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  1. Revenge for all the times she's worn their clothes...
  2. You'll never be obsolete to me...
  3. The last remains of angry honking can still be heard throughout the station... and the food still makes people itch.
  4. Nooooooooo! This is why you put itching power in the food! Also, we have elected a nuke op, well done everyone.
  5. Also, how do you know if people are lieing about their roles? I am the captain, janitor, detective, head of security and doctor
  6. I think that that's the best possible evidence that I am not the clown
  7. What? I'm not the clown, I can definitely be trusted with the lube supplies officer
  8. Well, you should vote for me because we currently don't have enough evidence to solidly trust or distrust, and as has been stated previously, I run a pro trap agenda, with support for spacelube based groups.
  9. You've been aufuly kean to be in power and know everyone's role this entire time...
  10. Exactly, the tourists are the most logical place to hide
  11. A statment can be crosscompared, refusing to say is far more suspusious then any stated occupation.
  12. Order the janitor to lay traps around everyone, so that nobody can move, also spacelube, lots of spacelube
  13. Clearly the best solution is to put all your trust in me
  14. I've never played before, but it sounds fun, count me in
  15. Pop is a sound and soda is an industrial chemical, a carbonated beverage clearly is a soft drink, no further discussion is needed. (Creaming soda is really nice though)
  16. I don't drink, but I have admined while sleep deprived. And many admins do admin while drunk.