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  1. Collapse on the floor and either cry or scream. Maybe both? I am very attached to Earth and gravity keeping me attached is the best thing ever. I don't want to be in space. The mere concept terrifies me. Even if we had tourism on the Moon or Mars and I could afford it, I'd not do it. On Earth, we still operate on a comprehensible scale. We are small, but we're still a somewhat noticeable part of the planet. However, once we leave we become so terrifyingly insignificant in the face of the universe, or even just our galaxy, that we might as well not exist.
  2. You want to remove cloning. That's something I can get behind. However, you also want some things that make cloning removal rather pointless. Keeping SR while making treating dead organs easier? Reduce the impact of husking? Remove gibbing and dusting, which would also remove SR's only significant drawback? People will still ignore all sense of self-preservation, because medbay can fix them. Your suggested changes are not really solving the problem of suicidal players. Sure, you punish them with more time spent in medbay, but what you would actually achieve is an unnecessary medbay nerf. Doctors would have less means of reviving people, yet expectations will not change one bit. They will still be expected to save people and failure will just lead to more dchat salt or, worst case scenario, victims LOOCing instructions on how to revive them. To prevent that, you would have to take away medbay's ability to revive people under certain conditions completely. Ghosts can't whine about it if doctors can literally do nothing to help them anymore. Though realistically speaking, dchat will instead salt at maintainers and heads of staff for removing the ability in the first place. Hardly a win, but as people get used to it, they should stop salting. People who were here during introduction of newcrit know this firsthand. Basically, it's a lost cause. Half measures make everything worse and a paradigm shift would lead to a massive uproar. Given how I've never seen a head of staff being particularly supportive of the idea, I've come to accept that cloning is one of those things I'll have to accept as a part of my favourite server.
  3. Final rank is obviously a greytider, again. At first glance no different than rank 1, but it's a mistake you only make once in your short life.
  4. It's an interesting idea, but I don't think it would actually be used. I struggle to imagine a case where you'd pick the emitter over an advanced plasma cutter, a piece of gear available 15-20 minutes into the most rounds. The APC mines significantly faster. Having to move and mine actively changes little, because after the emitter finishes its job, you still have to walk over all the ores it mined. Or failed to mine, as you can't really guarantee it won't miss a precious diamond node by 1 tile. Hell, it might even be outperformed by a KA with 3 cooldown mods. I like the idea. I really do. However, the way I see it, to make your emitters viable, you'd have to break the whole lavaland concept. Currently, being a miner is not really a job per-se. You're on space safari and you only collect ores to increase your murderhobo power. The gear available already promotes passive ore acquisition, because you don't really mine. You just run around like a headless chicken looking for loot, shooting an APC and thoughtlessly picking everything up into a satchel of holding. To make your emitters an interesting and valid choice, you'd have to either make some fabulous upgrades for them or, please don't beat me, nerf KAs and remove APCs along with SoHs. Right now, it sounds like your emitters would end up in the same category as... I don't even remember their name. Resonators?
  5. Then the host should clearly be renamed to the firekeeper. Fire goes out even for a second and there's a major uproar. Gods forsake the tribe as it collapses, one half of it breaking the sacred taboo of IC in OOC and the other trying to flay the firekeeper alive for failing his vital duty.
  6. Charliminator showing casual disregard for the rules in the middle of a hallway.
  7. Have you ever fought a security officer on a bike? You obviously haven't, because you suggested giving them a proper vehicle. See, vehicles have this fun property of countering a lot of our glorious stun combat. Projectiles? Blocked by the vehicle. Melee stuns? Vehicle sprite blocks character sprite, possibly reducing the valid hitbox by over 50% (seriously, try hitting someone on a bike when they're facing south). I'm completely indifferent towards flavour of this idea, but mechanically it's potentially a nightmare. Even if you introduce slowdown for it, people will just drag it around the way they do VTEC-less security cyborgs. We're trying to reduce the amount of heavy artillery security has, not give them another stun-resistant tank.
