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  1. I like, ive seen new Tcoms get setup within a minute before, it was harder back in the day when it required an entire sat of its own to hold all the various terminals, but the fact its now just a board, some metal and a couple of bits mashed into one terminal makes its destruction a non issue so long as RND is operational
  2. Yea, in terms of performance i never really have any issues beyond my own connection
  3. Im kind of against any change that makes more antag types the sudden "End" type, there is little else that exists that is more unsatisfying than to go through hell and back, only to have the end screen pop up with a "End" No epic final showdown, no dareing escapes, no horrifying slaughter, just "End" This is true for round start blobs, wizards and our dearly departed shadowling
  4. Greetins! welcome aboard, life vests are to your left, duct tape is to your right, and should the station begin to fall into chaos, simply pull the "Panic" cord on your vest and the vest will "hopefully" wisk you away to "safety" in a "reasonable" amount of "time"
  5. Perhaps maybe higher cells beyond the high cap it requires to use give more hits, but also run the risk of backfire hits to? Like it overloads, uses the power, but also gives you a jolt Hard to say how that would work, just burn damage, maybe stamina damage, or both? Not sure, but just tossin it out there as an idea since if all powercells give the same amount of hits, then there is no incentive to ever acquire a better cell type, maybe the lower the tech the cell is, the more chance it has at given you a backfire? With bluespace cells/charged slime cores being the most stable to use in the prod but still run the risk of a backfire, while normal security batons cant backfire and get better power usage
  6. I do like the timer to switch cells, hot swapping cells is fairly easy as it stands, but a % charge drain per hit seems odd when i think about it, since you can slap in differing powercells, so it would be a 25-50% drain per hit on a 5k cell, and also a 40k cell, while it being bulky may just make it even less used as its no longer a concealed weapon, and it may encourage the theft of security batons as they still are concealable "As far as i remember" This though can be seen as a good thing depending on how one looks at it.
  7. I like the color, good middle ground, but the dots are still a problem to me by itself the tile with dots doesnt look to bad, BUT when you add 50 of them in an area and it begins to get way to busy. Perhaps we drop the dots concept for the standard tile? Could be a seperate tile people can paint if they choose, but the default tiles really shouldnt be that busy
  8. The new walls look neat, though the reinforced ones could use a bit more detail to hammer home what they are, similar to the original ones. The new ones also lack sprites for their rusted versions: Sad to still see the floor dots, but hopeful they will be changed soon
  9. Personally im fine with the quads or the triplets, but its the dots, the dots really dont do it for me, and mess with my eyes when you see every floor on the map having them.
  10. I like the darker style, but all the little dots on them messes with my eyes, it also makes every floor tile look like a tactile floor tile, the ones immune to slipping. As Alriac noted, its kind of an overload when your playing. At first i liked it in its entirety, but then it started to make me feel physically ill the more I played. Not a fan of the dot design. Someone mentioned having 2 versions: 1 Normal undotted design that acts as the default station tile, and the tactile versions get the dots
  11. Its a good way to silently test and configure ingame midi music sheets without destroying peoples ears while you get them tuned and sounding good. Right now the notes only show up when a midi is playing, one potential workaround is to put a song on, lower its volume to 0, and loop it 10 times with a super slow BPM, it effectively will have the desired effect until somthing more concrete is added like a toggle
  12. Id love to have the option to turn it on without music playing just for the effect, nothing like a janitor moppin the halls, listenin and hummin a tune to himself while he ignores all the chaos around him. "I'm paid to clean, not to care"
  13. Would be nice to see their return in this form, its another thing for overly agressive antags to wish to avoid. Cause to much trouble? CC may be sending the dreaded security borgs
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