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  1. Heh hey there! Don't worry back then it took me a good while to start using the forum as well. It wasn't as long as it is in your case but a good 2-3 months sounds about right ^^ Hope you'll enjoy it here!
  2. You keep saying that to yourself.
  3. You can see that I literally didn't saw anything and my aim was flicked away into Arties direction by something damaging me >:c
  4. The worst part about that is just the complete silence around you, no music, no sounds aside from your own and the xeno ones. And as you can see my flashlight was broken during one of the blackouts......that's the worst feeling you can have!
  5. Hell yes he is xD That's the game basically, a lot of screaming, a lot of "coordinated actions" and the moment the power goes out....oh my.
  6. So me and @shatterdcoyote had the genious idea of recording some of our shenanigans from other games and throwing them into this post now and then. I don't have much time to play nor do I have my PC right now so there won't be any new videos in the near future but I'm sure new ones will pop up eventually. So for this first one we have me Terry and @Saxis playing "Space Beast Terror Freight" together and dying a horrible death. In this game you have to enter a xeno infested station, in order to download the big blue Datacores, which give you upgrades now and then. After that is done the coolant has to be depowered so the Self-Destruction of the station activates itself, which also means that you'll have to get back to your pod as quickly as possible, before the whole thing blows itself apart. Blue - Artie Green - Terry Red - Me and I should raise my mic volume next time but in my defence: The volume was just fine on Discord Enjoy!
  7. ? @TheClosetMailman. Later on I threw a turned on radio into that pile and the clowns broadcasted for the entire station. "HONK" "Welcome to clown planet" "HONK"
  8. Centcom got invaded by clowns! It's now the Clown Command so still CC, sounds fair to me.
  9. Syndie borg meets Security borg.....and has a talk.
  10. I'm afraid those were more than just two steps too far. Try again ?
  11. Hey hey, always good to see new people being interested in a game that is so....let's say special. Well since the mentor already mentioned mhelp I can as well mention ahelp, which is also available under F1. If you have any doubts regarding what is allowed or not, or if you think that someone is breaking the rules don't hesitate to give us a shout! Hope you'll enjoy your time on the station then, although the "Don't die" part will be hard sometimes ?
  12. Always happy to help ? @Sampaiii
  13. OH COME ON I WAS ABOUT TO- grrrrrr