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  1. Perhaps maybe higher cells beyond the high cap it requires to use give more hits, but also run the risk of backfire hits to? Like it overloads, uses the power, but also gives you a jolt Hard to say how that would work, just burn damage, maybe stamina damage, or both? Not sure, but just tossin it out there as an idea since if all powercells give the same amount of hits, then there is no incentive to ever acquire a better cell type, maybe the lower the tech the cell is, the more chance it has at given you a backfire? With bluespace cells/charged slime cores being the most stable to use in the prod but still run the risk of a backfire, while normal security batons cant backfire and get better power usage
  2. I do like the timer to switch cells, hot swapping cells is fairly easy as it stands, but a % charge drain per hit seems odd when i think about it, since you can slap in differing powercells, so it would be a 25-50% drain per hit on a 5k cell, and also a 40k cell, while it being bulky may just make it even less used as its no longer a concealed weapon, and it may encourage the theft of security batons as they still are concealable "As far as i remember" This though can be seen as a good thing depending on how one looks at it.
  3. I like the color, good middle ground, but the dots are still a problem to me by itself the tile with dots doesnt look to bad, BUT when you add 50 of them in an area and it begins to get way to busy. Perhaps we drop the dots concept for the standard tile? Could be a seperate tile people can paint if they choose, but the default tiles really shouldnt be that busy
  4. The new walls look neat, though the reinforced ones could use a bit more detail to hammer home what they are, similar to the original ones. The new ones also lack sprites for their rusted versions: Sad to still see the floor dots, but hopeful they will be changed soon
  5. Personally im fine with the quads or the triplets, but its the dots, the dots really dont do it for me, and mess with my eyes when you see every floor on the map having them.
  6. I like the darker style, but all the little dots on them messes with my eyes, it also makes every floor tile look like a tactile floor tile, the ones immune to slipping. As Alriac noted, its kind of an overload when your playing. At first i liked it in its entirety, but then it started to make me feel physically ill the more I played. Not a fan of the dot design. Someone mentioned having 2 versions: 1 Normal undotted design that acts as the default station tile, and the tactile versions get the dots
  7. Its a good way to silently test and configure ingame midi music sheets without destroying peoples ears while you get them tuned and sounding good. Right now the notes only show up when a midi is playing, one potential workaround is to put a song on, lower its volume to 0, and loop it 10 times with a super slow BPM, it effectively will have the desired effect until somthing more concrete is added like a toggle
  8. Id love to have the option to turn it on without music playing just for the effect, nothing like a janitor moppin the halls, listenin and hummin a tune to himself while he ignores all the chaos around him. "I'm paid to clean, not to care"
  9. Would be nice to see their return in this form, its another thing for overly agressive antags to wish to avoid. Cause to much trouble? CC may be sending the dreaded security borgs
  10. I mean, considering 10mm, 9mm, 45ACP, .38 special Lethal/Rubber (When it was rubber), incendiary slugs, pulse slugs, meteor shot slugs and multiple others can be created on station, its always seemed odd that the 9mm rubber cant be crafted, along side those laser shells for the ERT rifles, they just usem up and the rifle is a paperweight.
  11. I like the idea, though not quite in this form. More for departmental objectives, like say: as the chef cook X meals, serve X meals, prepare a dinner for command etc
  12. Huh, you know, i never realised the frequency thing actually worked to do that, though it would be much nicer to have a tickbox for the normal headset to similar to the command headsets, just to make it simpler.
  13. It would be neat if the shards from a construct remain after death, but say a chaplain can take a corrupted shard and purify it with a bible, some holy water and a crafting timer? then use them to create holy constructs, creating a kind of tug of war between constructs, each construct lost is a potential gain for the other side and it makes them less of a disposable shock trooper and somthing you dont want to just toss away haphazardly without a plan to retrieve their shards. This keeps people from being knocked out of the round forever with nothing to do by simply dyeing as a construct and allows them to potentially continue on as a construct if they are retrieved, or captured.
  14. Personally id love for the ability to just, click it off, like how you do with other channels you have a key for, just flick it off. That way those who wana use gen com on a headset still can, and those who dont want to hear the nightmare of white noise can just tune it out.
  15. I kind of forgot about the change made to the revolver and accidentally blew away a mime last week attempting to STUN him. Granted SOP WOULD have allowed lethal force as he had a stun baton and had just attacked either the warden or HOS, but i do find it weird how someone on the station who is a support role starts with what I feel is the best weapon that security can get, second only to the auto rifle due to capacity. Id rather have the rubber rounds back, it more or less makes it ballistics disabler with fewer shots but a bit more oopfh per hit should they require it while still retaining its SS13 coda of references The detective overall is more or less a direct reference to 2 things: Detective Harry Callaghan "Dirty Harry" with the pistol, while not a .44, its still a revolver and Detective Colombo with their vanilla design and signature trenchcoat. Im fine with the det having their revolver to maintain the reference, i just feel it needs the rubber rounds back.
  16. 1. Janitor 2. 3. 4. 5. Kar-Ski
  17. I do love how in this one you can, even though the face is masked, tell he has the rage face "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Also, police cruiser inside a space station, i love it
  18. Welcome back! There have been alot of changes in that time but some that come to mind off hand: Pod pilots/mechanic being removed, jobs like magistrate no longer being karma locked, but instead security hour locked annnnnd a couple of big ones such as: MAP ROTATION!!!!! and the removal of tazers in favor of disablers to start to rid ourselves of that "instant stun" kind of combat. Best to check the changelog once you boot up the server to get a complete list of all the changes.
  19. STICK STICK MAN SPARK WITH FORK PITCH! Though it would be an interesting thing, since it is powered by a maguffin, could easily make it a larger size and add a rad gain, maybe not to huge but somthing. I myself am guilty of stuffing a bag FULL of AEGs on a blob war, and basicly acting like reaper from overwatch Use up a gun, swap it,use it up, swap it, use it up, swap, and by time your on the 4th-5th AEG, your first one has recharged.
  20. Yyyyup, i mean how do i even begin to explain how everything got to this point: Two survivors of a stationwide disaster, riding away into space with a giant red bird. In the end, you just had to have been there.
  21. I dont have many head canons, but a couple of big ones ive always had in regards to Vox: There are only 20 KNOWN arkships in existance on NT records but there are far more of all sizes out there. From small city sized ones, to larger moon sized ones. Each ark contains its own culture that has developed over the untold millennia separate from the others and can be radically different. So you could have a very strict ark where vox are mass produced worker drones with barcodes on them, another that has formed into some kind of industrial nightmare scape, or another where Auralis are viewed as gods, or another where they are viewed as a myth since no one ever sees them. Could even have an ark where there ARE no more auralis for one reason or another. All vox designs exist in the same story universe due to a mix of the culture aspect and their genetic engineering. So small vox, big box, feathered vox, scaled vox, 3 eyed vox, 2 eyed vox, split face vox and beak faced vox, all exist, just on different arks where that's how, over time began to be engineered for various reasons. (To me this both explains why vox have so many variations and makes them more of an unknown aspect that you cant exactly pin down)
  22. Yahiya will find a way to make fire, anywhere, at any time, for any reason. I friggen love this piece
  23. Great to see ya pop onto the forums!
  24. You can give custom names to foods by holding the food in your hand and using a pen on it, its kind of slow, and i wish you could just use it on the table instead of in hand to speed things up when trying to name lots of it, but it is there thankfully. Sadly I dont think you can also name drinks, wish we could.
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