  8. 1. Informing the crew about high profile criminal being handled is job of a captain. It's the captain who should ensure the crew feels safe, not a magistrate. The latter doesn't really care how the station operates as long as the Space Law is upheld correctly. 2. Clarifying judgments via announcement system is actually a bad idea. You end up dragging more people into an argument and the explanation provided rarely satisfies them. People just like being argumentative, especially with magistrates. Making announcements is just giving them ammo, so to speak. 3. Supporting IA is semi-valid argument, however it's not exactly magistrate's job, either. Conclusions of investigations, if necessary, should be announced by Heads involved. If investigation is basically station-wide, it already warrants involvement of a captain. This means magistrate's support would boil down to non-essential spammy "yeah, we have IAAs on board" 5 minutes into the shift only to be never used for them again. 4. Helping against riots is not magistrate's job. It's what HoS and captain are for. Not to mention the fact the entire authority of magistrate allows exclusively for "stop rioting or you'll end up in jail", which they already know and it won't stop them. If anything, it will infuriate them even further. Overall, giving magistrate access to the system wouldn't be necessarily detrimental, but they have no real use of it outside a few very niche cases. Even in those cases, it's usually better for someone else to make an announcement. I have many, many hours played as a magistrate and never actually needed that access. I asked for it once or twice, but it was non-essential whim of mine and I was fine with potentially being denied it.
  9. I'm pretty sure majority of shot-callers in this regard are against skill systems. And what you're suggesting is just a skill system lite that would open the road to fully blown skill system. Next would be non-chefs messing up correct recipes, non-surgeons botching surgeries when they shouldn't, etc. While I personally wouldn't mind, Paradise is unlikely to deploy such a system any time soon, if ever.
  10. I'll echo people here a bit. Most importantly that a Blueshield should be resourceful, not full of resources. What Blueshields use AA for the most? Anyone who worked in RnD knows. Honestly, makes me feel like giving Blueshield RnD and armory accesses would be enough to satisfy them. Something's horribly wrong when smacking our favourite blue loot pinata is, in practice, more lucrative than killing an ERT member. Full access (not just airlocks, but comm console, sec records and ID console), all channels, enough weaponry to use RnD forcefully for even more weaponry, secHUDglasses (only unrobust Blueshields use medHUDglasses), bowman headset, 2/3 IDs required to launch the shuttle early, the list just goes on and on. If you kill a non-red ERT, you get only one ID and no secHUDs, in exchange for mostly useless ERT-exclusive access (have fun getting killed by admins for hijacking the ERT shuttle) and one channel that ERT rarely uses for anything relevant. A regular crew member carrying more goodies than ERT member should probably fall under powergaming rule, especially on code green.
  11. For those who prefer forums over GitHub, outside of the PR mentioned by Keppler, I now also made an alternative PR for those who scream "improve, don't remove". https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/15475 This ports a decay mechanic from /tg/, where each node has its own endurance stat that decays. Once it reaches 0, node gets removed. Each node spread mutates, giving a semi-randomized endurance stat based on parent's stat. There are some more nuances and if you're interested, the PR and links therein explain everything.
  12. Useless. As you've pointed out, it's just genes nerf. It won't affect anything but the mycelium available in the vendors. At best, it'll delay the inevitable. At worst, it'll be entirely bypassed by a knowledgeable botanist. I think the best solution here would be to make glowshrooms never spread. You can plant them to get a source of light on a single tile, but that's it. This solution would allow people to use glowshrooms in aesthetically appealing ways (i.e. chapel dedicated to nature illuminated solely by mushroom) without causing disgusting outbreaks many admins and players seem to detest.
  13. I'd just like to point out it that this is largely pointless as a change to powergaming rules. As you've said, no antag benefits from self-spreading light source. If crew is not supposed to use glowshrooms to combat antags, remove the feature from the code. Rules are mostly for things we cannot enforce mechanically. This we actually can enforce mechanically. As a code change, I'd wholly support it. Glowshrooms are obnoxious, ruin rounds for antags, probably lag the server and basically serve as yet another annoyance from the hydroponics. This should, obviously, apply to glowcaps and shadowshrooms, too.
  14. While I agree it's hard to make assassination interesting, your idea makes it pointless. As Spark said, might as well remove the objective. Antagonists should impact the round. Killing another player permanently is one of the most impactful things you can do without setting the entire station on fire. Rather than changing the objective, we should change attitude we have towards assassinations. They happen. Not all rounds will go as you planned. Expecting to survive the round is a good way to get disappointed as you accidentally run into electrified grille after someone hotwired TEG. Someone is taking your body? Tough luck, it's a changeling dragging you into maints, not saviour taking you to medbay. The only problem with assassination is that the meta is basically to silently stun the unaware victim and send them to the shadow realm. That is a problem lying actually in stun-based combat, not how assassination objective is handled.
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