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  1. I work as a secretary for attorneys, so that's where most of my time sinks in. Just as the paramedic does not like working in medical I tend to avoid the IAA job like the plague. Other than that I spend a lot of time on VR games these days.
  2. Regarding the syndie feature: I don't think it should have much of a cost, since it's already more risky to use as it is - since you are doing crime stationary and obviously the screen would go red for any onlooker. I doubt many people would bother spending 2 TC. Giving it a cost limits the number of people buying it by a lot - and thus making it useless for those who actually would. You could make it a TC item that unlocks the feature once, or just make it emaggable, thus making it usable to any traitor afterwards. Repairable only by deconstruction. Another newscaster idea: add a PDA cartridge for a portable newscaster function (read-only).
  3. I have seen the HoP use it sometime for listing open job slots. That's where I did use it to see what job is open before I even go to stand in the line. I'd also like it for advertisement, too. Or trading. And it needs a secret section where you can enter your syndie code to get to a syndie messaging or trading section.
  4. I really like the idea, since librarian is a job that's very lacking. I guess the only negative thing about it would be the unreliable nature of getting things to do. If nobody brings you an item to study there will still be nothing to do (not more than now) and, beside maint diving, you'd have no way on getting your hands on them except if you leave the station. Then again, I like the idea of a possible librarian-mechanic cooperation, where the librarian travels space to find artifacts and further his knowledge. Either way, it sounds fun.
  5. I also think that xray is fine as it is. It is a powerful weapon, yes, and powerful weapons can turn the tides, if used well. I agree that it makes stealthplay harder, but removing it won't stop the bad habits of some antag players. You could as well then remove the forensic scanner, since that is a powerful weapon as well in the hands of a clever detective. Don't make security a tame cat without claws just to make playing antag more predictable. Where we should rather start, in regards of xray, is: Making departments more aware of the rules of how and when to distribute the DNA/implants. I've seen officers rush to get xray on code green, this should just not happen/be stopped by someone who is responsible for watching out for this kind of thing. Don't forget that a greentext should be hard to achieve, that antags are bound to fail more than to win. Else it would be nothing special. This seems to be an unpopular opinion, so I didn't contribute it, yet. I also don't really play antag - and even when playing antag I don't care too much about winning.
  6. - Special cyborg upgrades like EMP-safety or something that adds a new tool to the chosen module. Stronger modules like faster VTEC, better self-repair module, etc. - An implant that saves the implanted from EMP - for IPCs or people with cybernetic parts (saving once or indefinitely or with a chance to break?) - Some other special upgrades for robotics (special mech parts?) - Something for the AI, even though the AI would not be able to buy things. (Hah, I just imagined the AI sending a horde of service cyborgs to throw credits...). Maybe something that command would get for the AI? But I'm out of ideas here, since I never played AI myself
  7. Also notice us xenobio creatures, who were sent to support the cult and stop people from disrupting the ritual. We arrived to the slaughter already having happened, just not... as expected.
  8. I basically like the idea of veteran roles, especially since they could potentially be different every single round and thus pose a challenge for those getting bored. 200 karma might be just a bit too expensive, but it would ensure to put someone with experience in. So that has merit, but might just give the role to a very small number of players at best. It has too many other issues as well, in my opinion: - Hit or miss role - if nobody contracts you, you'll pretty much just be a civilian that cost you a ton of karma. - 5 karma for one contract in a round is too much for anyone to bother. Take that away, and all the antags will just try to call first dibs. I feel it would just end up as perma antag role. - Credits are extremely easy to come by, yet there are not too many ways to get them. I personally don't want to see a role farm the slot machine every round for the sweet moneys to buy their all access ID. Or the contractors, for that matter, to pay the contract fee. So before credits get a major overhaul I wouldn't implement a role that depends on them in its entirety. In general, I'd love to see a mercenary role though, but better as a midround random event character for ghosts, since this would spice things up a lot. A mercenary for instance, would not be crew, and could get a set of objectives that are not necessary antag ones.
  9. For mining: Kinetic Accellerator with a bit more space for mods. Would be unique and I'd trade a lot for that. Drawback: No idea how hard it would be to make changes to the mod space. Also: I second the Strange Seeds for botany. You can only get more when ordering exotic seed crates, of which you cannot order a big amount easily.
  10. Approval of the CMO/RD is needed for every single power given out, irregardless of alarm status. Regarding the initial proposal: the reworks sound interesting, but even more RNG-based, since you now need to find out endless combinations of blocks instead of working on a list, which makes teamwork between genetecists even harder or up to impossible. It sounds a bit tedious, even if you make manipulating blocks easier and thus faster. As the system is now, two good genetecists need almost all of the two hours to finish all blocks. The chance of xray after 15 minutes is there, but not that high.
  11. Can a morph communicate if they shapeshift into someone? Would be nice to have 'friendly' morph incidents. I must admit that the thought of a morph in a nukie round 'guarding' the disk makes me smile. How they would hunt the disk all over the station... ?
  12. 1 evil admin setting back the counter. :< But this will not deter me.
  13. 6 admins plotting evil... I mean entertaining events...!