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  1. This, is why I bring a lunch lol
  2. Torque spent a good 60 seconds pushing them side to side before Giki finally grabbed him and locked him in Torque jail, where only the most nefarious of torques go!
  3. Those outfits...are god damn adorable and i wish they were available normally
  4. (Bzzzzt) {Captian Whelen, a Mr.Red is here to see you} "Send him in..." (Shhhinnk)
  5. My personal kit doesn't really require the chemists, just the medvend at round start outside the paramedics office: 200u Salbutamol IV bag, 20u per pill, 10 pills worth 200u Mannitol IV bag, 20u per pill, 10 pills worth 100-200u Charcoal IV bag: You'd be amazed how quickly this stuff gets used on a vox heavy round 200u Saline IV bag, 2 200u O- Blood IV bags for emergency on site treatment 1 Advanced first aid kit with splints to replace the health scanner 1 Patch pack with 10 Burn patches and 10 Healing patches 1 Pill bottle with 5 Mutadone pills and an assortment of whatever pills become available Medical Belt with: 1 Designated Hypospray Salbutamol 30u 1 Designated Hypospray Saline-epi 50/50, 30u 1 Designated Hypospray Mannitol, 30u 1 General Purpose Non-designated Hypospray, General Purpose 1 Full size defibrillator/Compact Defibrillator if available 1 Handheld defibrillator 1 Advanced Medical Scanner 1 Handheld crew monitor 1 Handheld pinpointer With this kit a chemist is kind of a non issue for the majority of the round unless an extremely terrible situation arises, or some chems require a refill that cannot be refilled via a med vend With the designated hypospray route you just keep in rhythm, 1-2 shots saline/epi, 1 shot salbutamol, 1 shot mannitol, patient is stable to move or apply further aid to, inject more of the needed drug, as needed.
  6. Sometimes, you look into space , at the endless void, the infinite possibilities, at all that there is, was and ever will be and wonder to yourself... Just how in the hell, did salmon get into the window without breaking it...
  7. It really does seem like it needs somthin, again, with the method of breaching the rear of the sat if you had a kill/steal the AI objective, 5 minutes into the round BOOM, done. Perhaps the ability to flood its sat with metal foam as a method to slow down attackers, or even go all GLADOS on people and flood it with neurotoxin "Half serious"
  8. My personal method is punch a hole 2 layers in at the rear of the at, plant a syndie bomb, annnnnnnnnn, theres nothing left to stop me from getten to the AI heh
  9. I kind of wish this was the case as well, always felt the immediate aftermath of a hull breach was a mild inconvenience compared to the life threatening issue its supposed to be.
  10. Truely, even space cannot unstick duct tape
  11. Getten some serious TROGDOR vibes Maybe a meganymph can be TROGDOR!
  12. Not even demon possessed swords are immune from the LAW!
  13. I think thats Silent Quills?
  14. hehe, getting some Senate vibes there. "Captain! you will answer to the senate!" (I AM THE SENATE!)