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  1. Another sketch but this time one with paint ! along with a background it's amazing what a background can do
  2. Ghost's ? well i got just the group of heros you will nee...and they are already booked ah well i will just get my vacuum cleaner and suck them up
  3. spark being sweet ? what sourcery is this ?
  4. so time for yet another sketch this time for hair ! not perfect (once again) but its a progress Also no UwW's >:C
  5. so after reading and watching a few vids i came to the conclusion that..it was time to stop messing around and practice so i have been practicing for a while and keeping with the name of this thread here is a sketch and..sorry for the background but since im just sketching and not painting them it looks this way warble
  6. BOB anyway welcome and enjoy your stay if you need help with the game Mentors are here to serve and Admins to help you with naughty players
  7. that...came off as more agresive then i wanted it to but yeah thanks again !
  8. "improve fast" while i would want to learn the fast way i think everyone does the way to get good is to..practice practice and well who could guess it practice take the long road and it will be worth it in the end
  9. i thank all of those who have posted their tips here and i will use all of them to learn and improve on my drawing skills it's going to take a while but well it suppsed to
  10. ...what also Miranda Skywalker still i still keep tabs on this thread from time to time keep it up
  11. So...Xerdis told me to draw a IPC cat i don' think this is what he had in mind i regret nothing
  12. Sketching on paper is real fun so glad to see that your doing it again !