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  1. For me, it’d have to be Keasbey Nights, as performed by Streetlight Manifesto.
  2. Nesikriti Ziesuzuo woke up, having apparently fallen asleep in his office. As he slowly shakes himself awake, rattling his quills together, he gets jolted off his chair by the sudden impact of a meteor hitting the station! “Ohhhhh fucks fucks fucks fuuuuucks...” He scrambles to get into the Chief Engineer hardsuit, slipping on and activating all the advanced hardware, grabbing the RCD and slamming in Compressed Matter Cartridges. Activating his radio as he starts running out of the engineering department, he says “Damage reports!”
  3. 6 dead patients, buckled to chairs, the doctor’s not in.
  4. You can do that already. Just use an advanced trauma kit on them.
  5. 2 people, totally not noteworthy, hanging out. Wait, what’s that folder they just swapped?
  6. Given that ants have been added, this would actually be a cool addition. Far too many times has the HOP been too busy/stuck in their office to actually enforce any sort of law on Service. So, I’m all for some kind of role that does that!
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