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  1. Love these cute drawings, in particular the cute vox! Your shading is also getting real good too! Looking forward to more!
  2. Anton Fasani - 14/01/2021 He was playing NT Rep so I figured I'd do a quick sketch since he dons that suit truly well.
  3. I love your art Chiki! It's so pleasaaaaant!
  4. Name: Skippy Age: 36 Gender: Male Race: Slime Person Blood Type: Slime Jelly General Occupational Role(s): Medical Doctor Hydroponicist Service: Cook and Bartender Biography: Born in Xarxis V, Skippy remembers very little of the oceanic home planet, other than watching the tides slowly grow more distant as he got further and farther away from them. Staring from a shuttle window, alone, scared. This is the earliest memory he can recall, and it's also where his story begins - a very young slime, marooned in space, unsure of how or w
  5. Your work is so appreciated. It helps lots of new members. Personally, I know a lot of what's written, but It's always nice to brush up on knowledge!
  6. Last drawing I've made. Steven Stingray and Skippy after a Chef/Botany round where we ended up winning medal of valor from the HoP and Captain.
  7. I have reached enlightenment! I am now a solid A+ Phytomancer! Thanks for the guide!
  8. I'll admit my ignorance here and say I'm on the Phytomancer range, but "Plants that recharge the cells on your person allowing for instant e-gun refills" leaves me confused. Any experts want to impart some wisdom so I may reach my full potencial?
  9. Not a sprite but I figured I'd drop my drawings in here as well instead of making a new thread. Latest Skippy drawing 2/01/21 Skippy v1.0 --- Old Drawings --- My favorite human to play with. John Reeves, Security Officer. And my favorite IPC, P.E.W, Station Engineer
  10. Hey this is pretty damn good man!
  11. This is pretty original and entertaining. What's the best way to blue space?
  12. Hiatus (2014 - 2019 ) Still managed to get some work, trying to get back into it. Grilles rework: Blood Spray: Cigarette Machine: The Present Day (2019 - ) Ian: Unathi Tongue: Globes: Thrones: Honk Holoparasite: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That's all for now folks, I'll k
  13. I decided to show you all my previous work across the years, I hope you enjoy it! I'll try to keep it ordered through time, from oldest to newest work. If you have any questions do let me know! I had a lot of information and bits of story written down, but those sadly have been accidentally edited off, alongside everything else! I'm happy to share it though, If anyone's curious! Now including some never before old footage of SS13. The Early Years (circa 2012-2014 ) Milk Carton To start this off, let me show you my first sprite ever. A simple milk carton, an
  14. You can have the black one, and you can join my pirate crew. *snap
  15. You're a really good artist! Love your style ! And the colors are so good (and I love the watercolory stuff!)
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