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  1. To me what really sets a good QM apart is the patience and willingness to teach the new techs. Cargo is often babby’s first department and there’s a lot of downtime mid round to build some neat stuff in the warehouse/shipping area. I also tend to look the other way if the techs are up to some harmless shenanigans. As long as orders are flowing to where they need to be and Central isn’t threatening to BSA cargo there’s no reason to stifle the creative hijinks.
  2. The spiritualist sounds really cool. I'm a bit concerned it could be abused for meta knowledge but as you said, the ghosts are under no obligation to tell the truth. But I think it has a lot of potential for some cool RP (and in my opinion karma jobs should be RP focused), I can just see a group of assistants and the spiritualist gathering in the library with the lights down low debating what they should ask the ghosts. Plus I don't know if it was intentional or not but the first thing I thought of when I saw your example picture was that they looked like Mulder and Scully ha ha.
  3. This is a great idea, that way borgs could choose to opt in or not.
  4. This is amazing and we should port it immediately. I never realized until now how much I've wished I could ride a borgo bud into battle. Just think, sec could have it's own Calvary detachment, the Nanotrasen Mounted Police. We'd just need to sprite some little Mountie hats. Bonus points if the station pets can also ride the borgs.
  5. I like the sound of this. Mebay has a lot more inventory management to deal with now and this would be a nice quality of life upgrade. I think a few kits in the med storage would be good, and maybe even have paramedics spawn with one. And like Farie mentioned, it would be helpful to make clear what meds are required for treating shock/cardio issues. With the surge of new players plus a new medical system for even the veteran players to get used to this would be a big plus.
  6. People signing up for head positions and either not having the knowledge, or are unwilling to pitch in and help run the department. Paperwork QM's. I'll second what Xyd said, although I somewhat chalk that up to the wiki. I don't know if it still suggests paper trails or not but whenever I see cargo asking for paperwork it tends to be new faces and I just assume they got that from the wiki. Although the idea that new players read the wiki might just be wishful thinking on my part. Antag fishing. There are people out there that if you see them in the round they are ALWAYS antags. I get that for a lot of people the game is all about playing antags. But from an OOC perspective it gets routine seeing the same old people doing the same old gimmicks and only playing for their green text. Janitors I love you. I know slipping people is a fun perk of the job. But for the love of the Honkmother if there's a blob and you're spraying medbay with water, or war ops and you're hosing down the cargo office with it you make me seriously weigh the risks of getting bwoinked if I drag you off to surgery and turn you into a nugget. Just sayin'. Nanotrasen reps that seem to forget their position is to advise command, not bark orders. Especially when they interfere with security. If you want to enforce SOP then fine, that's your jam but don't argue space law with 'em, especially when there's a magistrate on shift. Stay in your lane. Redshields. I get it, I've been there. Security is over whelmed and you want to help out. But there's ways to do it that don't involve grabbing your handcuffs and making arrests. I do think this is a bit of an issue to people that are new to the role. And on that note and for a final bit of grumpy saltiness, captains that think they can order their blueshits around. I do love haughtily informing them that blues aren't in their chain of command. Hey I'll happily pitch in and do what I can to help out but if you're an ass about it guess what? I'm gonna spend the rest of the shift protecting.. I dunno the CE instead.
  7. That was my favorite part of the entire round, coming up with more and more absurd things to check Ide's pockets for. And Blueshield fashion advice of course.
  8. No help intent drives my blood pressure up. Especially when it's in tight quarters like the cargo bay or the cloning room. Double that if it's in tight quarters and I'm trying to haul in my mining box or trying to rig up an IV. I also second the medical pet peeves. W ether it's people calling dibs on OR's, people dragging patients away from each other, CMO's that don't have a clue on the basics and virus crates (why? Dear god why the virologist doesn't need that crate unless they're up to no good) I've turned off most of the roles there. A couple more to add to the salt pile: -science not giving upgrades to miners but salting about not having enough minerals. I hear ya research I'm hunting down more diamonds but it would really help if you could give me a dang mining bag of holding at least. - Captains raging at me when I'm playing QM about not shipping the station parts off, even though I literally did in the first 20 minutes of the shift and we both know those crates are going to sit abandoned in engineering all shift. -Department heads ignoring me in :c when I'm trying to get approval for transfers. Do you want more paperwork? Because this is how you get paperwork. Double this when I'm trying to get ahead of the demand for gateway explorers and ask the Cap early how many they want to allow and they just ignore me. And then I have a lineup of people hollering that they want Gateway. -People hacking into the Gateway if they don't get their way in the HoP line. People fucking off to the Gateway without even letting us know what's on the other side. -People not playing the roles they signed up for. Didn't get antag so you suicide in the first minute of the shift. Cool. You joined mid shift and selected your job but you want to transfer immediately? No you can't transfer into cargo you chose to be a doctor dammit. I don't need more techs I need docs that's why we have job slots argh!
  9. So much this. It just shows an utter lack of respect to other players. You may be an expert surgeon, the other guy might be new but that doesn't give you the right to walk in and take over their job. They're playing the role they (in theory) signed up for, you play yours. Look at it as a chance to pass on your knowledge to someone who just might appreciate the help instead of yell at them or just disregard them. And on that note, people not getting their way about something so they break in to whatever it is they feel they're entitled to. Short story time. Was playing chem the other day and as many a chemist player has noted as a pet peeve, botany was putting a big strain on us early game. I never mind making a few buckets of mutagen or saltpeter. But even with us setting their buckets to 5u each, well I dunno what was going on. They must have been dumping buckets like crazy. Both chem machines were almost out of juice and we had barely started on the medbay's needs. After turning away yet another request from botany, the botanist wordlessly wrenched the chem fridge, waltzed on in and helped themselves. Right in front of two sec officers. After asking for help over comms a sec borg came along.. and arrested my fellow chemist instead. I had to literally rage quit to cryo and turn my game off for awhile over that one. I think it really shows how some people think of other players. We aren't living, breathing humans behind our little spess mens, we're just.. I dunno. Something getting in the way of their own fun?
  10. I think the term you're looking for is "cankles" ha ha. The sprites look nice, although I don' t mind the current style. I agree with VerySoft, they should look like industrial equipment.
  11. A little floor spice makes everything nice
  12. Shotz


    Yeah that seems to be the easiest solution. Another idea I had, that touched on what Vertigo said would be to have a crate available that cargo could order. Have it cost a hefty amount of points to order with CE level access to open maybe. That would allow another way to get access to the boots if science is not cooperating; but hopefully deter having everyone on the station running around wearing them.
  13. Shotz


    Oh I agree, this isn't a knock against the update at all. Even cycling airlocks in mining will have you thrown into bulkheads. Again, this was reported during the testing phase. If a station job has you being issued a hardsuit because you'll be in space, why not be issued magnetic boots? For that matter it wouldn't be unreasonable to have a pair spawn for the paramedic as well.
  14. Shotz


    As fastmos has now been merged I think it would be a great idea to have magnetic boots available to miners at round start. Opening the airlocks to head to and from the asteroid results in getting tossed around, the western exit through the disposal pipe is all but unusable without them. These were all things that players had mentioned while fastmos was in the testing phase and could be negated by having a pair of boots spawn in the equipment lockers. Yes, it's possible for science to print them or ask engineering for some but I've had my requests ignored for the most part. While I don't mind hanging around the entrance to RnD waiting for quality of life upgrades I do mind when it's a tool that is now basically necessary to perform the job.
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