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  1. Really like this idea. Unsure about the code side of things though.
  2. I agree Vox need some love right now. I think both are fairly good ideas. I like the idea of a short speed boost. It should honestly only last a few seconds, as speed is basically one of the most powerful things in SS13. Also, I don't know about full shock immunity but I could definitely see a resistance to the damage it deals, or perhaps the ability to shrug off the stun of the shock, but still take damage.
  3. I talked about this with Warrior and some others in mentor chat on discord. Not going to post everything.. but I like the #2 option here ^. More knockouts/stamina drains than just "harm harm harm" into unconsciousness.
  4. Giving them CQC is way too powerful. You know that sooner or later, you're just going to have Orderlies harm kicking people into unconsciousness because its more a effective knockout/stun. A simple telebaton should do the trick.
  5. I totally like the idea of giving useful and interesting stuff for the librarian to do, and I wonder what the headmins/maints would think of this.
  6. I like the idea of this a lot and think it shows a lot of promise. Some clarifications on a few things: 1. While using "Become Ethereal", can you use abilities? If so, can you use abilities while sitting inside of a wall? 2. I'm confused on the what the "Mind Project" ability does exactly. Is it summoning an image of a creature and putting you in control of it which can then be used to attack the target with? When you say "Abilities can be used on him as well." Does that mean while in control of the image you can use your powers, and they will originate from the summoned image?
  7. I've not been posting regular updates here since the first one. I've done a lot of updating like shrinking virology slightly, adding back in the old medical maint room under genetics, which is now under virology. The new maint that runs from the robotics hallway behind virology and down to medbay maint is now all access as well. The remap is essentially in a ready state right now save for some minor things like making sure doors have the proper access and such. Here is the current iteration of the map: https://affectedarc07.co.uk/ParaMapGen/Images/111.png
  8. Progress Update #1: https://affectedarc07.co.uk/ParaMapGen/Images/99.png Going with 3 surgery rooms for now. Added a connecting maint that leads down from the robotics/morgue maint behind virology all the way down to medical maint. I'm not sure if I should put medical access to the doors on these maints, as it can just be used like a shorter route into med maint right now. The idea with giving it medical access it that it would be akin to the current genetics maint room with the barricades and stuff right under the genetics room. Currently I added two additional sleeper and one cryot
  9. Yeah I've settled on 3 ORs and a supply room + break room. I'm going to make virology able to be broken into from maint (It will have a normal wall weakpoint like before). The genetics maint is a problem yeah and I might shrink virology and make a maint that wraps up and touches genetics or something.
  10. Hello everyone, So, I've started on a project to to remap medbay and to a lesser extent, science. The initial "rough draft" can be found in the link below: https://affectedarc07.co.uk/ParaMapGen/Images/97.png The idea of this project is to give more room in medbay so that it's not so chaotic and cramped during high pop rounds. In particular, it aims to add 1 or 2 new surgery rooms and expand the cryotube and sleeper area as these are high traffic areas for medbay. Keep in mind the map is very bare bones right now, and there's a lot of floating items and random bits of machines a
  11. I like the idea of adding some more spooky ambient noises when you're in maint and stuff like that. Perhaps the hull could creak and groan occasionally. I also like Lars' idea about adding some little sounds to air alarms, for example when pressure is not in a safe range. Similar to that last idea, I'd like for fire alarms to have a sound for them to better warn people the area is probably not safe. Hopefully that will help to keep random people from rushing into breached areas. Also would be cool to have the rushing air of fastmos be more pronounced, like more of a "wooosh" a
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