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  1. Ive always wanted somthing like this, and the idea that say, the round ender antag dies, ramp up the % chance of an even worse antag comming around later for the mid round, possibly mixed with other types.
  2. hah, i had a chunky cat like that before, that there, is a breadloaf cat "Father, feed me, I am but skin and bone" (30 seconds later) "Father, cares not for me..."
  3. For me, i go by spiderman rules: Everybody gets one. You get ONE self harm death, revolver yourself? I'll fix ya, bash yourself in medbay to death with a toolbox? I'll help ya, drink yourself into a coma? I'll fix ya. Fight an angry bear because you got some beef with it? I'll fix ya If i find you did these things AGAIN, after the first time. I aint fixin ya, i got people who actually need that medicine compared to the guy who keeps (And true story) Literally eating every pill in the chemists cooler, and no matter how many times we fixed him he would do it again later, so
  4. Ive had this idea to, have it be a random ship design, proper hazards, things to find etc. If they break down the ship properly, they can fax CC for a new one. Ahhh...a man can dream, but i doubt this will become a thing.
  5. But...fuel tanks are literally everywhere and punch holes in more things than ive ever seen a pod do. While a pod can explode, does the bay really need to be as reinforced as the RND test lab that explodes on a daily basis? Not even the toxins test site has reinforced floors and its designed to resist explosions for test purposes. Personally, if someone wishes to reinforce the pod bay, that's up to them, but id wager most people would rather just customise it easier.
  6. This is a design i usualy build ingame when I go mechanic, lots of pod storage, and a work space. Side note: Im not sure why the mechanics bay always has reinforced floors, they cant be floor painted so they always gota be wrenched up to apply proper floor textures and markings. Personally im in the opinion that the bay should in no way have reinforced floors simply for better asthetics, its not like it needs explosion resistant floors.
  7. It would be nice if it was even a bit bigger, their entire job is to make pods, but their current bay only holds 1 pod. Personally I feel it could be big enough to hold 4-6 pods and thatd be good.
  8. Personally, id sacrifice all of those and take extra damage just to be small at round start as an option for vox who wish to take it. Its a pet peeve having the smallest species having a sprite thats as big, if not just a smidge larger than the average species sprite
  9. God everytime i see art of Dan Jello, i just imagine he somehow at some point got teleported back in time to lead a British regiment against the french, or maybe to become a pirate king only to be teleported back to the future. Awesome art
  10. Sometimes, food is the comfiest bed of all
  11. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, for the sake of not turning the brig cells into Lovers Lane, where all broken hearts go to die and security becomes overburdened with the sheer amount of akward kiss givers and recievers, for me, id say say.....
  12. BlackDog


    I tend to just get manifest hired into security as a medbay security officer. An entire role just for that seems...unneeded. The only place I could see getting its own "guard" would be the bar in the form of a bouncer job, because that place can get crazy at times.
  13. Yeaaaa, I also wouldnt really want random genetic things applied to me at round start either. Ive already got it written into my characters backstory and via the menu to pick stuff the ones that they have, and suddenly having torretes, a stutter, or even being mute at random on rounds, that force me to go to genetics to get it fixed before i can begin the round proper at the start, just does not sound fun. That being said, Im all for more things being added to the character creator for people who wish to add them to themselves by choice.
  14. Ofton times ive noticed that some time before a summon is attempted, the cult is already over running a few areas, or most of the station, and thus people in a panic to escape, attack halo'd people while on their way to find a way out, not so much in a "Im going hunting" sense but more "Their in my way, and i need past, BANG, now that their dead, have run off, or are simply to wounded to fight, i keep moving" Example: A group of 5-6 people a few days ago with me in my kitchen all trying to make our way to EVA to grab a suit and bail into space, we make it there fine, but after we a
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