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  1. Ofton times ive noticed that some time before a summon is attempted, the cult is already over running a few areas, or most of the station, and thus people in a panic to escape, attack halo'd people while on their way to find a way out, not so much in a "Im going hunting" sense but more "Their in my way, and i need past, BANG, now that their dead, have run off, or are simply to wounded to fight, i keep moving" Example: A group of 5-6 people a few days ago with me in my kitchen all trying to make our way to EVA to grab a suit and bail into space, we make it there fine, but after we a
  2. Ohhhh this is awesome! I look forward to hearing more!
  3. You, are the next Ringo star good sir. You to one day may make 2,000 a pop from your work! (Google Ringo Star MS paint)
  4. Perhaps if a hijacker takes the contractor job, it removes their hijack objective and they are 100% set on their other objectives?
  5. These are awesome! Could you make one of Kar-Ski with his little pipe?
  6. Heh, i mean who knows why they hired them to kill you? It could absolutely be that! "Kar-Ski took the last plate of meatloaf...he must pay..."
  7. The problem with Memory loss of any kind, at least to me, is how do you even begin to enforce a policy like that on the scale paradise has? Its one thing if you have that policy on a small population server, its very personal, and easy to monitor, but ive seen paradise creep past 150 people at times, and its a safe bet 30-50% of the people in those rounds in some way ends up dead in some form. How much time do you dedicate into investigating each perceived offence? How would you deal with offenders? Do you begin punishing them? Do you start restricting them? Do you si
  8. A vox christmas https://gyazo.com/4999b535f89cf110953e8a07645403de
  9. Sometimes the ghosts are 100% right
  10. Big fan of the contingency audio, basically a "NT is gone, command and security, burn the evidence of anything we were doing that in anyway could be linked back to us, do so and you won't be burned along with it" Always loved the idea that the reason NT sends deathsquads was to hide all the illegal stuff they've been doing to make sure SolGov doesn't get any kind of legal justification to just nationalise the company. NT may be strong, but they should fear SolGov above all else. Your recording style remind me a lot of TheVolgun in the SCP community
  11. I was in that round to, it took me 30 minutes to get a spider, every time it would pop up, no matter how fast I tried it would always be taken first. I havent seen the new system for spider choice yet, but is it a general spider spawn like "A spider has spawned, do you wish to play it" or is it still specific such as "A red terror has spawned, do you wish to play it?"
  12. It would be kind of nifty, but would take a chunk of sprite work
  13. Hey there everyone, Toko/Octus has a new spooky piece and story they did for halloween and wishes to post it here for for everyone to enjoy. (Disclaimer: All art below drawn by Tokorizo/Octus, please do comment and share your thoughts and feelings) Behind the scenes: Picture I drew for Halloween. I got from an idea of Kikeri being evil. Wanted to draw a creepy picture and pretty gritty scene with a bit of a story to add to the scene. Overall this was a pretty long project and I had a lot of enjoyment doing this, give the story a read and give a criticism. Is it bad, is i
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