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  1. Big post incoming: Was working on a media project with a Gmod community and got it finished before end of july, I only did the posing of the SFM models the final editing was on the other members efforts :3
  2. Heck, moar lizard. Think I'l make some rough material studies for less soft material next time
  3. Revamped the linework and added some extra detail, liking the result of this boi.
  4. Been lovin the positive responses to my chaotic mess of art, this one is probably NSFW with the ken doll nudity but worked on some anatomy before gettin too frustrated getting the lines right before bothering to paint skrek.
  5. Some quick colour experiment with photoshop ee.
  6. Thanks Recent skull post yeee.
  7. screm, making a fresh thread to show off my latest works. I'l post more in the meantime *shriek.
  8. Knackered to shit doing stuff so I'l dump some artwork here. First week of Still life in NC Photography/Printmaking, Braught in this Philosopher for work. Portraiture stuff.
  9. Pict


    Sup I've started to become a regular on the server for the past few Days and figured I'd sign up. I'm ScottishZ in-game hence byond doesn't allow name changes I'm still genuinely a newbie in some parts of the game hence I haven't played much since Hippie, so it'll take me a while to get robust on Clicking hard and fast, so you'll often see me as HOP with RD screaming at me and sort etc.