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  1. The issue with wizard isnt their strength, wizard is plenty strong as is. The issue is that rolling wizard is so rare that almost every wizard will be a first time or second time player, and wont have the experience to do well, add to that that wizard rounds end on wiz death and thats why wiz rounds last 15 minutes at best.
  2. Nerfing or removing the floor buffer is necessary for other janitor tools to have any purpose. Nothing beats instantly cleaning everything you walk with no slowdown or downside.
  3. I am writing this forum post to get feedback on a PR I have planned. The goals of this PR is to rebalance the various tools janitor gets, most of which are made completely useless by the floor buffer upgrade. Main goals of this PR are : 1. Make water have a reason to be used besides griefing, while lowering the frustration of being water slipped. 2. Make all janitor tools have a purpose, mainly by nerfing how fast the floor buffer janiride cleans 3. Make space cleaner the standard reagent used for Janitor mop cleaning, so that new players arent yelled at for cleaning with water when they dont know better 4. Make the janitor role actually useful in terms of mechanics, as right now having the hallways littered in blood has little gameplay significance unless slaughter demons are involved Full list of changes planned : Balance stuff to consider that isnt directly janitor related : - Nerfing water slip stun time might affect antags. I rarely see antags use water to slip, though, usually they just lube or use a slippery item. - Slaughter demon will be indirectly buffed, as overall janitors will be less effective at cleaning due to the janiride not being ridiculously fast at cleaning anymore. Janiborgs being untouched should hopefully mean this is fine. - Trashbags can no longer be used by miners for massive belt storage. Use belts of holdings, nerds. - Spray bottles will now use more reagents.
  4. How to robust most desword users : Throw a monkey or a corpse at them. This will stun them for a short duration, but that's all you need to drop their desword and click it faster than the nukie. Energy bolas are also effective at slowing down an operative, I don't believe the desword can parry them although I could be wrong on that one.
  5. It's really annoying that you can't wear magboots as a traitor clown and still annoy everyone just by walking around. Introducing the clown magshoes! They look and sound exactly like clown shoes when inspected until you're wearing them, which lets you have the ability to toggle magnetic pulse on and be safe from being thrown into space while you card the AI prank the crew! The Clown Magshoes would be crafted at the protolathe using the same tech requirements and materials as regular magboots, but with some bananium added extra for honk. Maybe they could also be bought using TC as a traitor clown item. Coding Difficulty: Should be somewhat easy? Take the clown shoes graphics, sounds and description and add the magboots ability to it. Scope: Small-ish? Balance: Significant item change, but since magboots are already a thing for traitors and crew alike, shouldn't be too impactful. It would let the clown have "stealth" magboots, traitor or otherwise. Why: This would give bananium more usage in the game. Also honk.
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