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  1. Nay. I can't really see how you would instruct someone like that in real time in game without looking over their shoulder and having voice chat. There's nothing mechanically unique to security, it's all about experience, teamwork, robustness, and that sort of thing. Compare a guide to what gets covered in guides to security versus something like atmospherics if you don't believe me. I'm sorry, but this is a solution looking for a problem.
  2. It's actually just a self charging version of the gun that they start with that also has a barely used disable mode. I find it kind of hard to call having one powergaming, Blueshield is one of those roles that carries lethals even on code green, and one of the main reasons why the science department exists is to gradually upgrade the station, the crew, and their stuff and the round goes on. Somewhat unrelated, but for reference, the Blueshield's starting Advance Stun Revolver is identical to the PDW9 that ERT teams get as a sidearm. The latter is just a reskin.
  3. We need more species that are different culturally, mechanically, etc. Having them be physically capable of using human clothing sprites isn't the issue here. In fact, I doubt any species that doesn't do that will be receive any serous consideration for implementation. Speaking of that, how would we handle the moth wings? Do they fold up when the moth's upper body is covered? If so, they would have to lose their benefits most of the time.
  4. It's too much of a hassle to use it.
  5. I dislike it because i find that it makes it harder for me to see things.
  6. I believe that was changed back.
  7. Request consoles can print out labels (actually boxes) that you can ship to other departments. Use them in hand after inserting an item to seal them, then drop them into any disposal. This has been the single biggest time saver for me in the game, and is great for getting things into more secure departments, like security, which you can easily stand outside for ages waiting for someone to help you. Spread the word and get more people using this great system!
  8. Please, please, please, no more mass conversion antags. They're a collosal problem.
  9. No, their goal would be to kill each other. I probably should have stated that before.
  10. You could also make not harming the station or the crew a goal for all mages.
  11. Yeah, this seems excessive, any side antag shouldn't be one shorting people with a cool down ability from cloak.
  12. I think it's too op for security unless we heavily gate it behind science, which is a department that needs nerfs, not buffs.
  13. Alright then, could we consider my suspended sentencing idea? I think it would result in security being much more willing to release people with a warning while not giving people a free pass to graytide if they continue to do IC crimes, since they'll likely serve the sentence either way.
  14. No, I know I'm not the only one to let people go in parole for smaller crimes as long as they promise to behave. Maybe replace it with suspended sentencing? The idea would be that you don't get a sentence this time, but if you get brigged again and found guilty of anything, you serve both sentences? Stacking would not apply in this case, so if you get arrested for stealing surgical tools, get a suspended sentence, and then get arrested for stealing them again later, you will serve two consecutive sentences for the same crime. I think a lot of ic crimes can easily be solved by just telling people not to do what they did again, but this gives people a reason to actually behave if they get off, and therefore security will be much more inclined to just let people go for minor stuff.
  15. That sounds like a big improvement. I'd say put the number at the high end for both positive and negative modifiers.