy, disgusting humans people, because it really is everyone, even my own kin... means to break N.T. policy. It is my job to provide for my family, but to allow theft, murder, and worse to go on before my very own eyes, breaks me down as a man. I must not let my children or wife be subjected to these experiences. I can, and will, handle this so they can live the life I cant. I couldn't. I was not permitted to. I will break the cycle and be the man I wish my father was. They will be given the opportunity to live a simple life. A happy life. One free of death, murder, pain. They will have the opportunity to grow and develop untainted by these corporations I was forced to oblige." He puts the pen down, and feels tear swell in his eyes. Folding the book and putting it to the far end of the table, he sits there, reflecting on how lucky he is to have family, and have the opportunity to break free of the corporate restraints placed on him at birth. Standing up, he turns off his desk lamp, and leaves the book for another day. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will post more when I feel it's appropriate, and when something IC occurs that I deem appropriate to incorporate into his story. Thank you for taking the time to read. If for whatever reason this isn't the kind of post that is appropriate for NSS Cyberiad, then I understand if this post will be deleted.
  9. sounds about right ping tbh. i dont think ic rage on security is bad, but ooc rage is def bad in the way you've described.
  10. i think its just one of those things you gotta deal with and cant really fix
  11. Maintenance map is good. Kugamo is good.
  12. id support this if it your cash persisted through out rounds. its really stupid how you're basically guaranteed to win jackpot if you just keep playing over and over and over, and no one IC thinks 'oh ill just gamble and not work and be totally set'. if that was the case, Crown would just gamble every round as a civilian, take the money home, then move far far away from this god awful station to become a farmer with his family.
  13. if someone tries climbing on bar counter just click on the table to push them over. if you really want a secure bar, just build reinforced glass from your side of the room, build a windoor, and you're set. EDIT: also you can request an engi to do it if you dont know how. as CE i'd do it for you no problem you just got to ask. furthermore, if bar gets shutters, then engineering department needs shutters too, and then medical, etc...
  14. i remember that round. the reason the AI gave that message is because literally all of mining died and we went like over half an hour without any minerals recieved from mining. this was very bad because to complete the station goal we needed 13 more bluespace crystals. as the chief engi i had taken all the BSC from science that i saw(7) and the rest was either used by science, or taken by someone else without me knowing. regardless, i needed 13 more for the BSA(station goal) and was unable to complete it because of this. it feels like mining is no longer about mining most rounds and its about exploring and getting that loot loot loot. im not sure if this is because incentives are in the incorrect orders, or if miners just arent robust enough, or the code is that debilitating, or a combination of all three, but i find mining does not give enough resources most rounds. i do say most, because some rounds they give a very adequate supply. tl;dr i agree
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