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  1. It's mixed. My post is written satirically for some parts, but every point is still valid - shadowlings now have less incentive to leave the corpses behind, because security and other personnel will just get mindshielded again. Shadowlings are encouraged by current mechanics to kill off all mindshielded personnel who pose a threat - security, light tile engineers, random civilians with torches. You can't keep these people prisoner, because prisoners need to be watched. You either kill off the person or create more work by sealing them off in a room they can't get out of, because the third opti
  2. No worries, I agree with you. My post was a bit sarcastic anyway. Personally, I like mass murder. It's fun for me - it's a type of situation that causes chaos. However, for a lot of people I know it's not all that fun, and frankly it's understandable. Salt Station 13 is a way of life, and people don't like having to be taken permanently out of a round. If possible, I'd like to curb the amount of murderboning and instead focus on the more chaotic elements, because the chaos is the real fun part I like. Shadowling is one of my favorite antags on Paradise, but the amount of bad decisions for rewo
  3. One Extended Round ago, the crew was relatively peaceful... and that was boring as hell! When it's extended and you have no antagonists, you gotta make up your antagonists. So security finally gets an alert from the mining crew and AI that there are a bunch of syndicates stationed at an outpost in lavaland. Security knew it was finally their moment, so they geared themselves up, went down in groups and prepared to lay siege to the syndicate outpost. I was late to the assault and I decided to join in after hearing how bad our security department was doing. Our Head of Security fell down a chasm
  4. You know, whenever I Sling'd. The only reason I couldn't outright murderbone security and other mindshielded people was because the admins always told me "Stop that." Nevermind the amount of light and other tricks the crew can pull. Now that shadowlings can't thrall mindshielded people. I can murder all the mindshielded people I want. Instead of a nerf, this is more like a buff, because now I have a valid reason to kill off security and hide their bodies permanently. Instead of a nerf, this is more of a buff for shadowlings. I don't know which admins thought this was a good decision for nerfin
  5. Cecilia Fleming needs no in-depth background story, for wherever she walks there is a story she tells.
  6. I heard that's what accidentally caused the sudden lag last round.
  7. I never get drunk, but I find it's easier for me to pretend to be a guy over twice my age and greying when I drink a bottle or two.
  8. - Not enough people for a Tear Reality rite - Proceeds to make a Rite of Spectral Manifestation - Accidentally erases the Tear Reality rite with tome - We are then BSA'd shortly after. :(
  9. Free to do everything ERT-related again! :fistpump:
  10. Nooooooo! Who is going to make us feel terrible about ourselves! You are such a dangerous and cool threat to have! Dude, just have a good one.
  11. Wow! Just wow! This is all looks really good! It feels like you had a lot of fun with them.
  12. Thanks to this thread, I'll have to rethink my approach when brigging peeps. I recently started stunbatoning prisoners before uncuffing them because of the occasional unruly detainee. ...It's kinda stressful when you get those people you know are non-antag repeat offenders, and you end up dealing with them despite having to deal with the real villains. EDIT: On another note, I really need a new contraband guide to refer to. I discovered several days ago that the Nanotrasen one is pretty outdated since there was an energized fire axe labeled contraband by my security coworkers.
  13. Last objective to summon your God on Cult Round, then accidentally EMP all your IPCs because you got too curious with your talismans.
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