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  1. Hail! So today I came to the server and noticed a zombie game mode, and by the end vote of the round, it looked like people had fun. The only problems people had were that it was hard to identify zombies, and that they took a lot of punishment to kill. So I thought why not explore zombie game mode and offer some ideas. In a game called Emperor Battle for Dune, there is a unit type called Contaminator. The idea behind this unit is that it was a biologically designed zombie virus. Here is description: Contaminator — The Contaminator is a shambling infantry unit manufactured in the Tleilaxu flesh vats. A mindless automaton that must be riddled with bullets before it collapses, the Contaminator is brimming with a genetic virus that invades any biological enemy. The Contaminator must touch the intended victim for infection to take place. The victim will then die, but rise again as a Contaminator. All victims must be destroyed to prevent the infection from spreading. Picture: Contaminator Video: Contaminator video explanation You could make up a story that it was either developed by syndicate, as a standalone biological virus, or maybe an off shot from changeling program, or maybe it have some different origins. Another idea could be something like, make them more bulky like hulk perhaps so it would be easier to see? Also Denthamos offered an idea to add them shamble walk, perhaps they could walk like a clown, so it would be easier to tell that something is wrong with that said person. Anyway, what are your thoughts on these ideas, and if you have your own, feel free to share them here.