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  1. People wanting berets for everything
  2. No I am in the right neighborhood 3 it's literally 3 now if you go to 1 its your fault
  3. TyOmaha


    We have it but it's broken right now since it instantly ends the game when it starts Revolution is pretty fun once in a while
  4. Right click video Open in new tab edit the url to say .gif instead of .mp4 voila
  5. NTV Headstart, made by deadchat. All participants beheaded themselves and put their heads on display for all to see.
  6. No it just takes longer to convert
  7. unhidden as a reminder of the kinds of things we have to deal with
  8. It makes me so upset that society is so content with their DNA degrading, calling it old age, and then dying and having arrangements to be guaranteed to never exist again from decomposing underground or being incinerated. In the unfortunate event that you do stop living unexpectedly, you can be cryopreserved where they replace the water in your body with an anti-crystallization fluid to preserve the structures of your cells (vitrification) and then be put into liquid nitrogen to prevent you from decomposing. This field is called Cryonics. It is expensive, but most people pay for it with life insurance. The hopes are in the future there will be technology that will be able to fix your original condition and bring you back. "Death/old age is just a part of life" - so are diseases but we actively combat those everyday. "I will go to heaven" - How can people blindly trust religion when that caused us to drill holes in mentally ill people's skulls to "release the demons", instead of trusting what has progressed us to this day and age surrounded by incredible levels of technology? DNA degrading over time is equivalent to endlessly photocopying a copy of a copy etc., over time the quality will continue to get worse compared to the original. Our DNA has many corrective and safety measures but over time it can't correct for that much. Cryopreservation, if it ever advances to a simple on/off state, we will be able to explore the universe. Same with stopping our DNA from degrading. The idea of never ever existing again I find to be absolutely horrible. I love existing and always want to exist. I wish more people shared the same sentiment, so we would have more funding and research towards fixing DNA degradation. What's your thoughts with all of this?
  9. \the general consensus is that RNG based combat is bad and so are stuns
  10. Post ideas of halloween things to add Current ideas: skeleton ops Terror Butterflies walking jack o lanterns Sentient pumpkins! Turn ian into a FRIENDLY greater hellhound fix zombies
  11. How did you come up with your username
  12. Now you can get the AI to open IRL
  13. I think it should at least be an upgrade
  14. "Did X, watch for more X, seems to be having issues with X keep an eye out" Adminhelp: "Excuse me? I am not having issues with X. That other incident with X was well over 3 months ago and etc." 2 months later: "The only reason you're PMing me is because it says in my notes I am having trouble with X, that note is wrong because [insert argument that won't change the outcome of anything and just waste time]"
  15. I can't read that you need to use paragraph spacing.
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