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  1. being a journalist is a lot of fun when you put the effort into it. below is an album of the stories i made. i was weaving a complex inter-departmental narrative about the clown and quartermaster until the station got attacked by spiders and xenos. i eventually signed on poly as an intern and had them drag me around in a wheelchair. we got a picture of the princess terror, i quickly uploaded a story as it was murdering a sec officer in the library (lol) then skedaddled to robotics, where i got promptly ambushed by two black terrors and another princess. unfortunately i didnt get a screenshot of this last article before i died, and was planning on doing so later on as the ERT, space ranger and deathsquad. yep, i played all three in one round. probably one of the funner rounds as journalist for me, mostly because i just made up the parts where people are saying stuff. asked them for their opinion on something, overplayed it heavily and made it seem more dramatic than it was. it's fun! i like it.