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  1. Not bad! I recommend using a more contrasted palette though. Outline is really important too. Personally, I tend to stick to 3 colors, or 4 at most, which I noticed you used. Exceptions may occur! Using your witch donut as an example. I separated the colors, and right away you can see there isn't a lot of contrast between them. The result makes the image a lot smoother, but it also makes it less defined. I will also advert that shading is a bit off, making it confusing as to where the light source is coming from (presumably bottom right, but for example, the middle doesn't have any shading) I was having issues editing your picture, so It looks a bit weird, but you can see what I mean with the color choices. Overall, not bad sprites! Keep up the good work!
  2. This is a really good guide my dude! Happy you took the time to write it! I also use GraphicsGale, and Photoshop for my sprites. Photoshop makes it really easy with a handy grid and layers, but Gale has those too, and It's free!
  3. Not sure If this is necro, but RadiantFlash brought up some good points, and I feel like some small tweaks could be done (If they haven't already). I immediately noticed there's no space loop in atmos, and that made me sad. Seems to be a bit more space in Atmos too, which makes me happy.
  4. In the internet, we have this one rule.. .. pic or it didn't happen.
  5. Honestly, this was one of the best critics Security . I fulheartedly support this. This even has a fucking SoP.
  6. Honestly, I like Security but here are my two major issues. a) Head of Security very rarely knows what they're doing. I almost feel it should be Karma purchased. No joke. b) I hate the layout of Brig. The offices don't make sense, and the processing room is a joke. As is the courtroom which is never used. I shall dwell on the issues, and play some rounds to form a better idea.
  7. Pretty good explanations here. Thanks for that too.
  8. You clearly weren't around back in 2012 or earlier. Do you know what greytiding is? This is literally the life blood of SS13. As a spriter, I can tell you (@dapocalypse) that this game as changed A LOT in 3 years and will be completely different 5 years from now. What I mean is, we need people, like R1f73r said, with fresh ideas. That's literally how I started spriting. New blood in a community, with a different vision of what exists. I couldn't count how many people worked in the game (in different servers, and so on) and left, but their work remained and evolved. And like it was stated, Para staff is competent. They have to endure long weeks of menu clicking and even longer years of experience and wisdom.
  9. I would be willing to put money into this. Really good quality, hope gameplay holds!
  10. I am against this. I don't think whitelisting is the way to go. Communities may change, and will change, but that doesn't mean we should resort to elitism.
  11. I personally love IPC, both their Lore and their aesthetics (plus I'm a massive nerd for non organics). I tend to play Engineering or Medical (IPC are immune to welding sting and viruses). Though I also have a slot with every other race. Here's a list of what each mains: IPC > Engineering / Medical Human > Cargo / Hydro Kidan > Bartender / Chef / and sometimes security If I feel need of adrenaline.