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  1. The Destructive Analyzer will only consume one piece of a stack at a time.
  2. So there was recently a huge fight in the Discord over whether mute sting is OP or not. I'm personally of the opinion "no, it isn't", but in any case, this is the place to talk about mute sting, specifically the question: Is mute sting OP? Anyone is welcome to submit their opinion, all opinions are equal, etc.
  3. Vampires actually already have an enthrall ability, although it doesn't work like this one (it's more like a mindslave). It requires 300 or so blood to unlock if I'm not mistaken (as well as a lot of blood to use) and can be removed by holy water. In short, you can already kind of do this but it's not this powerful and you can't do it roundstart. (Although it's not hard to get to it--once you have a few kills behind your belt, getting more is pretty easy.)
  4. Oh. Ouch. I presume it's to prevent this specific tactic? Regardless, some of this still applies (since you will still have an advantage at 00:30 over 00:45). Plan beforehand!
  5. Arguably it's actually easier to escape with the disk. Your destination when trying to get the disk is "Wherever the disk is", which is pretty easy to predict. On the other hand, when escaping, your destination is "Anywhere in space"--being close to the shuttle is a plus, but not required because of those nifty jetpacks (and because the pod pilot won't usually be patrolling during nukeops). Space is easy to get to (and even easier with the aforementioned C4).
  6. War Ops is undeniably a very fun experience. Who doesn't like the opportunity to pilot a DARK MAULER all day long? And nothing will really change that. It's a truly epic fight, chronicled for the ages... ...one which the station always wins. Why is that, you may ask? You could blame it on a lot of things. But the thing which I find critical to the success of war ops is speed. Part of why war ops loses all the time is that they spend enough time faffing around, buying equipment, waiting for that one player to reconnect, that by the time they arrive, the Captain is secured in the brig surrounded by a ton of reinforced windows and armed crewmembers. So now we have our concept. Without further ado... The Step-By-Step Guide to Succeeding as War Ops (assuming you're leader) Don't waste time deciding if you're going to go war or not. Decide before hand. Obviously if you're reading this, the answer is a resounding "Yes". BEFORE GOING TO WAR, have your team decide what equipment they want. Yes, this includes you. Have them do it quickly, because you still only have five minutes. You don't need to have everything pinned down, minor stuff can just be ordered on the shuttle or in maint. Weapons and such don't really matter, go crazy with those as long as you don't pick something stupid like the revolver, but it is highly recommended that you pack an emag and at least one C4. While not critical, the entry point might be a good thing to discuss if you have time. Make sure that ALL of your teammates are ready, then push the button. Immediately move to the shuttle and start ordering gear while putting on your hardsuits. Once you're done ordering your stuff, figure out where you want to dock. Don't try to enter somewhere like arrivals, the AI will spot you and make your life difficult. Once everyone is ready, have them buckle up and launch to that preferred spot of yours. I personally prefer southwest so that you can go up through the Cargo maint, but you might have a better plan. If so, go for it. Deploy the nuke, this will prevent people from stealing it. (Not sure if this is allowed, but doesn't hurt to be sure. Charge onto the station, preferably through maint. Use the emag to bypass doors and the C4 to bypass walls and bolted doors. (If you run out of C4, then you're probably screwed, because the AI will trap you and you'll get shot to death. You can buy a whole pack of the stuff, seriously. Consider doing that.) Once you're in the public hallway, you may meet (un)expected resistance in the form of people attacking you with a variety of weapons. Don't go murderboning, because while it's fun, it doesn't actually help. Only kill people who are actively attacking you, and focus on security officers and people with guns. Move towards the pinpointer while doing this, and assuming that you were faster than the crew, things should go smoothly! As if that ever happens. Please keep in mind that I don't play nuke ops much since it's very rare to become one, so feel free to point out any errors in judgement and/or fact. Happy nuking!
  7. Welcome to NanoTrasen's crash bunker, a place for people to hide out while the server's still restarting. Feel free to talk about it, play Crash Games(tm), whatever. This'll probably be locked once the issue's fixed.
  8. Welcome to Paradise! Make sure to read the wiki (up at the top bar), because it contains...basically everything about the game. The forum guides aren't too bad once you've given that a look, too. Glad to see you're having fun!
  9. The basic point of crossbreeding is simple: Obtain 10 extracts of the same color. Feed them all to an adult slime. The adult slime will then boil away and leave a single crossbreed extract. Profit. Which crossbreed extract you get is determined by the colors of the slime and extracts. The dominant type is determined by the extract color. There's enough effects that I don't really want to list them all here, so I'll just link to the relevant section in the /tg/ wiki.
  10. Frankly the same argument could be applied to jumping into a gateway which leads to a potentially deadly locale.
  11. There's no reason for them to need to harmbaton people (unless they're rogue, but I'm fairly sure they have better options like lethals if they are) and if they're on Crewsimov it's just flat-out a silicon law breach.
  12. Ahelp that if you see it again, it's not allowed.
  13. A way to fix this would be to have each hit after crit have a chance to insta-knock out. (Depending on how much damage the hit deals and how much damage they currently have) Once already knocked out, further hits have a chance to instantly kill. We keep the damage threshold in case someone gets really lucky with RNG.