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  1. So tiny Normal Ellie adventures time !
  2. Ah welcome to forums we have a bar a pool ...that is under repairs due to a fire don't ask and even a new vending machine so enjoy your stay ! this is where i would put something along the lines as ask a mentor but you already know that so once again enjoy your stay !
  3. 2 berets on my shelf you know who they belong to
  4. Man i love drawing these sketches its been a while but here we are again with Ellie and her mug ! and it's getting there slowly...hair is still one of my main enemies Rob-Co approves of this mug
  5. Slime Gang ! ignore the dead body
  6. They are indeed ..the best and a deserve the pats every single one of them
  7. hmhm...i have proof that says otherwise jeff slight edit...uh remember to check new posts people so you dont post..sonmething meant for a post that was made days ago...like this nerd