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  1. This is an OOC mechanic but: DID YOU KNOW you can check any OOC conversation you've had with a Mentor or Admin that round by going to OOC > My PMs.
  2. Megafauna invading Mining Base. Megafauna on station. If we did set up something like that. Energy based weapons are completely out of the question. So ballistics would be required - along with deathsquad level armor but only for the megafauna. So let's assume that's a Gamma level situation. Security assaulting a Cult Base on Lavaland. Alterations to the Red ERT suits to make them ashstorm resistant, give them a GPS with the orders to AVOID x y and z, and a medic. Lack of minerals (due to dead miners). Unfortunately I don't see this as an ERT worthy situati
  3. I mean, sure. I have withdraw symptoms from lack of coffee if I skip a day. I don't have withdraw symptoms 3 minutes after the first cup however. I also tried cigarettes and after that shift, I won't try them again. Having the prompt "you crave nicotine" or something of the like in red text before the first cigarette is done is sorta .. not conducive for repeat business.
  4. Ah shit, I thought this was the "highest number without a mentor posting" thread. Woops.
  5. I want more isolation cells in perma, oh and a better riot control method then N2O canister.
  6. I feel like it's the only "prototypes" that needs to be sent back to the design board. Every department has it's prototype, engineering's advanced magboots don't accidentally turn off or malfunction. HoS' prototype laser doesn't backfire or combust when switching settings, and the compact defib doesn't disintegrate anyone from sending tesla current volts into a corpse. But that reactive armor though, don't headpat the RD or he'll poof accidentally.
  7. I agree with this, my take is that unless you have a medhud, or a scanner. Examining should only show VISIBLE signs. Pale skin, husked body, missing limbs, ect. You can die from SO MUCH, some of which have zero visible tells. You should need a health scanner, medical hud, or to physically check for pulse to KNOW somebody is dead.
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