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  1. TR forever! I love the idea the shortest person in the group is driving
  2. Ive seen the idea of being easier/harder to push and pull be done, and it hasn't exactly worked out in a way id enjoy. The lack of pushing especially killed the ability for vox to work in cargo as one example. They also get trapped alot behind things while building, exploring or just walking around, and require either an admin to save them or a player, neither of them being ideal solutions. Its alot better just keeping it so people can pull/push people regardless of size for simplicity sake As for being able to push past easier, as an example, punpun already pushes past
  3. Whats a weaker "Move_resist" mean exactly mechanically? Please don't tell me it makes them unable to push or pull heavy things
  4. I've never really been clear on why this is a "boon", footsteps are already insanely quiet and overshadowed by all other sounds in the game with even the ambient noises covering them up and apparently only can be heard within maint? (Need clarification on that), with the one exception being jackboots which still make the sound.
  5. Personally Id love the dwarfism bit, its alwyas odd seeing full sized vox, when their supposed to be 3-4ft tall.
  6. To be fair, i like the idea of bullets leaving shrapnel in people. Would give a purpose to the whole "Engraving your bullets" feature, you pull out the bullet, and it has written on it "IT WAS ME! ALLLL ALONG! MEEEEEEE!"
  7. I like this, from personal experience, my prime fear while playing antag is not "Oh no i can't complete my objective" its "Oh no, if i'm caught the rounds over for me more or less" I don't really like going the route of a overtly violent antag except in ones where its kind of required "Changeling", so my attempts are never overtly violent, and the thought that "Ah crap i got caught, but i didnt do anything really all that bad that they can see, i could get parole if i cooperate." Makes the fear of round ending prison just for being caught with a syndie radio key, or a Chameleon Pro
  8. Its amazing to look back at all the adorable little kikeri art, all the fun people are having, and then BOOM. Toko Chainsaw Massacre. Great job!
  9. Welcome to HonkStation, enjoy your stay
  10. Because Joey is in there, I can't NOT hear this character shouting "BROOKLYN RAGE!" just before they attack with that knife
  11. Slenderman is an engine type? My god...its to powerfull
  12. One letter sure makes all the difference
  13. Its like a DND party Toko is the barbarian/fighter Chiki is the cleric/healer and Kar-Ski is the Bard ONWARDS TO ADVENTURE!
  14. I just want to know the story behind this, because...how...HOW IAN! HOW!
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