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  1. There is a reason we utilize permabans over tempbans, as per this link. As for the other bits, it's all up to you. Where do you feel most at home? Where do you feel like you have the most fun? Do you have friends on whatever server? The list goes on, but only you can really answer those questions, as other players will have differing experiences than one another, and likely, you will as well. For all you know, you might hate /tg/ and come back to Paradise. For me, it's the atmosphere. I enjoy the atmosphere we have here, and I really couldn't connect anywhere else like I could here. I like the people here and how most of them act, ICly and OOCly. I don't feel that way on other servers because of how they operate, and that's fine; other people like those sorts of places so all the more power to them. Like Pokebro said, just bounce between servers and see what catches your attention.
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  3. coughs You're alright bud. Keep in touch, aye?
  4. Personally I was barely around for old medbay, but the new one looks a LOT better compared to the old one. Plus I heard those maint doors in ORs were absolutely horrible. Although it feels a bit small, sadly. Wish it were a bit larger, like with extra rooms and the like.