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  1. This is a good admin guys, great dude.

  2. What are some cheap, common objects that you think are cool? I, myself, like classic aviator sunglasses. +1 Style
  3. Well dang, this died as soon as it started RIP
  4. Alas, another one bites the dust.
  5. Any new and notable code released on the github recently?
  6. I have read Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka recently. I recommend it to all others who enjoy reading, it is a thoughtful and emotional story that easily grabbed my attention from the very start. The text is quite short, which makes is perfectly suitable for light readers such as myself. I give it a 10/10. Great Book.
  7. On the starting level of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, I am only missing one tape. :P
  8. (please forgive not being able to spell certain names correctly by memory) Slith Skaar - obvious one Skaresh Skeshaskor - good captain Jannon - literally a robot with a beard, super cool. Rooster Cogfield - Don't make a mess in this guy's bar,or else... basically any other character that I didn't make - you guys are awesome.
  9. I shared a life story that I experienced that involved me insulting a specific homosexual for drawing attention to himself on 9/11, which I saw as disrespectful.
  10. Well, I have tried playing on TG and hippie, wasn't too fun... is there any other server at least sort of like paradise?
  11. Thank you! You're a big help. I appreciate the resources. This is something that I can actually study.
  12. Sorry everyone. I made a fatal mistake, and have been removed from both the discord, and the server permanently. I would just like to say that this server was a blast to play on, and you people have been extremely nice and I thank you for that. The rounds of the server are always interesting, and the code for this server is really cool, and I appreciate all of the great minds that went into actually making the code. This community is great, and I am glad that I was a part of it for a short while. You people are amazing, and that is only an understatement. I wish you all a heartfelt farewell, a
  13. I don't know all of the terminology that comes with learning the instrument, as I am trying to teach myself using available resources. I am aware of the names of each note, and their placement on the keyboard, I simply want an easier way to remember the keys' connection to notes written in sheet music. On an additional note, I have played saxophone before and had used sheet music back then.
  14. I am having trouble relating specific keys to their counterparts within written sheet music, does anyone know on any fruitful exercises to help with this particular problem?
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