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  1. Safety is what lets you stuff a body in, you have to cut another to make the decontamination cycle incinerating. And after doing that, the closet breaks, making it obvious that someone burnt something.
  2. that's actually really neat, I've got to try this sometime.
  3. not sure if this is still a thing, but back in MY day, you could throw dead borgs into airlocks to open them up. This was major for xenos, since the only way to get through an airlock before then was melt it.
  4. Hi there, What are the clown and mime service job slots on a state-of-the-art plasma research station even for? Definitely not to boost morale. If anything, they just prove a hassle. Sincerely, [sign]
  5. putting paper on your hat is great for inventory management and paper planes can be thrown much further than normal paper. These pro tips are not useless at all! ;security!!! Help maint!
  6. Who said it's world ending? It's a perfectly legitimate contract that has no downside whatsoever.* *THAT'S A LIE RUN
  7. Emagging arcade games means if you die in the game, you die for real make them more dangerous to play. Fighting dudes renames the boss to Cuban Pete and Orion Trail activates "realism mode" maybe a better reward for winning, but you'll probably die before you get anything.
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