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  1. The things I have seen...cannot be unseen...
  2. To be fair, by arming it, you kind of are indicating you wish to throw it...less someone wishes to blow themselves up, at that point just hold on and prepare for the bang
  3. Many a time i have canceled the grenade toss by hitting R when not meaning to. That said, i get why its like this. So long as i can remember to not do this, its far better to have it prime the toss after I arm it, you've armed a grenade, its live, its going to blow up unless you toss it, so arm, toss is much easier if it auto primes the toss when you arm the grenade.
  4. Ahh gargoyles, loved that show as a kid. Good to see its not lost to time
  5. Ahh i love fake paperwork, i tried to do that once where I had targets who couldnt leave the station, so i faxed the CE and NT rep posing as CC to stay behind to fix the engine and engineering, while the NT rep observed to make sure he did it. Ended up not needing to after all, CE died, and the NT rep got locked in the captains office and couldnt get out to reach the shuttle. One of the weirdest greentexts i ever got
  6. That made me laugh more than it should have, i would love a Gordon Botsky in my kitchen! It just plays really bitcrunched audio of gordon ramsy "ITS FROZEN!" "WHERES THE LAMB SAUCE?!" "ITS RAW!" “This pizza is so disgusting, if you take it to Italy you’ll get ARRESTED!.” and if it catches you making Hawaiian pizza it says “This isn’t a pizza, this is a mistake. This is an Italian tragedy.”
  7. Huh, the old method does seem better. Walk into a room: Examine, oh their dead, or oh their not dead, move from there, if your a nuke op, shoot them on the floor. Compared to: Walk into a room, 6 bodys on the floor, you have ZERO idea if their actualy dead until you take the time to check them, which depending on circumstance, you may not have time for, and simply move on. Good for nuke op avoidance, why shoot the "corpse" on the floor when you have lots of other more mobile obviously living targets to shoot.
  8. I love the mirror vox, Vox can also make good use of their standard issue E.A.D, or Extendable Arm Device Only the most high tech devices issued by nanotrasen
  9. Yay, thanks for the great work! HUGE thanks to @Drakeven for the Kar-Ski art
  10. Awww, sad I missed it! Sounds like your party was...a blast! (Ba dum tish) *Crickets*
  11. Love the idea, buuuuut this just made me imagine an army of killer tomatos breaking out of xeno to flood the station with their delicious goodness and nashing teeth...and i love it.
  12. Caz that story reminded me of this: Great piece McRamon, keep it up!
  13. BlackDog


    Its a good thing screaming is also perfectly normal! Yup, no need to worry about the blood curdling screams you just heard down that dark hallway, that's just the vox talking. Welcome to para
  14. The Pod Stop, a nitrogen bar, good food, no dust, overt S class contraband on display as trophies, and where every vox in the room had a .357 russian variant Side Note: Spacelaws super cool yo, should totes do as it says