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  1. Jimmy Buffet? No cheese burger? but?! BUT!? THAT LOOKS LIKE PARADISE! (ba dum tish)
  2. I do love white ship tales, so many good memories of survival, betrayal and Skipjack Raiding, and for a moment there I thought that was Revolver Giki on your ship.
  3. Very nice, also havent thought of newgrounds music in a long time. With a bit of digging i found that Sector 11, was in itself a recreation of some of the chords from the guys very first song: Manufacturing Unit 101, you can clearly hear it. The history of the music we enjoy is quite interesting, almost feel like a lot of this guys music could be implemented into SS13 as its soundtrack
  4. A warning on SR would be neat, though: Coming from a vox main player: Going to have to give a hard -Support on the idea that vox become cloneable, part of the reason it's impossible is you can't clone a vox's "brain", the stack is not organic and is beyond what NT is capable of understanding or even reproducing. Its tech that was created by an enigmatic species that is untold millennia old as a whole, and beyond its "public" face of the primalis who conduct raids and do work and oddjobs beyond their arks, not much else if anything is really known about the arks, let alone the tech that allows a vox to essentially be immortal so long as their stack survives to be reimplanted into a new host. To make them clonable would be to remove their concept of a cortical stack, which would fundamentally change who they are as a species. You can scan and clone a humanoids thoughts, memories and create a perfect copy that is just a new version of them. You can't make a new vox unless you ARE the Vox. Edit: A side note about the new crit 2 minute timer, a PR is currently in the works for bumping that up back up to 5 minutes and seems widely supported
  5. <------------------Highly Bias towards being vox: Being a vox takes a certain kind of player what with the inviolate, voxspeak, being made of literal glass and having 99% of all locations being lethal to you without a mask, and it's not for everyone but in the end it all comes down to a few factors: Which races look do you like more? Which races lore do you like more? Which races boons/Malices do you like more? Which race do you think you'd have more fun with? Ask yourself the above and you will probably have your answer
  6. Dark times, for a dark mime, side note: That clown gives me the creeps, like picture him down a dark hallway with flickering lights, holding a bloodied knife, as he, not walks, but slides towards you, and the last thing you hear is "Honk"
  7. ahahah, i was wondering what was with all the heads
  8. Vox shoes to me almost seem like socks that are thick enough to provide padding for their feet only.
  9. This is why all Vox bartenders get a standard issue a stool to stand on. Great picture
  10. Mindshield implants are not loyalty implants. Simply giving the RD,HoP,CMO etc a mindsheild does not prevent them from being disloyal, corrupt or flat out traitors. In the end all this does is make it more difficult for to be mindslaved by a syndicate or culted, or thralled.
  11. That actualy sounds pretty cool
  12. I do like the idea of replacing xeno with a new antag type entirely, the question comes up though: What? Xeno types are Terrorspiders We have our replicator type in the form of swarmers Wizards are wizards Vampires suck (hur) Changlings give us our paranoia type Blobs and Nuke Ops are our end of the world scenarios I swear zombies are in the code but broken, but those are kind of meh considering your on a space station. We got cults for our lovecraftian nightmares Whatever would replace them would have to be unique and stand out, I alawys figured Necromorphs would be fun, but they would be to tanky and similar to a blob outbreak. I'm all for their removal though until a replacement is found, their just not fun.
  13. Wow, i tossed that out there as a guess, well I'll say it, TS are FAR more fun and balanced than xeno in their current form. Xeno almost need Colonial Marines level of polish and reworking in their current state, multiple xeno types, specific xeno for specific tasks, with some designed for very specific tasks. Examples for those who have never heard of/played Colonial Marines: They got a xeno type for everything, one who is the ONLY one who can toss facehuggers at people, one who is really fast, but weak, big tanky guys, acid sprayers, the works and the biggest difference: While fire is more effective at killing them, they are just as susceptible to brute damage as anything else, they just got more HP, hell in the movie they blow ones head off at point blank with a 12 gauge, so their brute resistance has never made sense to me.
  14. Due to their broken status i'm the polar opposite, every single time a xeno outbreak occurs i cringe, and think "Welp there goes the round, we're all dead, and most RP is down the tube" and if they get wiped out quick i think "Oh boy, its not ruined, but now we don't get a fun enemy to fight like terror spiders or a blob" Overall Xeno need a huge rebalance, and in all honesty, the sheer amount needed to fix them and make them interesting and fun seems to be on par with taking ideas from Colonial Marines and creating new sprites for new xeno types to fit abilitys and ability walling. What i mean by this is: Terror Spiders: Open Vents: Brown Spider Only Infect Crew: White spider Only (Infection is not fatal when allowed to come to term, infected pass out for a bit when spiders hatch) Ranged Attack: Queen Only Stunlock Attack: Prince of terror only Destroy Walls: Royalty spiders only Speed: All spiders are slower than crew Tankiness: Only 3 types of spider can tank crew attacks, but not for sustained periods Cloaking: Only grey spiders can become invisible, and only then on spider webs (Not sure if this is still a thing) Xeno: Open Vents: All xeno can, though only from on top of the vent Infect Crew: All xeno can carry 2 facehuggers to infect crew (Infection is fatal if allowed to come to term, COMPLETELY destroying the body, removing a player from the round during outbreaks) Ranged Attack: Sentinel xeno get a ranged acid attack, all xeno can carry 2 ranged facehugger attacks Stunlock Attack: All xeno have a stunlock attack that is repeatable ad-nauseam Destroy Walls: Queen and all Sentinels can melt walls and airlocks Speed: Every xeno is faster than the crew by a factor of 2 Tankiness: Xenomorphs have a 50% extra resistance to brute damage, the most common in game, but take 50% extra burn damage Cloaking: All hunter xenomorphs can cloak When compared side by side, Xenomorphs need some serious work to get them on par with terror spiders, and honestly terror spiders almost seem like they were made to replace xenomorphs as an antag entirely.