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  1. As I said, Space law talks only about items being contraband, not knowledge. You seem to be only assuming you are right here. But to answer the point about knowing sleeping carp implying you had contraband, I thought about that, but it depends on external (to space law) facts about sleeping carp that I do not know. Is there any other way of learning sleeping carp in universe? Do only syndies know sleeping carp? The analogy to implants is interesting, but presumably the implant is inside you and it could still be considered an item, and there's really no other way to have a implant other than being implanted.
  2. But they are only EoC because they are charged with Possession of Class S Contraband, no? Is the only possible way to know sleeping carp in universe through syndies and the scroll?
  3. I don't think space law right now as written includes knowing sleeping carp as a crime. Recently I came across a prisoner put in perma for knowing sleeping carp, it had committed no other crimes. Security permaed it, but I was unsure if it was legal. I faxed CC and they told me knowing sleeping carp was class S contraband, so it was legal. I think that was the right call, and sleeping carp users should be permaed, but you can't arrive in that conclusion from the text of Space Law. Crime 306 - Possession of Contraband text is: The clarification texts reads in part: Going to the linked "Contraband" we find: (bold added by me in all cases) In the list of Dangerous Contraband Items (S) we find "Mysterious Scroll (Sleeping Carp)". The "Sleeping Carp" in parenthesis arguably could be referring to the fact that knowing sleeping carp is Class S Contraband, but given that all references to Contraband explicitly say "items", and the text of the crime itself list the possession of "items" as constituting the crime I don't think this is nearly clear enough. Wish I had a very clean solution, but the best thing I could come up with is putting an asterisk on the Scroll saying that knowing Sleeping Carp is incontrovertible evidence of having been in possession of the scroll.
  4. Can't choose one, will say what better me the most in each department. Science don't man R&D often enough; Robotics half the time can't fix anything if their life depended on it. Can’t count how many times I’ve seen dead IPCs and borgs forever forgotten on robotics floor while they build their mechs. Sec can be shitters, abuse people, arrest without reason, give unreasonable or illegal sentences, kill people illegally, and don't usually enforce the law against their own. Service has the greatest concentration of inexperienced players and is unusually affected by people dropping off. Bar and kitchen are frequently unmanned. Botany some rounds can't do shit. Janitors use water instead of space cleaner. I feel cargo has the same problems as service, but because of 3 people there, they more frequently can man cargo. Could never get them to mail something for me when I have no access to a request console or want to send a bigger package. QM do not take care of his miners nearly well enough. Engies are lazy fucks, atmos even lazier. Lot of rounds all hardsuits are taken and there's no one working. Atmos never clear their alarms. But at least it's a big department, and 1-2 people can do the job. If there's something really big happening sometimes people who fucked off start working again, so that helps too. Command is frequently highly incompetent. My impression is that Cap and RD are the most incompetent on average. Guess It make sense for Cap to be the most incompetent guy on station since he does nothing, but sometimes he must take pretty consequential decisions that fuck the station over. Also, command communicate way less often than they should, and sometimes is difficult to fire cap simply because people are not listening to radio. In like 10% of the rounds not the AI or CE turn on the fucking solars in tcomms. CEs don't know tcomms enough to repair it if something happens most of the time, and frequently never even check on tcomms problems. RD's frequently can't deal with AI problems and other heads must do it for them. Medbay is fine enough in my experience.
  5. So since there's something of an agreament on the dual nature of the IAA role right now, i guess we could just split the role. Give one IAA slot for general SoP enforcement under the NT rep, and one lawyer slot under magi to defende crews right and enforce SoP in sec.
