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  1. As a slime people player I'd rather have squishes randomly squished with different pitches or make slime people farts a long string of squishes.
  2. Here's some Zeke, everyone's favorite flamboyant skrell!
  3. Thank you so much for the kind words! Here's Jay 'Justine' Chase. Tried a new coloring style.
  4. Love these cute drawings, in particular the cute vox! Your shading is also getting real good too! Looking forward to more!
  5. Anton Fasani - 14/01/2021 He was playing NT Rep so I figured I'd do a quick sketch since he dons that suit truly well.
  6. I love your art Chiki! It's so pleasaaaaant!
  7. Name: Skippy Age: 36 Gender: Male Race: Slime Person Blood Type: Slime Jelly General Occupational Role(s): Medical Doctor Hydroponicist Service: Cook and Bartender Biography: Born in Xarxis V, Skippy remembers very little of the oceanic home planet, other than watching the tides slowly grow more distant as he got further and farther away from them. Staring from a shuttle window, alone, scared. This is the earliest memory he can recall, and it's also where his story begins - a very young slime, marooned in space, unsure of how or why he was there in the first place. Time passed, and eventually his shuttle was discovered by a human spacecraft- the NSV Primordial. Skippy was brought aboard the old starship, frail and weak, terrified by creatures he could not understand and didn't know. He was fed, given a spot in the labs to rest, whilst being kept under close observation. Eventually, he grew accustomed to the humans, and though he couldn't understand what they said, he felt they were not interested in harming him, and that they were probably just as confused as he was. He grew close, in particular, to a human scientist called Jack Skipper, an expert in Xenobiology, who spent most of his time with Skippy. Though he could not understand them, Skippy started trying to mimic the human; their vocal entonations, their habits, and eventually their physiology. His first words in Galactic Common were "Skippy" - an attempt to talk to his caretaker. "So your name is Skippy?" - Jack smiled, taking notes of the developments. "I'm Jack. Jack Skipper. We share a similar name!" "Skippy! Skippy!" , replied the slime, his physical form closer to a toddler than slime. A connection had been made, and a bond shared. The years that followed, Skippy got more and more involved with Jack, assimilating a more humanoid form and behaviour. He grew taller, learned to speak better, learned to acquire a taste for human food and drinks. Though he advanced in his years as a humanoid slime person, he receeded in his early memories of Xarxis V. Here was home now, he thought, and Jack was his father. It was a period of happiness and joy for Skippy, betrayed only by his feelings that he couldn't totally fit in. Eventually, Skippy was a fully developed slime person, as "human" as any other crew member of the spacecraft. He had been given an education, both in Jack's quarters, as well as in the lab, and was knowledgeable of traditions and customs, values and reasonings given to him by humans. Some years later, Skippy decided to start studying medicine, hoping to learn more of the human body and be able to pay back for his care. In the coming years, he learned a lot about medicine, practical applications, and eventually became an expert in the field of study. He was also, however, intrigued to discover other species existed, a knowledge Jack had not imparted onto him. In Skippy's eyes, he was a defect, an incomplete human, a mess of a living being. Alone. But now, he knew others like him existed, other slime people, and many more different species out there! Skippy had decided to keep quiet about his doubts, consoling himself in the literature. Surely, Jack had had a good reason to not tell him anything. He had so many questions about who he was, why wasn't he told about it and why he was in the starship and not in his home planet. That night, during dinner, on the date of his master's thesis completion, he decided he would ask Jack these questions, and finally get some answers. It was a thrilling day, full of antecipation, both about his work, and his innevitable confrontation. Jack was a great father. He had taught Skippy everything. Love, values, to always keep a smile in the face of adversity, and to always strive to better oneself. So why deny him the truth, Skippy thought. The thesis was a great success, and the ship's crew congratulated him on it. But his father, the one person who he wanted to be present, was nowhere to be seen. Skippy looked for Jack everywhere; the quarters, the lab, he even went to the Bridge and ask the Captain for help, but to no avail. The Xenobiologist Jack Skipper had just disappeared out of thin air. The coming days were full of emptiness, remorse, sadness, and confusion. No one had a clue what happened to his father, or how he could just disappear out of thin air. Skippy had wallowed in despair, but enough was enough. He had decided to move on, and to keep looking for answers. For his father. For the truth he had been obscured. After some discussion with the Captain, Skippy was dropped of at a NanoTrasen research facility, where he remained for a while. Who knows how long It's been since he decided to enroll on the NSS Cyberiad, but in the time since, Skippy learned many lessons. He learned more about his origins, made friends with all manners of alien species, and continued to look for any mention of an officer called Jack Skipper. Maybe one day, he will find his father. Maybe he'll return to Xarxis V, and finally get to see those oceans coming closer to him. But until then, Skippy's living one day at a time, with a smile on his face, looking to care for his friends, do his job, and look out for the truth. Qualifications: Masters Degree in Medicine and Health, with a specialization in Surgery. Practical proficiency in Botany. NT Advanced Mixology license. Employment Records: Medical Doctor, 6 years of experience aboard the NSS Cyberiad. Currently exercising. Accessory consultant for NT's Botanical Research Department for 6 months. Security Records: Detained multiple time for Aiding and Abetting various people. Medical Records: For a slime person he seems to be in tip top shape. Very light drinker, can get drunk quickly. Sensitive to cold. Personnel Photo: Fan Art: Thanks so much to @thatdanguy23 for the amazing sprite plush drawing! Thanks to @Drakeven for the CUTE young Skippy! Thanks again to @Drakeven for the AMAZING drawing! I love it! <3 Do feel free to draw Skippy, I'll be super happy to put it here! Other Notes: Intoxicatingly friendly, to the point of coming across as annoying. Always has a goofy smile on his face. Strong sense of loyalty and will do anything to help his friends. Favorite Drink: Steven Stingray's drinks. Favorite Smokes: Robust Pack
  8. Your work is so appreciated. It helps lots of new members. Personally, I know a lot of what's written, but It's always nice to brush up on knowledge!
  9. Last drawing I've made. Steven Stingray and Skippy after a Chef/Botany round where we ended up winning medal of valor from the HoP and Captain.
  10. I have reached enlightenment! I am now a solid A+ Phytomancer! Thanks for the guide!
  11. I'll admit my ignorance here and say I'm on the Phytomancer range, but "Plants that recharge the cells on your person allowing for instant e-gun refills" leaves me confused. Any experts want to impart some wisdom so I may reach my full potencial?
  12. Not a sprite but I figured I'd drop my drawings in here as well instead of making a new thread. Latest Skippy drawing 2/01/21 Skippy v1.0 --- Old Drawings --- My favorite human to play with. John Reeves, Security Officer. And my favorite IPC, P.E.W, Station Engineer
  13. Hey this is pretty damn good man!
  14. This is pretty original and entertaining. What's the best way to blue space?
  15. Hiatus (2014 - 2019 ) Still managed to get some work, trying to get back into it. Grilles rework: Blood Spray: Cigarette Machine: The Present Day (2019 - ) Ian: Unathi Tongue: Globes: Thrones: Honk Holoparasite: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That's all for now folks, I'll keep adding new posts If I make any new stuff! If you have ideas, comments, suggestions or feedback, feel free to let me know!
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