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  1. As I said, Space law talks only about items being contraband, not knowledge. You seem to be only assuming you are right here. But to answer the point about knowing sleeping carp implying you had contraband, I thought about that, but it depends on external (to space law) facts about sleeping carp that I do not know. Is there any other way of learning sleeping carp in universe? Do only syndies know sleeping carp? The analogy to implants is interesting, but presumably the implant is inside you and it could still be considered an item, and there's really no other way to have a implant
  2. But they are only EoC because they are charged with Possession of Class S Contraband, no? Is the only possible way to know sleeping carp in universe through syndies and the scroll?
  3. I don't think space law right now as written includes knowing sleeping carp as a crime. Recently I came across a prisoner put in perma for knowing sleeping carp, it had committed no other crimes. Security permaed it, but I was unsure if it was legal. I faxed CC and they told me knowing sleeping carp was class S contraband, so it was legal. I think that was the right call, and sleeping carp users should be permaed, but you can't arrive in that conclusion from the text of Space Law. Crime 306 - Possession of Contraband text is: The clarification texts reads in part:
  4. I think building things is kinda strange from an IC perspective, but it makes lots of sense from OOC. I guess everything is a balance between how much it makes sense from both perspectives. The only powergame that really piss me off is when eng does R&D to print themselves some loot.
  5. This is pretty much insane from an IC perspective. Like saying civs in an embassy where they have some terrorist attack chance walk around with makeshift guns in case something goes wrong.
  6. Can't choose one, will say what better me the most in each department. Science don't man R&D often enough; Robotics half the time can't fix anything if their life depended on it. Can’t count how many times I’ve seen dead IPCs and borgs forever forgotten on robotics floor while they build their mechs. Sec can be shitters, abuse people, arrest without reason, give unreasonable or illegal sentences, kill people illegally, and don't usually enforce the law against their own. Service has the greatest concentration of inexperienced players and is unusually affected by people dropping o
  7. I agree the decade was on balance worse than 00s, probably due to the aftermath of the 2009 recession. But on the bright side global poverty kept on falling. (mainly due to china thou). Think space is going on a good pace, probably better than the decade preceding the 10s. We'll finally get Bannerlord before the end of the decade. Also i think people are too pessimist on gaming. The conversation is completly dominated by monetization problems and such, but we have more options than ever, we have tons of indie games filling a lot of niches, we still have a lot of things launched in t
  8. So since there's something of an agreament on the dual nature of the IAA role right now, i guess we could just split the role. Give one IAA slot for general SoP enforcement under the NT rep, and one lawyer slot under magi to defende crews right and enforce SoP in sec.
  9. Races: - Mostly Human, because I can unmind the race aspect. - IPCs, so I can complain about organics - BORGS, because playing laws are interesting Jobs: - Atmos because you can interact with some interesting systems, also eng to a lesser extent. - Robo because you very often make a massive contribution to people's rounds, as they usually couldn't fix an IPC if their life depend on it, frequently not even a borg. - IAA because a more people interaction job is a nice change of pace compared to hiding in atmos control room the whole round - Botanist for the very interesting sys
  10. IAA already have basic access to all departments. Also I've played quite a bit and no antag ever stole my shit, so the loot aspect is being a bit overplayed i guess. I quite like playing IAA going from department to department, checking on how they're doing, seeing if they need something. I think the role has some problems but is not that bad. It works well for that and heads (if not crew) usually listen to me well enough on the weight of my title and because I usually try to help them too. Like if I see eng is skimping on the project, I don't just shit on CE, I let him know, and ask
  11. Both of these are restricted, so i don't think it will really change much. Think oil wouldn't be too out of place in one of the arrivals storages.
  12. Can you thou? You'll need a crowbar or wrench too won't you?
  13. I've heard of antags using the chat laptop app to coordinate
  14. You don't really need dock permission to dock with a ship. A mobile ship could easily do some maneuvers to prevent docking if they wanted, but it doesn’t look like cyberiad has any forms of attitude control so I don’t think it could prevent docking. They can however keep the docking port closed and bolted.
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