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  1. Not sure which admin it was, but someone made pictures or even a gif as a CE was building the BSA in the middle of the station, almost cutting it in half. I searched for a while now, but it seems like it did not make it to the forum. Maybe someone still have it?
  2. Maybe a little work on the sprite of the moth people and instead of making them too similar to the kidans regarding their pros and cons, it might be more fitting to make them a very agile but also very fagile race. That would for example make a moth officer be the first guy on the scene but also -if unlucky- be the first guy on the ground. But nonetheless it is always refreshing if we're blessed with new races or roles. But that's just my oppinion.
  3. Replacing? NO! I never play them, but lost content only brings tears to our eyes. I'd say; Let's be greedy and have both!
  4. And that's the point where Paradise Station is becoming Kyler's paradise.
  5. Have a Clown for that one, good sir. I love that idea. Doesn't force someone to get put out of their misery by someone else, but also keeps the funny element of the Cluwne. AND it is janitor friendly!
  6. That sure is one way to exterminate the spider threat...and everything else that is part of the station.
  7. But the Cluwnes need to fall! The bright green is not good for your eyes, people! It's a matter of your own health!
  8. Plus: It is a great way for some people to feed the inner baldie. I really don't care what kills me, since there are enough ways to be a part of the round (Ian, pAI etc.) Still, the round should continue or maybe switch to raging mages after the first wizard's death so all the mayhem won't be wasted. ?
  9. I am not a 100% aware of all wizard spells since i think the role can be too hard and unforgiving. But yes, if the Cluwne Curse would not be permanent, all they have to do is to run from the crew until the effect ends. ?
  10. The only issue i have with wizards rounds is their duration. Sure, it depends on the player, but a dead wizard should not end a round. It would also be great if a wizard may pop up if for example all antags die or get arrested.(At random of course. Not every time) Wizard rounds are just too messy, which is fun if the crew had to deal with the aftermath like fixing damage, taking care of cursed crewmembers and such.
  11. Nice picture. Now all it needs is a Clown floating by.
  12. I bought 3 a few years ago and 4 on GOG.com like a week ago. It is a huge improvement if it gets to some parts of the game. Regarding Tropico 5; i decided to stay away from it, since some of the reviews of that game were terrible. Such reviews might be misleading more often than not, but i do not want to take the risk that they are right for once. :I
  13. Hi folks, many of you might know the game series Tropico. You are a dictator of an island, trying to take care of your industry, foreign relations and them pesky rebels. The game lets you create a random map, providing some options to (for example) play on a smaller island. Options like these also raise the difficulty level- which is shown in a percentage value - which is also providing a higher ending score. Now i kept on playing with the settings given at the beginning at the sandbox mode. Now i wonder, can anyone tell about his experience for a nice balance between fun and difficulty? And before i forget; Which tropico is your all time favorite? I just played Tropico 3 and 4, which almost seem like the same games, only that Tropico 4 gives "totally" honest politicians some nice new features.
  14. I think that alot of people would use that role to act as antag. But i do agree that it is an interesting position to start, and a great way have a good use for the labor camp in general. Maybe a convict player would also use this role to give a nice change of pace for the smaller roles (like psychologist).
  15. I just fell in love with your idea. Compliment to you putting so much work into that idea.
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