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  1. Hey this is pretty damn good man!
  2. This is pretty original and entertaining. What's the best way to blue space?
  3. Hiatus (2014 - 2019 ) Still managed to get some work, trying to get back into it. Grilles rework: Blood Spray: Cigarette Machine: The Present Day (2019 - ) Ian: Unathi Tongue: Globes: Thrones: Honk Holoparasite: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That's all for now folks, I'll keep adding new posts If I make any new stuff! If you have ideas, comments, suggestions or feedback, feel free to let me know!
  4. I decided to show you all my previous work across the years, I hope you enjoy it! I'll try to keep it ordered through time, from oldest to newest work. If you have any questions do let me know! I had a lot of information and bits of story written down, but those sadly have been accidentally edited off, alongside everything else! I'm happy to share it though, If anyone's curious! Now including some never before old footage of SS13. The Early Years (circa 2012-2014 ) Milk Carton To start this off, let me show you my first sprite ever. A simple milk carton, and a few reworks of it. Dumbbells Spider Potted Plant Station Map Runtime Random Armors Escape Pod Airlocks Tables and Floor Original 2012 table: Remakes: Rainbow Vomit Posters Animated Posters Random Misc Infrared Emitter: Red Phone: Die: Alien Egg: Poly the Parrot Some commentary here. You can see from the animations that the first flying animation was pretty.. bad. The way things flap, as well as the bobbing was improved into the Poly you know. Bolt Shutters / Space Airlocks Cherry Tree Little unknown fact, this Cherry Tree was a homage to a great spriter I worked with, Cherridan. If you're reading this buddy, all the best to you! After 2014, I stopped spriting, and instead focused on other projects. On the next post, I'll share the present day stuff I've been up to, and some from the hiatus.
  5. You can have the black one, and you can join my pirate crew. *snap
  6. You're a really good artist! Love your style ! And the colors are so good (and I love the watercolory stuff!)
  7. Gotta say, really like your color use and your outline!
  8. I really like your styles of drawing and your poses! This inspires me!
  9. Gotta appreciate the cig taped to the mouth!
  10. Wait, so it was -you- who took the brown pirate coat from the vendor!
  11. I really like your unique style on outline! *clap Looking forward to seeing more!
  12. Not bad! I recommend using a more contrasted palette though. Outline is really important too. Personally, I tend to stick to 3 colors, or 4 at most, which I noticed you used. Exceptions may occur! Using your witch donut as an example. I separated the colors, and right away you can see there isn't a lot of contrast between them. The result makes the image a lot smoother, but it also makes it less defined. I will also advert that shading is a bit off, making it confusing as to where the light source is coming from (presumably bottom right, but for example, the middle doesn't have any shading) I was having issues editing your picture, so It looks a bit weird, but you can see what I mean with the color choices. Overall, not bad sprites! Keep up the good work!
  13. This is a really good guide my dude! Happy you took the time to write it! I also use GraphicsGale, and Photoshop for my sprites. Photoshop makes it really easy with a handy grid and layers, but Gale has those too, and It's free!
  14. Not sure If this is necro, but RadiantFlash brought up some good points, and I feel like some small tweaks could be done (If they haven't already). I immediately noticed there's no space loop in atmos, and that made me sad. Seems to be a bit more space in Atmos too, which makes me happy.
  15. In the internet, we have this one rule.. .. pic or it didn't happen.