  6. IAA already have basic access to all departments. Also I've played quite a bit and no antag ever stole my shit, so the loot aspect is being a bit overplayed i guess. I quite like playing IAA going from department to department, checking on how they're doing, seeing if they need something. I think the role has some problems but is not that bad. It works well for that and heads (if not crew) usually listen to me well enough on the weight of my title and because I usually try to help them too. Like if I see eng is skimping on the project, I don't just shit on CE, I let him know, and ask if they need some help. Maybe they are understaffed, and I could try to talk to HoP, maybe cargo or science are not delivering, and I can go talk to them, and save the CE the trouble, as he's frequently quite busy. I find that when playing this way, the role is quite satisfactory, as you can make meaningful improvements to the station, and RP focused, as you basically are just running around talking to people and heads to solve problems. Being under NT Rep would really suit my playstyle better. I guess IAA is in a strange place being both a SoP and Space Law supervisor.
  7. Both of these are restricted, so i don't think it will really change much. Think oil wouldn't be too out of place in one of the arrivals storages.
  8. Can you thou? You'll need a crowbar or wrench too won't you?
  9. I've heard of antags using the chat laptop app to coordinate
  10. You don't really need dock permission to dock with a ship. A mobile ship could easily do some maneuvers to prevent docking if they wanted, but it doesn’t look like cyberiad has any forms of attitude control so I don’t think it could prevent docking. They can however keep the docking port closed and bolted.
  11. I dont see any reason to give janitor a toolbox. I dont understand the trashbag change, why is using it in a belt a problem? Other than that I like the changes, jani is pretty poor gameplaywise. If it's possible and easy i'd would also be nice to give a reason for jani to clean litter from the floor.
  12. Beach club is full of patons today!
  13. Thanks for the very nice guide! I'd just add the locations of soaps and space cleaner and tell folks that keeping brig clean is wardens job.
  14. Mostly what i see Nuke ops fucking up is not pushing for their objectives, getting separated and pinned down, and killing themselves with explosives. I've seem just taking too long, but I don't think it's the most prevalent mistake.
  15. I kind like the idea of small objectives, but I don't think just implementing the system for science for other things will work. Most things are more difficult to check and as a roboticist I always just ignore my objectives because they make no difference at all.
  16. Whoever put destination taggers in atmos and moved our hardsuits, thank you!
  17. Maint airlocks are ID restricted
  18. Yeah, given my experiences with plasmamen are consistently terrible i guess having karma = being a shithead
  19. You can give karma to people you can't see. Under the "Special Verbs" tab there's "Award Karma to Player" verb that opens a pop-up with all chars you can see, and an "Award Karma" verb that opens a pop-up with all chars on the map. I don't really have problems with the karma system, but it's completly surprising how much karma varies by role. Antags gets lots of karma probably because they have ghosts attention. I get tons of karma from medbay and robotics, just by doing the job, almost none from eng even if i do something incredible.
  20. Aren't borgs slower than crew? Is not that useful, but i think it would be nice. M&B13 coming
  21. Now in favor of public notes so we can read Spacemanspark's notes
  22. Rereading my post I think I wasn't completely clear. The problem with this is that admins are basically working for free for us. Anything that gives them more work will reduce the poll of possible admins, leading to less admins and/or lower quality ones, and admins diverting time from old work to the new work that was added. Any new work we add should be valuable, at least as valuable as actually policing rounds and processing ban appeals, probably more valuable than that. I simply don't think public notes are valuable enough.
  23. I've been out for some months, but I've been playing in para for quite some time now, and I'm coming back, so I think I might as well chip in. Honestly one of the main appeals of the forum are the appeals. It's always a pleasure to come and get up to date with all the crazy rule breaking and the excuses people come up with. I find that the admins here are actually extremely generous with everyone, including people that to me look like clearly malicious in their intent. I do get that maybe for the admins is better to err on the side of not banning, because it's a pain to have people complaining about bans. So, while I'm mildly curious about my notes, and possibly would dispute the admin description of the situations in my notes, it's simply not worth it to make them public. It's quite easy to not get banned, and to get unbanned. Public notes would make admins have to work more, would make the notes system less efficient, probably resulting in a lower number of bans, just to satisfy a few player's curiosity. Especially when you can probably just ask if you're curious enough, so even the upsides are not that great compared to status quo.
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